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Channel self-built appliance manufacturers misread

The formation of a buyers market and the growing new chain of hypermarkets, making the game manufacturers in the relationship between manufacturers increasing trend in the micro, businesses also contributed to the hegemony of disharmony vendor relationships. The face of aggressive business trend, the poverty line in the profit of the manufacturers have begun to struggle, "Poor people want change," driven to revolt against the businessmen to seek hegemony in the long march of the road, start all over again and re-channel into a number of manufacturing enterprises from the control chain giant natural choice. 2004 Nian 3 months, Gree air-conditioning because of its sales in a dispute with the States United States led directly to the relationship breakdown, became the first large flow of words against the company, which also had a Gree now ...
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Foxconn has been rated the best internal process

Foxconns OEM outsourcing survey was "the best internal process" rating announced that the current outsourcing electronics product design and production of OEM executives and administrative staff of the electronic original design manufacturers (ODM) and contract manufacturing services provider Foxconn to give the "best internal process" the highest rating. On the findings published in the Foxconn face in the investigation of other electronics contract manufacturing company and ODM companies include: Solectron, Flextronics, Compal, Celestica, Jabil Group, Benchmark Electronics, Praxair, Nam Tai Electronics, Asustek, Sanmina-SCI, Elcoteq, and Wistron. 500 respondents participated in a number of industries in this groundbreaking survey, information published on the website Ve...
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History of industrial development in the world cf sweatshop

Many domestic media, "Foxconn workers squeeze" the incident came to light, causing a strong public opinion. Admittedly, sweatshops for workers of the pressing must be condemned by society. But public opinion alone can not solve Chinas labor problems. Sweatshop issues reflect not only the status of Chinas IT industry, but rather a reflection of Chinas existing economic structure and social development and other issues. These are also the focus of debate has always been one of the economists. Recently, the Chinese Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai said the first meeting on innovation, China will export 800 million shirts in order to "change" back to a Boeing aircraft. Sharp contrast with this data is that the Chinese trade surplus reached 102 billion U.S. dollars last year, accounting for 4.5% of revised GDP. In 2004, Chinas trade surplus has o...
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Industry must address the problem of power quality

The rapid development of high technology, microelectronic technology and CNC technology has become the electronic equipment (computers, communications equipment, transmitters, medical equipment, etc.), electrical and mechanical equipment (CNC machine tools, machining centers, injection molding machines, printing presses, production lines, etc. ) core technology. Large number of applications of power electronic devices, so too did the power supply quality, resulting in more surges, spikes, harmonics, constant erosion damage to electronic equipment and electrical and mechanical equipment in the heart of the controller, the long run electronic equipment and electrical and mechanical equipment will somehow stop, or inaccurate processing of data from out of faulty parts, a major loss to the enterprise. But after testing the equipment was not a...
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Instruments and other machinery manufacturing quality competition Interpretation

Measuring Instruments and Machinery for the manufacturing industry in the latest release of the industry national quality competitiveness index ranking third with a score of 83.42. In the 12 observed variables in front Comparison of the scores of the industry variables are product quality grading rate, the mass loss rates, export commodity inspection pass rate, per million Chanzhi proprietary sales rate numbers and international markets. Quality competitiveness of the reporter found, instruments and culture, office machinery manufacturing, two observed variables of scoring first in the industry, namely, product quality grading rate and export commodity inspection pass rate. Among them, the product quality grading rate scores mainly reflect the industry to adopt international standards or advanced standards of production situation. It...
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Chinas technology status and thermal measurement instruments worthy of attention

Urban heating system for the implementation of China, the implementation of billing by the heat. In 1989, the Government began to focus on the leadership of the civil central heating metering and charging issues. In 1990, the calorimeter as a topic to be included in the "VII. Five" technology public relations plans .2000 February 8, issued a "civil energy-saving regulations," states: "New residential buildings should be centralized heating system --- - the implementation of heat metering and charging, "" encourage the development of household heat metering technology and devices. " Until July 24, 2003, the Ministry of Construction, National Development and Reform Commission and seven other ministries issued a "pilot project on urban heating system guidance." Now, all over the countrys 15 provinces, autonomous regions, 47 cities have been...
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Personalized products are sought after fashion component space increases

Global Sources Electronics Autumn Show (China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components) 11 at the opening of AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. Global Positioning System (GPS) and health and personal care electronics products to international buyers excited. Consumer electronics, security and safety products, communication products and accessories continue to be the concern of international buyers. From todays popular electronic products on the market, can determine the direction of the future of electronic product design and market trends, individual components of market space increases. handheld and automotive GPS more and more heat Global Sources Chairman and CEO Merle A. Hinrichs, said at the opening ceremony: "from China and Asian suppliers increasingly focus on product innovation and design, the exhibition displayed a wide range of new pro...
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Of the development model of instrument

the worlds major industrial powers have their high-level instrumentation industries. Sooner or later to become the industrial countries of China, how to develop the instrument industry is a very important issue. Source of funds and technology to the world, the development of no more than two modes of industrial instrumentation: first, in their own capital and technology-based, the second is foreign investment and technology-based. industrial countries are generally the first model, the conditions of developing countries is often limited to the second model, the typical example is Singapore. China wants to become a developed country industrial instrument which road should be, whether to adopt a model is worth serious study. As an industry, have been based on a considerable scale Instrumentation Industry in China, whether out of a Chinese ...
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The Ninth Annual Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Highlights

Ninth Annual Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry is a hero to the bustling city of Nanchang, and though the first time to participate in this meeting, but outside the meantime , grade them bit by bit, I still rather have some mixed feelings, as appropriate, over and over again, finally implement them into words, for the parties with reference to correction. Number, but the coverage is not necessarily wide Large number of people seems to be the meeting of a major feature of the meeting of more than 700 professional academic conference on the terms of the scale is really large enough. But for a little analysis of who attended the meeting, you will find the vast majority of participants are from universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and delegates from a unit may have a dozen or even twenty ( But this is also reflected fr...
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Chip giant never-ending battle for Moores Law Driver

microprocessor constantly whip the drive Moores Law, the struggling and tired to run. The big players in this industry is becoming less and less. The remaining giants in a good thirty years ago to have determined the architecture, continue to rely on power consumption, design, structure, materials and other aspects of technological progress to check opponents. 90 if the last century to be a description of the chip market, it is a clone of the war. When Intel AMD won their lawsuit, the number of chip companies began to "blatant" to embark on the road of Intel clones, including Intels own. Nevertheless, Intels sphere of influence is too strong, we can immediately, but failed to go beyond. However, AMD gradually began to know how to use Intels counter-offensive slack, so the pattern of the whole industry a dramatic change. AMD catching ...
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