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2008 Who Controls the Asian electronic test equipment

autumn season, is the harvest time. Recently, the local leader of electronic test equipment manufacturers RIGOL one after another in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, held in 29 cities nationwide roadshow to introduce the companys flagship products, including the DG3000 series function / arbitrary waveform generator and DM3000 series digital multimeter, digital oscilloscope together with the original constitute the basic scheme of electronic testing. RIGOL can be said that "decades sword", profound knowledge, years of research and development, the accumulation of technology and market, and finally improve the product line, became the first to provide fully independent research and development of electronic test equipment manufacturers. Start talking about the hardships of the past decade, RIGOL, vice president of marketing at Weise...
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Second quarter of 2006 over 300 million U.S. dollars investment in the IT industry risks

Yesterday, the Dow Jones VentureOne and Ernst & Young jointly released China Quarterly Venture Capital Report: second quarter of 2006, mainland China-based companies received a total of 54 pen venture capital investment amounted to $ 480,100,000, is the highest since quarter two and a half the amount of investment growth in the second quarter of 2005 1 times. As of mid-2006, China invested a total of 85 pen, a total investment of $ 757,900,000, the data show the total investment in 2006 is likely to exceed the level of the past two years. The main support of Chinas IT venture capital industry, investment amount for the quarter increased by 40 pen, 19 pen for the same period last year. Investment also increased by 176% to $ 313,600,000. IT industry is still the biggest area of Internet information services, a total of 23 pen investment...
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Six major areas of growth driven electro-acoustic devices

Electro-acoustic devices is toward the direction of home entertainment centers, and its four major trends --- appliances, network, home, intelligence is the development direction of technology integration, but also more to better meet the requirements of home entertainment. It can be said, IT technology, Internet technology and electronic technology is a combination of the trend can not be ignored. Speakers and speakers are an important consumer electronics parts --- electro-acoustic devices. Changing audio-visual age, electro-acoustic devices on behalf of the audio and video industries industry is as important as information terminals, especially the 3C integration, the emerging consumer electronics products continue to emerge, making the electro-acoustic device applications continue to expand, manufacturers provide strength to the indus...
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FARO portable measurement arm to enhance precision in the welding workshop

According to FARO introduction, FAW Group Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary - FAW Auto Group in the truck plant welding workshop of the companys successful use of portable measurement products. Since 2002, the workshop, the company has purchased two measuring arm FARO, a Taijin series arm, a silver series arm, and a 12-foot Platinum Platinum measuring arm. Typical welding workshop truck plant parts tested, including stamping, welding sub-assembly, the heavy-duty truck series cab and chassis in the class of heavy-duty truck series parts and more. In the past, these complex shapes of the workpiece and the welding fixture of the measuring coordinate and rely mainly on traditional desktop hardware measurement tools, and sample, template to aid measurement. The desktop can not coordinate the move, you need to carry bulky fixture ca...
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Measurement must be out of the "greenhouse"

measurement is an integral part of the production process of manufacturing means. Because of its precision, its application environment has been greatly restricted. Past an old Retroflex Suffixation: "Product quality is manufactured rather than measuring out", this sentence has some truth, but there are biased. In other words, if you do not measure, how do you know the product quality is good or bad? Anyway, in the modern manufacturing, the combination of measurement and production of increasingly interlinked. In CIMES & CMTFO4 show, more and more shows measurement equipment supplier of precision measurement technology advanced, the trend line with the global trend of development. This situation indicates that Chinas market demand for precision measurements, both in quantity and quality, are consistent with their level of manufacturing...
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Semiconductor industry: win-win development of independent innovation

Fourth China International IC Industry Exhibition & Conference (IC CHINA 2006) was held recently in Suzhou. IC CHINA 2006 the theme of "innovation and win-win development", the theme of the service in the semiconductor industry and its downstream machine industry, and the investment and financing sector have a warm response. Through this exhibition, we can see, China is accelerating the pace of independent innovation, Chinas growing semiconductor industry chain link complete and active, more intense atmosphere of industrial investment and financing. Although Chinas semiconductor industry still faces some problems, but not to the semiconductor industry will be even better. Innovation become the main theme in this exhibition and the subsequent Summit Symposium on "independent innovation" has become the most journalists to hear the wor...
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Power Management: Digital vigorous application of hard to spread

With the popularity of digital wave has led to the analog signal powerManagement also began to introduce the concept of numbers, many companies such as TI, Zilker LabsAre all launched their own digital power products. "Digital" Power in the ascendant, according to iSuppliMarket survey, the digital power market revenue in 2006, 168 million U.S.Yuan, the industry is estimated compound annual growth rate in the coming years will exceed 100%.Semiconductor optimistic about the digital powerGreater integration, higher efficiency, faster transient response and higher flexibility of a digital electro-Source widely popular reasons. Relatively speaking, DSP-controlled power supply with digital filtering methodMCU control more complex power supply to better meet the needs of real-time response speed, powerSource voltage performance is better. Appli...
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Digital power integrated cost is not high

Power supply features a variety of figures, mainly in power management, it power conversion can be combined with the management, which is inside the great features of digital power, enables customers to design power particularly fast progress . Our technology enables many features integrated into the interior, so very few external components, so for the customers, the design is very simple. Digital power integration in which many features, the relative simulation technology, peripheral devices also take some of the cost of a , so we feel that the cost of digital power, analog power costs than higher, but In fact, together comparison, the cost of digital power is not high. For current digital and analog power supplies power each of the market, the industry had predicted that many of digital power this year is $ 170,000,000, 2011, es...
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Digital power development cycle is shortened

Digital power is an emerging product area, for the concept of digital power,The industry do not have a uniform definition. For TIs C2000 product is concerned, it supportsDigital Power is a fully digital solution: the power of real-time control and system partsManagement, monitoring CPU completely digitized to achieve. Now, some of the core power productsThe control section uses simulation technology, but increased the number of monitoring or management functions, suchPower Products are sometimes referred to as digital power. Compared with the traditional program, full digital powerGreat changes, such as power load is very complex, with traditional analog power supplyDo require complex processing circuit, the digital control loop to achieve after the control sectionImplemented entirely in software instead of using analog circuits to imple...
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Digital power supply can provide greater flexibility

Analog power management, including the traditional pulse width modulation (PWM) controller. General, these controllers for the completion of the structure and application of known power control and constant power energy. This method is usually limited by the controller to expand its application flexibility. Definition of digital power supply can be divided into at least three components: first, the digital power management or mixed solutions. Second, digital control and management. Third, the digital signal processor (DSP). Analog power management devices tend suitable for use in fixed or custom hardware functionality equipment. If you have a thorough understanding of the application and the design is quite simple, no and external communications, then the analog power are more likely to provide the most cost-effective solutions. Di...
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