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the worlds leading supplier of programmable logic solutions, Xilinx (Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) announced the launch of the current Spartan ?-3E FPGA family, the The fourth use of advanced 90nm manufacturing process technology to produce products. Spartan-3E family of devices densities ranging from 100,000 to 1,600,000 system gates, the unit cost of FPGA logic cells of the lowest in the industry. Spartan-3E devices the industrys first breakthrough of the $ 2 million system gates * 10 price and PMBS3906 datasheet and $ 10 million system gates, 100 price limit. use of its Spartan series has been made in the successful experience and PMBS3906 price and more than two years experience in 90nm chip production, competition Ling thinking further optimize its low-cost product line, both performance and PMBS3906 suppliers and price are unmatched in the industry. For more information, please visit

the introduction of Spartan-3E, Xilinx will further penetrate the mass consumer market, provides design engineers two complementary low-cost FPGA family of products: the industrys lowest unit cost for the IO to I / O at the core of the design optimized Spartan-3 series, and offers the industrys lowest cost per logic cell in the logical center for the design of optimized Spartan-3E series. This complementary approach allows design engineers to select the best combination of performance and price generation of specific applications for Spartan-3 FPGA products.

"Xilinx Spartan FPGA for the latest electronic keyboard Yamaha offers a powerful, low-cost solutions," Yamaha Disklavier manager of the company said Jun Ishii, "such as block RAM and distributed RAM and other platform features allow us to reduce the total number of devices, thus reducing overall costs. In addition, through the use of available FPGA flexibility, we can fine-tune the sound quality R & D stage , so that our keyboard can offer low prices and super quality. "

" With this release, the company will continue to promote low-cost Xilinx FPGA to further mainstream market in the high-volume consumer applications "Xilinx chairman, president and CEO Wim Roelandts said," through three generations of Spartan Series products, we have accumulated rich experience in the consumer market. So Xilinx particular emphasis on the consumer market to understand the product features and personalized importance. Spartan-3E platform combined with a powerful FPGA features and incredibly low price, so there will be more designers to enjoy the benefits of programmability. " < / P>

optimized for consumer electronics applications

1998, Xilinx Spartan series through the introduction of products, stimulate innovation in a low-cost FPGA. Today, Spartan series FPGA has been widely used for high volume consumer applications, the series has shipped more than over 100 million in cumulative revenue over 10 billion dollars. With the introduction of Spartan-3E, Xilinx continues to increase its low cost Spartan series of new features for niche markets, while the costs are lower than the recently launched 30 times the cost of 1,000 logic cells as low as 0.46 dollars.

Spartan-3E family is extremely suitable for the latest generation of digital consumer products (such as flat panel TVs) price, performance and functional requirements. "To achieve broadcasting from analog to digital transformation, OEM manufacturers over the past few years in the design of digital TV sets and nearly all broadcasters are turning to equipment suppliers such as Xilinx programmable logic products. FPGA can be reprogrammed , This is still the industry standard-setting process is extremely useful. With the development of standards, the system can easily be upgraded without replacing the entire device, "IC Insights Vice President of Market Research Brian Matas said.

2 dollars for the design of devices able to provide what?

low price through a wide range of platform-level features, Spartan-3E series of efforts to reduce device cost and overall system cost. For example, Spartan-3E series of prices can be achieved with standard microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processor functions, including the actual cost of $ 0.48 32-bit MicroBlaze ? embedded processor, less than $ 0.10 for 8-bit PicoBlaze ? embedded processor and less than $ 1 / GMAC / s of the DSP price.

Spartan-3E devices also include a range of features for the consumer electronics market, features such as support for 18 common I / O standards including PCI 64/66, PCI-X 100, RSDS, and mini-LVDS, and ordinary DDR memory interface. These built-in platform features reduce the need for other discrete devices, lowering overall system cost and simplifying design. Spartan-3E family also by supporting the use of serial (SPI) and byte-wide flash memory devices in parallel configuration and Xilinx Platform Flash solution to reduce system cost. Since many high-volume system already contains several megabits of flash memory unused capacity, FPGA configuration memory can not add any cost.

ISE 7.1i logic design tools provide the lowest cost

also released today, Xilinx ISE (Integrated Software Environment) 7.1i tools on the Spartan-3E series of full support. ISE 7.1i unique integration, speed and ease of use can help designers solve some of the most pressing challenges. Designers currently use ISE has been more than 20 million, and the number is rapidly growing. ISE 7.1i integrates key power analysis, hierarchical design, simulation and debugging features, and supports the growing number of Linux-based design environment. ISE 7.1i also supports performance in all areas of the platform, the worlds fastest FPGA - Xilinx Virtex ? -4 family. ISE 7.1i tools on all of the information, please visit

Pricing and Availability

Spartan-3E devices are already available to customers, the first customers to purchase 10 million system gates Spartan XC3S100E device priced below $ 2.00 *. The series will be more devices in Q2 2005, began shipping. Second half of 2005, Spartan-3E series of all five devices through global distribution channels, or directly through the Xilinx Online Store ( / cn / store) quantities.

First Spartan-3E devices provide the speed - the temperature level is-4C level. Lead-free packaging industrial grade and -5 speed grade devices will be available second half of 2005. Each package offers different device densities are available, thus the logic to a higher or lower density conversion without re-wiring on the circuit board. Spartan-3E Starter Kit for only $ 149, including an XC3S500E device, serial (SPI) and parallel flash memory, 32MB DDR memory, support for USB2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet.

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