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Experts are of the 10 Chinese management technology

Competition in the product or means of homogenization of today, successful companies Why can ahead of the competition, why the same type of gap between the vastly companys performance, the answer may be there are many. But one thing is certain, that is, the new technology in products and management, will give enterprises the commercial value of a breakthrough. We recommend are in the current or a longer period of time, have an important impact on the business management of technology and products. First of all, these technologies have a revolutionary innovation, a broad application prospects; second, to help companies create new business models, open up new markets; Third, improve business processes. No.1 RFID Concepts: non-contact automatic identification technology, or radio frequency identification, commonly known as RFID. Typical...
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Blu-ray and HD-DVD standards war without end

Foreign media analysis of articles published said next-generation DVD standards battle two opponents: HD DVD camp, Blu-ray camp and seemed a winner, but without the consumption of user participation and response, turn the end of this war How? Market research firm DisplaySearch the fifth high-definition television (HDTB) General Assembly raised the question. Next-generation DVD standards war mammoth is currently no one Fangxian Sheng, every forecast which side will win the industry can not avoid the question is, why win? There is no clear answer , but has become increasingly clear in some cases, such as film producers in the past has been a lot of lessons, even though the user more and more attention for high-definition display, the demand is very strong, but the next generation of DVD players and the popularity of media content is still...
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Chinas IC demand the worlds fastest-growing outlet

BishopandAssociates market research firm predicted that by 2011 the global IC socket market will grow to $ 2,844,400,000, which is 1.888 billion U.S. dollars last year ,2006-2011, a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. The 2011 figure is equivalent to the needs of the global connector 4.8%. Bishops analysis covers the production IC sockets and test / aging (burn-in) socket. IC socket market in 2006 nearly 19 billion dollars, $ 1,655,000,000 in 2005 increased by 14.1%. In 2006, IC socket demand accounted for 35.5 billion U.S. dollars of the overall connector market, 4.7%. IC sockets for all terminal equipment market. Computers and peripherals is its largest market, total sales in 2006 was 5.82 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the needs of the overall 30.8% of IC sockets. Industrial and data / telecommunications IC socket is also a l...
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Effect of electronic components show season

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) released the latest report, in August this year, global semiconductor sales reached 21.6 billion year on year increase of 4.5% over the year grew by 4.9% in July. Tight supply of NAND flash memory chip prices and to promote the growth of global semiconductor revenue. ISuppli lowered its 2007 global semiconductor revenue is expected from June is expected to grow by 6% down to 3.5%, and said revenue growth in the second half of the semiconductor can not make up for weak sales in the first half. With the advent season, iSuppli is expected in the second half than the first half of the global semiconductor revenue growth of 10%, three-quarter revenue growth of 8.8% over the second quarter and fourth quarter growth of 4%. This growth trend will continue into next year, is expected in 2008 global semico...
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Rational development effort the education market Delta UPS Bo public universities received

Universities in recent years is the rapid growth of domestic demand for UPS in the market, while increasing the number of domestic colleges and universities as well as University information system continues to accelerate the process, university procurement in the field of UPS also tend to present rational out of its own characteristics: a stable and reliable in ensuring the equipment the same time, UPS has a good operational requirements, while other industries pay more attention than the environment protection and energy efficiency UPS. as a famous manufacturer of power electronic devices, the Delta-CIMIC With its outstanding performance, Delta UPS to play and the application of deep plowing on the industry over the years, colleges and universities in the country repeatedly won the largest single procurement, the results plain. to th...
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Mobile phone baseband chip business reviews new developments

TI: send dominant force once the low-end Chinese 2G In 2005, the worlds largest supplier of cellular baseband chip TI has also been the king of the Chinese market, but the program needs with TIs mobile phone design companies and manufacturers have a strong R & D capability, with the Huise phone the rise of the market, TI is not well suited for this mode of the local market. In addition, TI introduced the first time there is no integrated multimedia baseband processor chip, to meet the low end of the outbreak of the past two years, multimedia mobile phone market, so its market leading position in China ceded MediaTek. To get rid of this unfavorable situation, TI has chosen to low-end market (especially the ultra-cheap mobile phone) on the development effort. With years of precipitation technology, TI used its own DRP (Digital RF Process...
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iPhone will lead to fanaticism demise PMP/MP3

One might think that, iPhone appeared to cause an excitement, such support may be doomed PMP/MP3 mobile media player market will die. However, a recent iSuppli study, PMP/MP3 player is still the most popular consumer portable device for listening to music. For example, the first quarter of 2007, 67% of respondents said U.S. consumers PMP/MP3 player for listening to music of their main portable products, and listening to music using a mobile phone and only 10.2%. These are a recent iSuppli consumer sell-through part of research findings. The investigation of the retail and consumer demographic trend, involving PMP/MP3 players, digital TV and memory card market. The research for the use of extensive investigations conducted by U.S. consumers, retailers do not rely on reports or scanner data. "If the major retailers like Wal-Mart does not...
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Main function of the status and trends of ceramic components

MLCC (multilayer ceramic capacitor) is a variety of electronic, communications, information, military and aerospace, and other consumer or industrial electronic products, an important component. MLCC due to their small size, compact structure, high reliability and SMT technology for the rapid development advantages. At present, the capacitor market in terms of quantity and market potential of view are the largest share of the ceramic capacitors. Global MLCC production IT industry development with the growing domestic production in recent years, the proportion of total global production is also a larger increase, China has gradually become the worlds manufacturing power MLCC. MLCC current international trend is on the miniaturization, high specific volume, low cost, high frequency, integrated complex, high reliability products and techn...
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How to check resistance on small profit margins difficult to maintain industry profitability

Low-margin industry, well-known resistance. A rise in raw material prices jumped case, the resistance of the already low profit products in the "competitive market" the pressure, the whole industry is still swollen her face filling fat, teeth teeth, "to ensure" prices remain the same level or even lower, the industry feel helpless, but experts say this was sad. This years copper, tin, iron cap, component rods, paint, and packaging cartons and other materials have suffered different degrees of increase, this impact, the resistance of products have been thin profit margins were further squeezed, Some media with "industry in the winter" to describe the embarrassment of the current resistance of the market. Also conducting a variety of media speculation, rising costs in raw material prices the actual situation, sought after by the market v...
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Electronic components to be strong inside and outside sales growth driven

According to the Ministry of Information Industry, China Electronic component industry in 2006 (optical / electrical cable and batteries) to the main business revenue of 6,384 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7%, from 2003 to 2006 compound annual growth rate of 34.9% . According to the China Electronic Components Association information centers statistics, sales revenue grew faster electronic ceramic products and devices, electro-acoustic devices, printed circuit board, sensitive components and sensors, connectors, respectively an increase of 47.09 %, 31.27%, 29.85%, 28.6%, 25.42%. Including printed circuit boards, connectors, micro motor, electro-acoustic devices, capacitors and electronic transformer core business revenue of the total sales revenue of 80%. Promote the rapid growth of Chinas electronic components industry the main drivi...
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