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Realtek Wireless LAN network interface controller

Realtek (Realtek) RTL8185L integrated in a single chip WLAN (wireless LAN) MAC and DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) baseband processor, a knife board, highly integrated, price reasonable WLAN network interface controller full compliance with IEEE 802.11a/b/g protocol. RTL8185L supports SIFS (short frame gap) trigger mode, nodes provide 802.11b protection mechanisms against the conflict. RTL8185L to achieve DSSS, CCK (Complementary Code Keying), OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) baseband processor, supporting all IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g data rates. RTL8185L provides DPSK (differential phase shift keying), DBPSK (differential binary phase shift keying coherent), DQPSK (differential quadrature phase shift keying), CCK and other modulation can be achieved 1,2,5.5,11 Mbps data rate ; associated with FFT / IFF...
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Dallas Precision Clock IC can replace time-based method of crystal

Dallas Semiconductor has introduced a precision timing applications for the replacement of quartz crystal oscillator designed for I2C Real Time Clock (RTC) - DS3231. The device integrates several functions, can be provided in a wide temperature range, better accuracy of ± 2 seconds per year. DS3231 clock chip will be highly stable TCXO (TCXO), RTC, and 32.768KHz crystals into a 16-pin 300 mil SOIC package, a single chip. It also includes a port can be accessed via I2C digital temperature sensor with an accuracy of ± 3 ℃.The integrated I2C the RTC device for servers, ammeter, security and access control systems, logistics management, communications systems, GPS and navigation equipment, POS terminals, ATMS or other needs accurate time of application. Compared with the traditional time, DS3231 at -40 ℃ to 85 ℃ operating temperature range, ...
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Sprinter button on / off controller with debounce and power-start

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) introduced a button on / off controller - LTC2950, for DC / DC converters, processor interrupt logic and adjustable on / off timer to provide start control. The device solves all the mechanical contact with the rebound on the inherent problems, while after the power is fully powered, you can also activate the power converter and the release of the processor. Power outage, LTC2950 interrupts the system processor to alert the processor to perform the necessary power and housekeeping tasks; system to complete the disconnect operation, the LTC2950 can be ordered immediate ban on supply. LTC2950 2.7V to 26V in a wide input voltage range, can take into account a variety of input power. 6μA supply current makes the IC suitable for battery-powered applications. To start signal both positive and n...
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SG PWM control chip highly integrated features such as built-in slope compensation

Products to promote good corporate SG recently produced highly integrated PWM control chip - SG6842 series. The chip used in the general AD / DC switching power supply, power system designers meet the requirements, and to reduce product design costs. SG6842 SG series of non-use of on-time modulation (Off Time Modulation) patents, in the light load and no load, the PWM frequency will decrease as the load to reduce its frequency, and with the patented Burst Mode Control , the standby power consumption to a minimum. SG6842 Series built-in slope compensation, can work in continuous mode, and an increase in a wide voltage operation (90V ~ 264VAC) power when the conversion efficiency. In addition, it built-in short circuit protection, over temperature / over-voltage latch (Latch-Off) circuit, Leading Edge Blanking circuit, over temperature pro...
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Maxim launched four power tracker / sequencer

Maxim Integrated Products (maxim integrated products) introduced the MAX6876 EEPROM-programmable, multi-power supply tracker / sequencer can monitor four system voltages, the required voltage tracking and / or providing the right sort of system power and power conditions. MAX6876 resolution of critical threshold can be set, through the I2C interface to adjust the timing parameters, these parameters are stored in internal EEPROM. MAX6876 also provides monitoring capabilities and over-current detection circuit. The device provides programmable for each input undervoltage and overvoltage thresholds. When all the provisions of the voltage are in range, open the external n-channel MOSFET devices for system voltage sequencing or tracking. All voltage can sort, track, or to a combination of both methods on the power. In the tracking process, th...
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ADIs low-noise precision amplifier for low voltage applications

Analog Devices (ADI) introduced the new Precision Amplifier - AD8655, for less than 5V, 5V, and the work conditions and requirements of low noise instrumentation, audio, communications and medical applications. According to reports, AD8655 is the industrys first 2.7V to 5V operating in the lowest noise precision amplifier. Its price significantly lower than the bipolar solutions. This section amplifier 10kHz, with the lowest 2.7nV/rtHz noise, low distortion of 0.0008%, omitted to reduce system-level external noise amplifier transistor-level or more parallel, but also to improve the signal to noise ratio and resolution. In the entire common-mode voltage range, 250uV low DC offset with high accuracy without the need to adjust the system. AD8655 amplifier rail to rail input and output makes it very suitable for use in high-precision drive s...
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Sprinter micropower step-up DC / DC converter is smaller than 50 mm2

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) launched 1A, 1.2MHz Micropower Step-Up DC / DC converter - LT3473, the device is flat DFN package, with integrated Schottky diode and output disconnect circuitry. Small package size, high integration, and the use of tiny SMT components enable solution size is less than 50mm 2 . LT3473s 2.2V to 16V input voltage range makes it capable of single-cell Li-ion battery to up to fixed 15V input rails as the power supply to provide up to 34V output. The constant 1.2MHz switching frequency allows designers to keep switching noise in the noise-sensitive circuitry, and can use tiny capacitors and inductors. Internal 1A switch allows the device from the 25V lithium-ion battery provides up to 80mA of current when the order for OLED and TFT display applications. Automatic Burst Mode (Burst Mode) will ...
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TI introduced for large-screen TFT-LCD

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a high-performance power management devices - TPS65160, which not only have high conversion efficiency, but also to meet the thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD screen, all the voltage requirements. Fengyun highly integrated 12V DC power converters used directly, and to provide safe high-current control for todays large LCD display and LCD TV power management devices. TI single-chip TPS65160 built two new high-efficiency DC converter controller, two charge pump, a variety of security features, and adjustable power supply sequencing. Fengyun integrated device input voltage range from 8V to 14V, built-in 2.6A switching boost converter for the system source voltage; and 1.8A buck converter supplies an asynchronous logic voltage regulator offers adjustable output positive and negative charge pump drives the c...
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Linear Technology introduced the application for lithium-powered DC / DC converter

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) issued a use of 2 × 3mm DFN and 8-pin thin ThinSOT package constant frequency current mode step-down DC / DC Controller - LTC3772. New devices using 2.75V ~ 9.8V input voltage operation down to 0.8V voltage to provide the maximum output current of 5A, it applies to single and dual-core lithium-ion battery powered applications. The No RSENSE architecture can save the need for using the current sense resistor, thereby improving efficiency and saving board space.In the light load LTC3772 will automatically switch to Burst Mode (Burst Mode) operation to lower the output current efficiency. In the case of no-load consumption of only 40μA of quiescent current. And has integrated under-voltage lockout function, the input voltage falls below 2V, the device turned off. To get the longest usage ti...
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Richtek introduced for

At the Tenth International IC Conference & Exhibition (IIC China 2005), Taiwan Richtek (Richtek) announced the development of a single sensor for the OLED power supply dual output DC / DC converter. According to the company R & D a product design manager Dr. Wei Weixin introduction, active matrix organic light emitting diode (AM-OLED) display the light conditions have to be both positive and negative supply voltage the past, the traditional method is to use two DC / DC converter to the two voltage load. And the company launched an innovative control method, in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM) can provide under the positive and negative voltage. Dr. Wei said: "The traditional methods used to achieve DCM, but the output capacity is limited, and our programs can also use DCM and CCM, but also out of t...
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