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Linear control apparatus buck voltage regulator on-chip boot

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) has introduced a high voltage current-mode buck controller - LT3800. The device features excellent line and load regulation and fast transient response without having to start the auxiliary DC / DC regulators can work. An integrated voltage regulator IC directly from input supply to the power supply. LT3800 60V power supply with 4V to work in the load currents up to 10A output voltage can be adjusted in the 1.23V to 36V. By the maximum gate-source "ON" voltage is synchronized to drive N-channel MOSFET, the controller efficiency as high as 94%, while the 60V input and can convert the 12V at 36W output. In addition, LT3800 also has a burst mode (Burst Mode) work can be no load quiescent current to less than 100μA, and car maintenance needs of the general characteristics of the power. LT3800...
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Fujitsu WiMAX SoC highly integrated

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. today announced a highly integrated WiMAX SoC - MB87M3400. The chip meet the IEEE802.16-2004 standard for base stations and users to promote the construction of the access point to create the conditions to-the-horizon transmission without direct access to the remote base station. MB87M3400 SoC targeted at broadband wireless access (BWA) equipment to be licensed or license-free frequency bands below 11GHz base stations and customer service station applications. MB87M3400 SoC is used in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) 256 physical layer (PHY), which supports the physical layer between 1.75MHz to 20MHz channel mode in time division duplex (TDD) and Frequency Division duplex mode (FDD) to work, support for all available channel bandwidth. A programmable frequency selection can ...
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JARO precision applications for high frequency inductance

JARO Components has developed a new type of THI series of high-frequency inductors and inductance compared to conventional wire wound or thin film is more economic. The THI inductor is designed for high precision applications. New single-layer ceramic inductors includes a thin film coating plate lithography, self-resonant frequency (SRF) is high, and high temperatures. New THI series of high-frequency inductors have 0402 and 0603, in 1nH to 68nH inductance between the rated voltage range of 70mA to 350mA. Inductance 0.2nH accuracy of 2% or accuracy of ± 1nH. SRF strictly controlled within 10%. New THI series of high-frequency inductive coupling for GaAs VCO and the requirements also apply to cell phones, pagers, GPS products, WLAN and other RF applications. Meet the RoHS requirements. When purchasing capacity of 4,000, THI160808-3N3B (...
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RFI high power broadband RF power amplifier launched

RFI Industries has introduced the Prana R & D company manufactured 1,500 W broadband RF power amplifier - AP32MT315. AP32MT amplifiers in the frequency range between 80MHz to 1,000 MHz with a nominal power of 65W to 1,500 W, allowing a large injection current, and can be used as the band switch. AP32MT315 in the 600MHz to provide the minimum power of 1,500 W (typical 1,800 W); in the 600MHz to 1,000 MHz frequency, providing a minimum power of 1,000 W (typical 1,100 W to 1,800 W, depending on frequency), all data in the 1dB compression point measured. Prana R & D manufactures solid-state amplifiers covering the frequency range 10kHz to 4.2GHz, the output power up to 50kW, suitable for high power and low frequency sensitivity and interference for broadband antenna applications. ...
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Performance of Godson-2, 1, 10 times higher than

April 18, 2005, by the National Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Information Industrys "Divine Dragon core action of China" - Godson-2 and industrialization of the results published base of the inaugural meeting held in the Great Hall, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy officially launched its own research and development of Godson series CPU of the latest research results - "High-performance general-purpose processor Godson-2" (referred to as the Godson-2), and with Jiangsu Menglan Group formally signed the "Godson industrial base on the establishment of a strategic cooperation agreement." Gu, vice chairman of National Peoples Congress, Vice Minister Cheng Jinpei, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Cao Jianlin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province Zhang Taolin and other leaders attended the me...
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Wei Han Keji wireless control chip certified by USB-IF

Wei Han Keji (VIA Networking) has announced its official wireless control via chipset VT6656 USB-IF certification, which can effectively monitor the transmission voltage, the power performance of an advantage. VT6656 and VT6655 Hanke Ji Wei were introduced for the Wireless LAN environment, the control chip solution, which comply with IEEE 802.11a/b/g specifications, combined with the design of MAC and BaseBand is the integrated control chip. Their maximum wireless transfer rate up to 54Mbps, the bandwidth to meet the needs of all levels of users. Which, VT6655 supports CardBus / miniPCI interfaces, VT6656 supports USB, products widely used. In addition, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA 2.0 standard wireless access system, the product also provides users with secure wireless network transmission environment. VT6656 work at full spee...
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Ningbo Jiangbei pulse capacitor rating 50kVdc

Ningbo Electric Co., Ltd. Kowloon side and Rong (Ningbo Jiangbei Gofront Herong Electric Co. Ltd) of MKMJ and MZMJDKMJ series of DC pulses to the capacitance range of 10μF 15mF ± 10%. These devices are rated voltages from 800Vdc to 50kVdc, can be used for the pulse generator, Magnetizer / demagnetization machine, laser lights and medical equipment. Loss rate of less than 2%, self-inductance is less than 0.5μF. ...
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Advanced Power introduced IGBT for TIG welding equipment

Advanced Power Technology (APT) has introduced two new TIG welding equipment for the new insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) - APT200GN60J and APT200GN60JDQ4, they are discrete devices, and uses the latest generation field stop trench (field stop trench gate technology) technology and industry-standard SOT-227 package. Both products designed for TIG welding equipment and design, which is a series of sub-stance of the new APT terminated IGBT products. APT200GN60J is a single IGBT device, and APT200GN60JDQ4 contains an anti-100A and diodes, can also choose other anti-and diodes. New products have low conduction losses, the current high capacity, easy-to-parallel, closely parameter distribution, the temperature coefficient is positive, forward safe operating area wide, linear mode reliably. Rated short time 10μs, and a short tail curr...
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Toshiba white LED driver features internal over voltage detection

Toshiba developed at a lower power-driven high-efficiency white LED, high-precision driver IC - TB62737FUG, and of the realized product. The product is a portable device such as a color LCD panel backlighting power white LED driver IC. TB62737FUG using PWM and power supply voltage of 2.8 ~ 5.5V, the rated output of 400mW, 20mA/16V. The super voltage detection voltage range of 19 ~ 23.5V. Efficiency up to 87% and the current accuracy that ensures ± 5%, the actual use of precision can be achieved when the current ± 2%. The device Bi-CD process, packaged in a 2.9 × 2.8mm of the SOT23-6 package. Note: Bi-CD process is an integrated bipolar transistor (high drive current), CMOS (low power, high integration) and high-pressure high-current DMOS (Double-Diffused MOS) process. ...
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Intels first dual-core processor for sale

Beijing April 12, Intel on Monday announced the first dual-core processors are already shipping. According to sources, AMD will next week launch its first dual-core processor. Through the dual-core technology, the same two cores on the processor and processing tasks can be run independently, so as to enhance the overall performance of the processor. Analysts believe that AMD dual-core processor for the purpose can be described as a godsend, because the current Intel in the processor market has accounted for more than 80% market share, research and development through traditional means of marketing, AMD is difficult to shake Intels dominant status, and dual-core processors put the two sides brought to the same starting line. information · giant Intel plant densities of 3.7 billion in Chengdu, west · the latest Intel price cuts ch...
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