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Support materials: the results and frequent item coded

Semiconductor industry in China, driven by rapid growth in recent years, Taiwans semiconductor industry has considerable support materials development, have made significant progress. In the IC CHINA 2006 period, the domestic semiconductor companies supporting materials are mainly concentrated on displaying their latest results and their latest release and strategies. A study of silicon stocks: into 12-inch polished silicon pilot line into the 21st century, the International IC manufacturing technology has entered a new a period of rapid development of hair ,0.13-0.10-micron diameter of 12 inch integrated circuit technology on the market, diameter of 12 inch silicon wafers on the demand for technology research and development into reality by the market demand. To meet the international semiconductor industry, there is research ...
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Mobile devices: 3G demand is hot

The past two years, cell phone modules and discrete components with a comprehensive development, technological innovation, Zhuo effective, especially in 3G chips increase data processing speed, enhanced multimedia capabilities, the development multi-mode function, improve integration, etc. significant progress in both areas, so that high-speed 3G mobile data transmission and mobile multimedia transfer functions become more perfect. Amplifier module GSM tri-band amplifier module Si4300T, integrated power amplifier, power control, protection circuit, filter and matching circuit, a volume of 3.9mm × 6.4mm × 1.3mm , one of the early adopters of the CMOS power amplifier technology. Typical WCDMA power amplifier module products products, such as for 1920MHz ~ 1980MHz band power amplifier module, the maximum efficiency can be 42%, ext...
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Chip components: the small 0402 size gradually into the mainstream

Chip passive components with active components of electronic operation itself can not be initiated by the electron correlation for starting, switching, speed and control. Currently, the dominant chip passive components into multilayer ceramic capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors three categories. Chip passive component manufacturers mainly in Japan and China-based Taiwanese companies, Chinas mainland-chip passive components capacity also with Japan and Chinas Taiwan manufacturers shift production to mainland China is gradually increasing. 0402 sizing mainstream 2005 in the Three-chip passive components of the value of the average annual increase over 2004, passive components industrial output value in 2005 was 32.8 billion, annual growth rate of 4.8%. In the resistor part, due to product specifications and high technology ...
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Comments major enterprises chip components

Manufactured by Murata MLCC is the worlds largest manufacturer, has an absolute leading position, since the emergence since the MLCC, Murata has been to maintain the status of the world, the global market share from not less than 20%. In the high-end market, a higher share of Murata, such as micro-method 0402,100 large capacity MLCC market share of 40% or so. Murata is Nokias first-tier suppliers. Currently, Beijing Murata is already well-known multi-layer ceramic capacitor manufacturer, created a domestic market share of domestic market share of the first --- nearly 50% market share in the advantages and good results . Beijing Murata Electronics Co., Ltd. (BME) from Japan (strain) and Beijing Murata 798 state-owned joint venture to set up the first large-scale joint venture established in July 1994. In January 1997 into the Tianz...
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SIM card still obstacles to the promotion of new applications

Recently, there have been numerous after another SIM card market companies targeting the application of high-capacity SIM card from to the SIM card has been integrated ZigBee, NFC and other wireless transmission, into a SIM card-shaped , IC card, one design , wide range of new applications is a dazzling look. However, to extend SIM card-based applications are in the actual promotion had no small difficulty. Let me talk about high-capacity SIM card product. Simple application of the technology and market perspective, a large amount of SIM card capacity with "mass" storage space, 1GB of capacity is not difficult to achieve; from the perspective of reading and writing speed, but also much faster than the external SD card reading and writing speed. Moreover, high-capacity SIM card can not by restricting the types of mobile phones, in an...
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Supporting the semiconductor industry: The night is long, long way is also

Rapid growth in China driven by the semiconductor industry, the "fifth" period of the semiconductor materials industry has also been considerable support for the development, but in terms of the current status quo, but also far enough over the domestic semiconductor industry needs, from general, self-sufficiency of the semiconductor material level of support less than 10% of the semiconductor industry is still a huge bottleneck. Our reporter has to support the semiconductor industry, current situation and hot issues of concern to the industry, an exclusive interview with Chinas Semiconductor Industry Association support branch chairman Zhou Qi steel industry. A serious shortage of domestic supply of polysilicon and other silicon, plastic materials such obvious progress Reporter: At present, the owners of the semiconductor mater...
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To the operation mechanism and a breakthrough business model

Most domestic IC design companies is the current situation faced by foreign-funded enterprises established in China Although there is a test body, but most do not provide external testing services, and the level of domestic testing and limited companies, many companies have chosen to outside the chip testing. Global semiconductor industry today, the test has become a chain of independent, non- integral part of, and for just speed up the domestic semiconductor industry, it is a weak ring. As a relatively small scale of the industry testing industry, more efforts should be made to meet the challenges and opportunities that war. Faced with this situation, we believe that change the market situation, the most important is to operating mechanism and business model to achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Professional testing company, is t...
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Domestic semiconductor equipment: solar market accounts for half of

In the semiconductor equipment field, is almost dominated by large foreign companies, and as foreign second-hand equipment in China the "rocks" and the solar cell industry, the rapid rise of the domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers to and opportunities. Breakthrough in domestic equipment should be in the low-end high-end equipment in the field of , domestic manufacturers can not technically competing against foreign manufacturers, and with the tariffs gradually reduced in the past The price advantage has gradually narrowed. However, the gap in technology little low-end market, through market segmentation, most domestic manufacturers has a stable customer base, but also relatively significant market advantage. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Institute of forty-five of domestic director of marketing Hu Bao...
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Smart cards design company diversified to survive

Among IC design companies in China, the smart card IC design houses like an important proportion, output value of Chinas integrated circuit made important contributions. However, as technology continues to provide high and production costs continue to decline, more and more smart card products with low profit margins, forcing China the smart card as the main product of the IC design companies change to survive. In recent years, the smart card IC products as the main two-line development design company, on the one hand improve the technological level and increase value-added products products; on the other hand to open up other markets. Chip card in accordance with the reading and writing can be divided into contact and non-contact two, according to the different functional can be divided into two types of CPU card and memory card....
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Consumer IC Design "veteran" for steady growth

Contrast Chinas semiconductor (CSIA) Association released in 2004 and 2005 China top ten enterprises IC design, you will find the main products in the consumer IC design company performance as a . For example, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. from 2004 to the first two dropped the first 4 last name; Valley Technology Co., Ltd. Shaoxing core 6 from falling to 8, Wuxi China Resources Semico micro Electronics Co., Ltd. slipped from 8 to 10. Slipped By contrast highlights the problems is that in multimedia chip design and Actions table of Vimicro is strong, respectively, in 2004 and the first 3 rose to No. 5 last year, the first one and two. Consumer IC design companies slipped reflects the intense market competition, falling product prices , product homogeneity serious problems. In the interview, Shaoxing, China Resources ...
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