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1-8 months of electronic information manufacturing profit up 25%

1-8 months this year, Chinas electronic information industry maintained stable development of the whole, the total growth rate slightly increased, the steady economic recovery in large-scale manufacturing. 1-8 months the whole industry realized main business income of 2.99292 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.4%, with manufacturing to achieve the main business income of 2.64903 trillion yuan, up 19.0%; software industry revenue of 343.89 billion yuan, an increase of 22.9%. Manufacturing industry 579.4 billion yuan of industrial added value, up 18.9%; profit of 92.21 billion yuan, up 25.6%; to achieve tax 30.72 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5%. Economic performance characteristics of 1. To further expand the industrial scale, the total growth rate continued to rise slightly. 1-8 months of total above-scale manufacturing continued to e...
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Acer Lenovo beat the second quarter, to regain third place in the global PC market

The second quarter of Lenovo in the global PC market to regain the third position, but with the acquisition of its rival Acers strategy to take positive, Lenovo ranked third for how long? According to iSupplis preliminary rankings, the Chinese PC OEM maker Lenovo in the second quarter PC shipments worldwide with 490 million units, compared with 396 million units in the first quarter increased 22.9%. And 10 in the top five PC suppliers, this is the largest increase, although only slightly higher than the growth rate of 17% of Apple. From the perspective of unit shipments in the second quarter, first quarter, Lenovos shipments increased 908,000 units. The second quarter, overall global shipments fell 1.7% in the first quarter, reducing 1.03 million units. ISupplis computing platform, said Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst, "Chinas stro...
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Connector market this year, up 7.9%

According to market research firm Bishop & associates of the data, May 2007, the connector industry sales growth of 9.5%, but orders increased 4.4% only, which means that the backlog of orders decreased slightly, and now orders - delivery time is about 5.2 weeks last year to 5.5 weeks. May 2006 compared this performance to May 2007 increased 6.6% in the order quantity can only be considered good. The picture shows the 2006 and 2007 orders per month compared to a clear reflection of this problem. The next three months (6,7 and 8 months), compared with growth in orders will be flat in 2006, this is the summer to ease the normal connector sales performance. Bishop & associates that the sales market will rebound in September, and remain strong in Q4 2007. Bishop & associates for the year 2007 connector market is expected to maintain growth...
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Create business opportunities for digital TV chip

DTV sales hot the next few years, semiconductor suppliers will create huge business opportunities. iSuppli predicts ,2006-2011, chip sales in this area will double. Global DTV semiconductor market in 2011 from 2006 sales of 71 billion U.S. dollars up to 142 billion U.S. dollars. Overall semiconductor sales, including DTV audio / video chip board, and other types of television in the chip, including input / output circuitry, drivers, audio and power. It also includes a voltage regulator, LCD drivers, backlight inverters, plasma panels (PDP) drivers, and for rear projection TV (RPTV) digital light processing (DLP), LCD and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LcoS) chip. ...
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March 1-8, 2007 economic operation of electronic information hundred Analysis

1-8 months, the electronic information hundred enterprises maintain steady growth of income and exports, overall better efficiency. Hundred enterprises operating income totaled 773.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%; to achieve a total profit of 23.1 billion, an increase of 144%; taxes paid 22.1 billion, up 24%; an export value of 195.6 billion yuan, up increase of 17%. One rebound in revenue growth, export growth, stable 1-8 months, hundred enterprises operating income totaled 773.3 billion yuan, an increase of 13%, an increase over the previous month to pick up. Operating income of over a hundred billion enterprise has 17, three more than last year, including Lenovo and Haier are more than 80 billion yuan. Steady export growth. 1-8 hundred enterprises month export value totaled 195.6 billion yuan, growth of 10%, an increase of 17%. ...
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Resistor technology is still the ultimate goal of higher power

Although the resistance in many forms, but the power is the most commonly used metal film resistors and wire wound resistors. Resistor manufacturers biggest challenge is the resistance in the same package size to add more power, whether it is for small electronic devices or for large industrial equipment. A higher power rating at the same time, also called resistance does not produce excessive heat. Many engineers still recommend a specific power applications of carbon compounds used outdated resistance (supply and expensive, despite the problems), it is because no sensing resistor carbon compounds. However, the focus of this discussion is the metal film resistors and wire wound resistors. In the resistance area, the larger package, the resistance can handle the higher power. However, the increasing requirements of todays market of ele...
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Revenues of 4.419 billion yuan Warburg in September, the first sales of 3,690 million in Q3

Compal Communications Results September from 4.419 billion yuan revenue, compared with the previous (8), 3.824 billion yuan on revenue growth of 16%, compared with revenues of 6.297 billion the same month last year, ten thousand yuan by 30%; cumulative January-September Camp income 38.257 billion yuan, compared with revenues of 53.09 billion yuan last year by 28%. Single-season 1,160 million units shipped, the cumulative sales of 3,690 million, the ASP (average price) for 1,037 NT, the value of $ 31.8. Warburg pointed out that the beginning of the season, as estimated in Section 3, Warburg 96 Q3 shipments were 1,160 million. 96 years ago, three quarters of the volume of the order of 1,430 million, 1,100 million, 1,160 million, the cumulative total of 3,690 million the first three quarters. If the company expects full-year shipments of 5...
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Unimicron September revenues 3.836 billion yuan innovation go further by 48.26%

Xin Xing (3037) Results from the Taiwan factory revenues 3.836 billion yuan in September, for 2 consecutive months of record high refresh, and 48.26% growth over last year; total revenue of 27.31 billion yuan in September before the annual growth of up to 36.96%. Unimicron the second half of revenue will be higher than expected growth of 30% in the first half, continue to set new, full-year revenue and profit will be a record high. Looking next PCB the economy, the industry will enter another phase of cycle time, inventory adjustments and other issues may be a repeat of the order of the overall industry is expected to have a chance with the short season to return to normal, if the first half of the off-season benefits are obvious, on the second half than the may show 4:6 next year, gross profit margin is expected to gradually take Yang...
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News Analysis: Digital Intelligent Community of the difference between community and

Digital community and intelligence community are a relatively new concept in constant development, it is difficult to strictly distinguish the details, you may need in order to have accurate and detailed as the development of the definition, but the number of community and the intelligence community is not exactly the same, the view that the Digital Community = intelligent community + virtual community, from this point of view of digital intelligence community is an important part. Can be distinguished from the following aspects: 1. Digital Community is a comprehensive concept, the basis of its dependence in addition to the community itself, can not do without digital city, it is difficult to imagine a number of isolated communities can exist, it is because social resources of digital information. Intelligent Community will be intellige...
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Demand for DRAM probe card silicon Want Yin Wang

DRAM factory opened new production can continue, despite the pressure caused by over-supply of DRAM, but after driving test probe card market segment, Taiwans largest supplier of probe cards Wang Si (6223) directly benefit the end of next year DRAM probe card market share is expected from the current 5%, a significant increase to three percent or so, not only can drive substantial growth performance, but also to break the monopoly of the past by foreign market conditions. Wang Si shares closed unchanged on Friday, 114 yuan, Macquarie that, DRAM business will be prosperous silicon probe Ming, the most important growth momentum year after an estimated net income per share next year, Wang Si, may be this years 8.1 yuan, increased to 14.1 yuan, the year after the two have the opportunity to earn equity, net income per share reached 20.26 y...
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