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Mobile group to see the investment value of shares of Qiao PCB surface

Mobile populations through the winter, the investment value began to surface. Securities industry analyst at Citigroup Global Technology cover Yan Shan said, population Q4 PC shipments growth slowed down, the other hand, mobile phone population is about to heat, inventory level is not high, Ming, and after two years of supply and demand outlook good, and the big phone Outsourcing Factory orders increase in long-term, suggested that PC-related holdings and gradually go to the mobile phone group, the preferred mobile phone printed circuit board (PCB) plant Xin Xing. cover Yan Shan said that cell phone population Q4 to Q1 next year, inventory level is not high, clear, well after two years of supply and demand outlook, mobile phone manufacturers to increase orders for long-term Outsourcing; contrast, PC Q4 shipments population growth slowed d...
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China Mobile board 07 through 06 shipments decline 21%

China mobile phone board manufacturers in Q2 of this year through amendments to the school phone shipment forecast full-year figures after the 2007 school year phone shipments to 150 million under the revised, while shipments and orders in accordance with the present number of point of view, the second half of the shipments will show 40%: 60%. Watertown Q3 shipments of mobile phone boards in the 40 million estimate, can be upside to Q4 50 million, full year 2007 shipments of mobile phone board close to 150 million; but This shipment target for the year 2007 the year of 2006 was still 190 million down 21%. Watertown year 2007 under the revised target mobile phone board ship, mainly due to poor condition Motorola mobile phone shipments in the first half, leading to sharp drop in the number of orders, but also to have therefore revised down...
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Founder President Qi Dongfeng denies the computer business for sale

WASHINGTON aggressive expansion with the Lenovo PC business through the acquisition of different, Founder of the PC business may be acquired message has been overwhelming. Yesterday afternoon, for the acquisition of Haier and Founder Technology, Dell are interested in the issue, Founder, Vice President and Secretary of the Board Hou Yubo clear in an interview to be denied, "the current Founder will not sell PC business." Founder Technology is currently Chinas third largest computer maker, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard after the market share. The day before yesterday, said the news from abroad, Haier and Founder of Dell are interested in acquiring technology to enhance market share in Chinas share of the computer. Industry believe that Founder Technologys PC business acquisition target for other reasons, over the past five quarters, its sal...
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Instrumentation industry is not based on weak institutional mechanisms to rationalize

According to experts, instrumentation, high-tech industries, while China more dependent on industrial development in the advantages of low labor costs, and this advantage in the instrumentation industry in the difficult role to play. Their view, resulting in China and foreign instrumentation products There are several reasons for the gap. Chinas enterprises can not fully meet the operational mechanism of market economy development. In the process of development, a group of backbone enterprises are facing state investment aging products, the loss of a critical situation and technical personnel, the restructuring, although in the production and management has improved, but still not enough scientific and technological innovation; a number of mechanism innovation, operation flexibility of private enterprises is gradually become a new brigh...
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Three traps Zhongguancun electronics market deposit

Haidian Consumers Association, said recently been getting consumers to buy on the market in the Zhongguancun electronic products complaints, and concluded a black shopping guide, product transfer packages, invoices, official seal and inconsistent with the company name consumer trap. Haidian Consumers Association said the complaints show that consumers often shop in the Zhongguancun than the official price of the purchased goods more expensive, mainly in the Zhongguancun electronics market, there will always be "black shopping guide" directly to the consumer induced to buy a companys scriptorium. There are also consumers shopping at home, buy a home only to find their selection of goods and commodities inconsistent. In addition is the official seal of the issue invoices, shopping and the invoice after the discovery of the open dealer inv...
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The countrys first 32-inch depth assessment of plasma Hisense TPW3208

Plasma 32-inch plasma launched broke the absence of the small size of product line Many years, plasma because of technical, technological and other reasons, the small size of the plasma has been no breakthrough in the field, this also makes plasma and LCD TVs in China has been a disadvantage in the competition, after all, one of the largest market share, size, Plasma is not the appropriate product. the countrys first 32-inch plasma Hisense TPW3208 depth assessment Mid-June, with the first 32-inch plasma TVs officially unveiled and available in volume, market penetration of the plasma product line of small size of the missing status has also been completely broken, but also caused the industry and many consumers attention. Currently the first 32-inch Plasma TV Hisense TPW3208 also available in volume and in the national market, and ma...
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Talking about digital amplifier

Recent years, called "digital amplifier" of the device came quietly Hi-Fi areas. Some people call it a revolution in audio amplifiers, want to give a few into a backwater of the audio industry has brought to life. The so-called "digital amplifier", should be to make the digital audio signal in the form of pure starting from the input to the speaker to retain the last level before playback. The basic circuit is a Class D amplifier. D amplifier D amplifier is actually a switching amplifier, the switching frequency up to 100kHz or more. Input directly from the digital signal source such as CD player, DVD player, DVD Audio or SACD CD-ROM and digital television, DTV input digital audio signal, rather than through the ADC or DAC ADC DACs analog signal processing . The typical implementation process is as follows: start with DC power modulat...
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Bulletin of Henan Province in recognition of "Power"

2006 Nian 7 months, Henan Electric Power Company to implement the provinces rural areas, "Power for All" project. Support and cooperation of relevant departments at all levels, the provincial power companies to actively raise funds, scientific planning and careful organization to ensure the timely construction funds and the rural power grid construction in place of the orderly conduct of the work. The end of August this year, 4 months ahead of completion of project construction tasks, to solve the whole Province, 188 000 households, 74.8 million people in the electricity issue and realize the power within the maximum extension of the "Power for All" goals. This, Henan provincial government decided to recognize the Henan Electric Power Corporation to be informed. Hope that the power companies continue to do carry forward the earth in...
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Mobile single-chip power management challenges facing post-

With cell phones becoming more advanced, system operation and standby power consumption also increases power consumption. Therefore, the portable wireless device power management design in the I / O interfaces, power management and battery service life are facing new challenges. Digital designers the industrys first implementation of the ultra-deep sub-micron (0.13μm, 0.09μm and 0.065μm) microprocessor, they found, the use of thinner oxides and shorter channel length can produce faster transistors. Analog baseband (ABB) and radio frequency (RF) designers have followed suit, to seek an integrated approach to their end customers with single-chip wireless solutions. However, voltage scaling and transistor scaling can not be consistent, which led to the leakage of the system solution is a serious problem, while the leakage is bound to shorte...
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Commentary: What can make a distinctive feature of IC?

5 end of the semiconductor industry is another important event took place: STMicroelectronics (ST), Intel and Francisco Partners announced the joint creation of a new independent semiconductor company, to form a new company creation of the original main business revenues last year totaled about 36 billion U.S. dollars. Strategic focus of the new company will focus on supplying flash memory solutions. Intel NOR flash memory is one of the best companies, ST is the third largest NOR Flash memory company. Two tigers can sit on a mountain top about how to win, and probably forced to do. ST Vice President Bob Krysiak, general manager of Greater China explains: "As the flash memory or DRAM industry, to be successful, must be large-scale production and manufacturing capacity. Over the past two years, the two companies did not earn from the larg...
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