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The good news hidden under the possession of Suzhou made to pour cold water on the core program

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Recently made renewed Suzhou core program, but the core is still making chips, not the chip design. The core of the program is stored in giant Japanese Elpida (Elpida), and EPM3064ATC44-10 datasheet and Suzhou, an investment company (similar to government investment), and EPM3064ATC44-10 price and a mysterious company jointly invested 50 billion dollars, set up 12-inch fabs.

The surface sounds like the news is still well worth encouraging, mainly to the fab in Suzhou government involvement in investment, this is the first time, government funds into the fab (a number of other loans is based, no direct Investment birthright.) Chips in Suzhou is a key support industries, can be said that industrial production in Suzhou, the ratio in the chip industry can certainly large routed to the first three in the country. The chip industry, high technology, high investment but the effect quickly, therefore, the chip industry in Suzhou to develop the idea of blame, the government vigorously recruit Suzhou IC China shows its ambitions. But we must see that the current chip industry in Suzhou or in foreign-based, if the ship can go to Suzhou and EPM3064ATC44-10 suppliers and foreign investment, then I really do not find the local number of Suzhou, the domestic semiconductor production capacity. Therefore, Suzhou certainly hope to enhance the scale of the local semiconductor industry. I think this may be the Suzhou government funded the construction of the fab mind it. But think about it, it is necessary for this will pour cold water on the birth of the wafer.

First of all, there holds partly concealed this mysterious partner who is not important, there is Elpidas lead, this is the mystery partner is not a storage giant investment institutions, and most certainly not involved in the semiconductor chip giant, which Essentially, the new fab is Elpidas new production base is part of Elpida to expand production capacity. Can even be said that the new fab for the next major task is to produce memory chips, Elpida, although claims will use 12-inch 50nm process, but in fact even the whole China, the Suzhou IC design industry of little value. Because the production of memory chips and the ordinary or different semiconductor manufacturing, and therefore, even if the wafer foundry business in public, is bound mainly to the processing of memory chips, this is precisely Chinas IC design industry is not much contribution areas.

Second, the new fabs future may not be bright, memory chips, has now plummeted to the lowest point in history can be said to pull out of the ten storage vendors to have a very profitable not easy. As the PC industry slowdown in demand for memory and many storage vendors in decision making, storage vendors have high profits from anyone else become less afford to lose more than anyone else, ever before in the 20 largest semiconductor vendors to occupy 1 / 3 of the worlds memory manufacturers almost Only Micron, Samsung, modern and comprehensive fig leaf still retain the final, and announced to the occasion of 2008 data, estimates Samsung and Hyundai may be the only store representative. Therefore, it is invested in 50 billion U.S. dollars building storage fab, of course foundation and Elpida have enough market power, but the overall industry downturn expected at least until the end of 2009, I do not know to the Suzhou plant, once completed, the storage market is to pick up, if you can not pick up , then the capacity will be faced with such a large loss of difficulties, for storage vendors, the loss seems to have become accustomed to, but for government investment?

Again, this new plant in Suzhou built in the semiconductor industry in China does not have any use value, at best, a new Shougang-NEC only, as foreign manufacturers dedicated production lines. China in fact, many security and defense needs of advanced and reliable production line, but now in addition to SMIC and Hua Hong domestic production line of the other is not in full possession of their own, destined not for the defense and key applications used by the chip. The one hand, this fab new storage line, on the other hand there is foreign participation, therefore, important to the chip manufacturing country of little value.

Course, the above are just as hot this time pouring cold water. From multiple point of view, wafer plant in Suzhou is still a considerable significance.

First, Elpida dare to market conditions in such huge amounts of money under a new plant to prove its commitment to expansion, but also increased its market competition courage.

One hand, the Suzhou government support to low-input can be allowed access to large capacity, on the other hand, China is relatively cheap energy and resource prices will gradually highlight the cost advantages of the new fab, which are enhanced Elpidas product market competitiveness.

Second, if the fab to resume normal operations, and storage market out of the winter, the open foundry in Suzhou new plant will allow the government to obtain a good return on investment, but also increased the output of the semiconductor industry in Suzhou and enhance their competitiveness . Meanwhile, as a country to invest in advanced production lines, the semiconductor industry in China still has a certain value. But, do not repeat the full year of Shougang-NEC can not grasp the core technology of the helpless sufficient.

Again, is conducive to Suzhou to attract more enterprises to join the semiconductor industry chain, with the ship around and, coupled with the memory IC packaging and testing plant a new plant in Suzhou can be said to have a complete semiconductor manufacturing industry scale, for the development of semiconductor base provide a solid foundation, more conducive to attracting more Shanghai-based IC design companies in Suzhou semiconductor industry to join circle.

Terms of whether it is favorable, or theres worry, study after their lies in Suzhou investment position occupied in the enterprise, we have conducted before the semiconductor investment, but there is a bright light, but only the shell, the core technology firmly under control by foreign investors, but a process that we are robots, and even do not know what they were producing for many years. Therefore, investment in Suzhou, the good news is, of course, but more important is that we want to take this opportunity to change from passive to active, really learn foreign advanced technology semiconductor manufacturing, this is really worthy of the huge sums of money invested.

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