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First quarter of 2007 Top Ten logic devices and programmable logic devices New Comment

APPLIED MICRO CIRCUITS CORP: scalable performance SATA RAID 6 controller Editors: Applied Micro Circuits Corp (AMCC) introduced its series of high-performance AMCC 3ware 9650SE SATA RAID controller, the series controller from 2 to 24 ports The modules, designed to improve system performance RAID 6. Reader Comments: 1. can and Linux compatible. 2. not bad, but unfortunately only for PCI express architecture. 3. logical redundancy could be improved. availability Ranking: 1 XILINX: Xilinx introduced the industrys largest 65nm FPGA gate count Editors: Xilinx has introduced a 65nm FPGA - LX330, the logic gate count than the largest unit of 90nm FPGA products also produce more 65%. According to Xilinx said its foundry partner United Microelectronics (UMC) and Toshiba (Toshiba) in the 65nm process to enhance production capacity quickly, so that ...
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The first quarter of 2007 Top Ten New Analysis of processor and memory devices

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: TI ARMCortex-R4 launch dual-core automotive MCU processing Editors: Texas Instruments introduced a new program for automotive safety applications TMS570 MCU. TMS570 microcontroller with ARM Cortex R4 cores, as will two of the same model Cortex R4 processor with a 2M-chip flash memory together. Through patent-pending framework of the two cores tightly connected to ensure reliable operation; the same time through the error correction code (ECC) bits protect the Flash detection. Memory capacity and performance for different requirements, TMS570 MCU mainly for floor control, brake / electric vehicle stability and safe driving. Reader Comments: 1. Many years ago there vehicles, dual-core MCU. 2. high-end automotive MCU designers should be highly concerned about this product. 3. very interesting product. availability Ranking:...
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Power quality and power equipment harmonic control

1. Overview recent years, the power grid in the gradual increase of nonlinear loads is a common trend around the world, such as variable frequency drive or SCR DC drives, computers, important uninterruptible power supply used in the load (UPS), energy-saving fluorescent light system, which will lead to power pollution nonlinear loads, power quality decline, causing trouble for the electrical equipment, and even lead to serious fire accidents. Some of the world, including the building of the fire proved to burst with the power pollution. power pollution and power quality deterioration primarily in the following areas: voltage fluctuations, surges, shock, harmonics, phase unbalance, etc. 2. power pollution hazards power pollution would cause serious harm to electrical equipment, are: interfere with communications equipment, computer systems...
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Power Technology & Power Industry

Human understanding of the objective world appears leap in the Scientific Revolution: Human transforming the objective world, the technology leap that technological revolution. The scientific revolution, the technological revolution will lead to changes in society as a whole production system, namely, the Industrial Revolution. Experienced in recent history of human technological revolution and steam power technology revolution, therefore, the power and technology are important in human history knowledge. power industry includes five production processes. ① power generation, including thermal, hydro, nuclear and other energy generation; ② transmission, including the AC transmission and HVDC transmission: ③ substation; ④ distribution; ⑤ electricity, including electrical equipment, installation, use and electricity load control, and the exi...
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New energy storage devices - Farah Capacitor

Super capacitors have a wide range of uses. It is composed of hybrid and battery systems can be used to meet the car is accelerating, start climbing the high power requirements when, in order to protect the battery system and the emergency brake in the car is an instant energy recovery to reduce energy waste and save energy. Super capacitors are also used in other systems, such as the driving force for starting the fuel cell for mobile communications and computer backup power supplies. according to energy storage mechanism, supercapacitors can be divided into double-layer capacitors and capacitor Faraday quasi two categories. Double-layer capacitor is built on the basis of double-layer theory. Charging, the electrolyte dissociation occurs, the positive and negative ions toward the movement and were adsorbed on the electrode surface, formi...
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IDF: Intel emphasis on energy efficient energy forum

"Efficient" and "energy saving" has become increasingly concerned about the government and industry topics, especially in the rapid development of the IT industry, it is an important issue. To further strengthen the government, enterprises, multi-user interaction, and promote industry consensus, particularly in the IDF Intels energy efficient experts held during the forum. From Intel, Huawei and experts from related organizations at home and abroad, together on energy efficient, environment and related IT applications in such areas as technology and interactive discussion, and share their experiences. Intels CTO Justin Timberlake and Su Liqing, vice president of Huawei from the enterprise perspective describes how to use their innovative technologies to promote energy efficient, and respond to national call for establishment of energy-sav...
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1st Quarter of 2007 Top Ten New Market Analysis Components

TEXASINSTRUMENTS: small size, low power, stable performance, 500-MSPS sampling rate of 12 - bit ADC Editors: Texas Instruments introduced the latest high-speed sampling rate of 500MSPS 12-bit A / D Converter ----- ADS5463, the device is 14 mm x14 mm package, consumes only 2.25 watts, mainly for the needs of high resolution and high-speed operation function of communications equipment and measuring instruments, radar, imaging systems, Software Defined Radio (SDR) and other leading applications. To facilitate the system upgrade, ADS5463 pin with the existing 13 210/250MSPSTI converter compatible. And compared to other similar products on the market, ADS5463 in a smaller package for better signal processing and broadband performance. Reader Comments: 1. can be used to meet the needs of different occasions. 2. The consumption of the device re...
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IC design companies in China three proposals

We successfully 243 IC design companies in China conducted a full sample survey, the return rate as high as 41%! This reflects the new design industry hopes a strong desire to communicate with the buyer. Survey results revealed the questions focused on IC design companies to invest, lack of system knowledge, silicon integrated circuits is difficult and the buyers of the domestic aspects of cognitive problems. In fact, these are common difficulties encountered by new industries, require the system to plan, find a breakthrough. Let us first look at the overall IC market conditions in China. Chinas IC demand in 2001 the total number reached 24.3 billion, worth 128.7 billion yuan (98% of the value point of view needs to be imported.) Compared to 2000, the number of total demand growth of 4%, but the value increase of up to 31%; should be note...
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Review Exclusive details: tell the truth about the meaning of Godson and SMIC

Fu Long with the number of prototypes to test the computer by hand, Godson has recently become a topic of concern. Although a number of simple computers, but many users will undoubtedly achieved national innovation cheered. a few days ago, the Godson processor, and a comparison 2e sensational news. That is, STMicroelectronics Godson spent thirty million yuan to buy a five-year franchising 2e processor, the next five years, sales of one per chip, Godson also get two U.S. dollars royalties.Some reports said the domestic , STMicroelectronics took the production and sales, marking the Godson into the global industrial chain. However, with SMIC Semiconductor Manufacturing, led by the rapid rise of Chinas IC industry chain, from design, OEM and sales have been basically matured, Godson as the Central Government to support high-tech research pro...
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"Terminal-driven" era of home appliances division increased business growth model

As the market multi-polar era, the original household electrical appliance enterprises are familiar with the living environment, has become completely different, have business operations in all aspects of a new interpretation. The changes in living environment, and its essence is also the home appliance business response to changes in the growth mode, because the survival of the enterprise business environment changes enough to affect the growth path. "Iron Age" mode change Looking appliance industry through the development process of nearly three decades, the growth of the dominant mode can be roughly divided into the "product-driven" and "brand driven" and "channel-driven "three forms, of course, there are some enterprises with product brand or brands plus additional channels for the" wheel-driven ", but not enough to form a mainstream ...
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