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How to buy a chain?

With the stock market such as the rocket shot up, investment return to be a popular term, the state capital investment is also to gain in return? We are concerned in China more than 1 trillion foreign exchange reserves to invest how to make use of the time, September 29, approved by the State Council, China Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the China Investment Corporation) was established in Beijing today. China Investment Corporation is based on "Company Law" to establish the state-owned company with registered capital of 2,000 billion U.S. dollars, 200 billion U.S. dollars of capital from the 1.55 trillion yuan special treasury bonds. China Investment Corporation in March this year to begin preparations, the present work has been basically completed. China Investment Corporation currently engaged in offshore financial b...
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Cognex vision solution: detection and identification of one hundred percent

Detection and identification hundred percent for most products, it is very important. Usually results in low production cost, if the type of a wide variety of related products, the situation even more so. A good example is the DePuy Spine (headquartered in Switzerland, Johnson & Johnson brand), the company producing small implants, such as nails for spinal surgery. Ago this type of production is done manually, but with the production requirements become more stringent, clear vision can only provide the necessary solutions. And fully automated line detection compared to desktop parts and flexible robot automation technology and integration of Cognex vision tool library (CVL) Compar power of the visual system to more closely match the production environment, and more economical. Correct visual platform Cognex systems integration partner...
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IC optimistic this month contained MILL

Printed circuit board industry in September related to the traditional peak season revenue, subject to the NT dollar, holidays and other factors, the overall performance than in August, the relative prominence of integrated circuits mill and is not bearish on October sales, cell phone related vendors with a turn higher. Printed circuit board (PCB) related industries, in September revenue to rewrite history about ten single-month high of 15 new single-month record high this year, but lower than August 28, the new revival of microwave communication merge operators income is low in a single month this year, the exclusive write, compared to August rewrite the record with 15, 25 write down a single month this year, nine new high and revenue is lower than in July, showing strength seems to be less than the peak season, but each views of manuf...
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Australian company that imports of electronic products of poor quality in China

"Australias Daily" reported that according to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) data, over the past four months, more than 60 products were recovered 1 / 3 of the cheap imports are electrical or electronic products, including switches and computer batteries and so on. Most companies provide information that these cheap products from China. Electronics Manufacturers Association, said Australia, electronic manufacturing industry imports from China some of the product quality and safety supervision and standards are concerned, even worried that some products or signs the security certificate is forged. Association of Australia said the test of electronic products, due to the lack of the Australian system of compulsory site inspection, so a lot of cheap, poor quality products flooding the Australian market, while the Unit...
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Dr. Hayao Nakahara comments TPCA

As with other PCB exhibition , equipment and raw materials supplier into the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) hosted a major annual event exhibitors, and once a majority of seats in the PCB manufacturer is now a minority. But their show has become a showcase product samples and Industrial Technology of Taiwan PCB level mark. IC substrate of their technical level is already in the world. I visited several important supplier of PCB industry. In their words, "July 20, orders began to flood, in August the history of their business to sell one of the strongest months." But I asked them how this years results of operations, they invariably answer said that if the December sale of good, this year is almost the same as last year. Some companies expect sales to decline by about 10%. To manufacturing equipment, is also facing a similar s...
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The first 8 months of electronic information hundred profit growth of 144% up to 23.1 billion

Ministry of Information Industry, according to statistics, from January to August this year, the electronic information hundred enterprises maintained a steady income and export growth, the overall better efficiency. Hundred enterprises operating income totaled 773.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%; in particular, the profit amounted to 23.1 billion, an increase of 144%; taxes paid 22.1 billion, up 24%; The export delivery value of 195.6 billion yuan , an increase of 17%. 1-8 months, hundred enterprises operating income totaled 773.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%. Operating income of over a hundred billion enterprise has 17, three more than last year, including Lenovo and Haier are more than 80 billion yuan. The hundred enterprises before the August total export value of 195.6 billion yuan, growth of 10%, an increase of 17%. Hund...
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First half of 2007 China import and export and trade of IC

1. Import growth than export growth, mainly depends on the situation of imports will continue to According to the National Customs statistics, imports and exports in the first half IC China continue its rapid growth, total imports and total imports were 36.19 billion and 38.215 billion U.S. dollars, respectively, an increase of 34.5% and 19.2%, compared with exports values were 16.9 and 2.9 percentage points higher. The total import volume increased year on year growth of 14 percent, while total imports declined year on year growth rate of 15.5 percent (see Table 1 and Table 2). Although the first half of the total export value grew by 17.6% and 16.3%, respectively, 17.67 billion and 11.08 billion U.S. dollars, but net imports of parts of complex domestic products (9.7% volume, the amount of 8.6%) after, the actual number and value of i...
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Comments: Blu-ray and HD-DVD standards war did not end

Analysis of articles published in foreign media, said the next generation DVD standards battle two opponents: HD DVD camp, Blu-ray camp and seemed a winner, but without the participation and response to consumer users, how will this war end? Fifth market research firm DisplaySearch HDTV (HDTB) General Assembly raised the question. Next-generation DVD standards war mammoth is currently no one Fangxian Sheng, every forecast which side will win the industry can not avoid the question is, why win? Obviously no answer yet, but has become increasingly clear in some cases, such as film producers in the past has been a lot of lessons, even though the user more and more attention for high-definition display , demand is very strong, but the next generation of DVD players and media content popularity is still very limited. With the user to selec...
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Analysts said the August double-digit sales growth in wafer

Market research firm Terra Securities ASA has said Bruce Diesen, analyst, according to three-month moving average statistics, global chip sales in August rose to 21.45 billion U.S. dollars, in July of 206 billion dollars. Diesen said August sales growth came from personal computers, automotive electronics, LCD TV and other applications, in addition to price increases storage products are also important factors. Diesen said: "August wafer sales increased 12% year over year, while in July it reached 15%. In addition, we expect 2007 global chip sales will grow 3% in 2008 to increase 9 %。"...
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Lenovo notebook sales in the domestic first half of 2007 leading to a substantial

Since last year, with the decline in the overall cost notebook market caused a lot of demand, the growth of the notebook market has far exceeded the growth of the desktop, which many PC makers at home and abroad has brought a new competitive opportunities . Big Brother as the domestic PC market, Lenovo, and its domestic notebook market in 2007 also remains an absolute leading position, according to data released by CCW Research shows that in the first half of 2007, Lenovo 40% of notebook market share to secure in the position of sitting on the top spot, its shipments reached 1.087 million units, while dominating the global market, HP Zeyi 16% market share in the second child to Dells direct sales channel for the major share of 12% Zeyi ranked third. According to HPs performance in the domestic notebook market, CCW analysts predict its...
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