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Linear synchronous buck DC converter

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) introduced dual-output, high efficiency, 2.25MHz, synchronous buck regulator LTC3548, an output from the device channels to provide up to 800mA of continuous output current, while the other channel to provide up to 400mA from the current. LTC3548 uses a constant frequency and current mode architecture, 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage range, ideal for single cell Li-Ion, multicell alkaline or NiMH applications. It can generate two independent output voltages, and as low as 0.6V, enabling the latest generation of low-voltage DSP and microcontrollers. Its 2.25MHz switching frequency allows the use of tiny height of less than 1mm low-cost ceramic capacitors and inductors. Dual-output architecture, small external components and the exposed pad of the flat (0.75mm) 3mm x 3mm DFN package can be used ...
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VCXO for telecommunications applications Crystek frequency up to 500MHz

Crystek Crystals released its latest high-performance true sine wave voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) - CVSS-940. Phase noise of the device is only 150dBc/Hz, minimum absolute voltage control range is ± 50ppm. This can produce 77.760MHz VCXO frequency to 500MHz, the minimum output is 0dBm, 50Ω, harmonics lower than-20dBc. 3.3V voltage, the device under typical conditions for the consumption of current 25mA, maximum flow rate of consumption of 30mA. As a result of reverse etching (inverted mesa) (high-frequency fundamental frequency crystal) technology, which produces almost independent of frequency sub-harmonics. The VCXO designed for 10GbE, broadband networks, SONET / SDH / DWD, network / switch, and ATM communications, telecommunications equipment and design. The company also provides for industrial and other harsh enviro...
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Shenzhen Hongli luminous intensity LED lights up 6cd

Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hong Lee (Shenzhen Hongli Opto-electronic Co. Ltd) launched HL-116 Series LED light, luminous intensity to 6cd. The LED lights are green (800mcd to 6cd), white (800mcd to 6cd), blue (800mcd to 6cd), red (50mcd to 4.5cd) and orange (300mcd to 3.5cd), 1.8V to 2.5V rated voltage (yellow, orange and red) or 2.7V to 4V (blue, white and green). The device uses common anode configuration, operating temperature up to 120 ℃, forward current of 20mA, reverse voltage of 5V. ...
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4 support the launch of ADI Blackfin processor network

Analog Devices (Analog Devices, Inc., ADI) released 4 of the Blackfin processor support network - ADSP-BF534, ADSP-BF536, ADSP-BF537 processor and ADSP-BF566 eM30 eMedia platform, these devices suitable for embedded audio, video and communications applications, including IP set-top boxes, portable and networked media players, automotive telematics and network security access, and provides expanded scalability, portability and connectivity. Which ADSP-BF534 processor system peripherals include an integrated CAN 2.0B bus controller, a two-wire interface (TWI) controller, two UART ports, an SPI port, two serial ports, two Article external DMA request lines, nine general-purpose 32-bit timers (eight with PWM capability), a real-time clock, a watchdog timer, 48 general purpose input output (I / O) pins and a Parallel Peripheral interface. Th...
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AccelChip introduced the first RTL core linear algebra algorithms

AccelChip AccelCore companys new products for the algorithm developers and hardware engineers to provide the industrys first independent resistor transistor logic (TRL) core in the form of fixed-point linear algebra intellectual property (IP). AccelCore series of original products, including for beamforming, software-defined radio, radar / sonar, Kalma filtering and other wireless areas of matrix inverse and factorization cores. The new VHDL / Verilog cores provides a comprehensive, pre-verified through the DSP function, Xilinx and Altera FPGA in the adoption of a complete synthesis and verification. The complexity of the algorithm and sensitive to the value of the hardware in the matrix factorization and inversion is a difficult problem. Designers to DSP or general-purpose processors can only use C to implement the linear algebra algo...
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QUALCOMM supports CDMA2000 1xEV-DO devaluation A version of the chipset

QUALCOMM Incorporated today announced the schedule provide Mobile Station Modem (MSM) MSM6800 chipset samples. MSM6800 chipset, said to be the industrys first to support CDMA2000 1xEV-DO version of the chip A group to promote the demand for wireless multimedia data were optimized. High-performance, highly integrated MSM6800 single-chip solution is Qualcomms Enhanced Multimedia Platform chipsets part series provides a full suite of integrated multimedia capabilities, processing capabilities and to optimize the audio, video, camera and graphics capabilities. Qualcomm 1xEV-DO version of A solutions also include last December to provide samples of Cell Site Modem (CSM) CSM6800 device. CSM6800 equipment suppliers will have been for infrastructure and test equipment. Qualcomms MSM6800 solution supports Japan in its radioOne RFR6500/RFT6150 co...
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ST-chip LED driver IC with 16 output channels

STMicroelectronics (ST) has introduced a range for industrial lighting, signage and transport applications of monolithic LED driver IC, the power of logic STPxxC596 and STPxxCL596 products. These devices integrate an external resistor to set LED constant current driver and all the functions needed, once the setup is complete, the feedback mechanism will monitor a LED or an LED array, and dynamically adjusts the output to maintain the programmed current level. Both devices 8 points or 16 output versions, with input voltage 3.3V and 5V, there are four types of packages. Both devices are receiving serial data, the use of an internal shift register and latches to set the data for each LED output, an output allows the controller can turn on or off for each LED, adjust the brightness of each LED, or to Each LED is blinking. These devices have...
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RFI Industries launched broadband RF power amplifier 25W

RFI Industries has introduced from France Prana R & D company made a 25W broadband RF power amplifiers - AP32SV125A, AP32SV amplifiers in the frequency range between 800MHz to 3GHz, the rated power range 7W to 200W. AP32SV125 2GHz frequency power amplifier in the minimum power of 25W (typical power of 30W), 2GHz to 3GHz range of minimum power 20W (2.65GHz to 2.75GHz frequency range of typically 25W). All these data are obtained under 1dB compression. According to reports, Prana amplifier output power at lower frequencies than rated power, in line with sensitivity and immunity application with the use of broadband antennas. Prana production of solid-state amplifiers covering the frequency range from 10kHz to 4.2GHz, power up to 50kW. ...
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Equator Techs high-performance STB platform enables easy system design

Equator Technologies Launches AMD Alchemy Au1550 processor and based on Equator BSP SoCs Sailfish STB hardware platform, the performance, including enhanced codec support, integrated security features and expanded video input processing. Included in the hardware reference platform software support AVC/H.264 Main Profile/MPEG-4 Part 10, MPEG-4 Part 2, VC-1 and high-precision MPEG-2, by expanding support for other codecs and video input processing, and network routers, gateways, high-performance VPN and VoIP capabilities. Sailfish Triple-Play with Au1550 processor as the main processor, low power, high-performance MIPS-based security features will be designed to be directly applied to hardware, software, reducing the burden of dealing with network security protocols. Au1550 processor handles network communication, router / gateway functi...
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IR has introduced two new DirectFET MOSFET chip set

To enhance the notebook computer and mobile DC-DC buck converter application efficiency. The world leader in power management technology International Rectifier (International Rectifier, referred to as IR) has introduced two new 30V DirectFET MOSFET synchronous buck converter chip set. New for the installation of the latest Intel and AMD processor-based notebooks designed to meet their smaller size, higher efficiency and good heat dissipation requirements. IR Sales Director Yan Guofu China and Hong Kong that the new 30V chipset in the entire rated load range to achieve higher efficiency. Due to the package smaller, only a single control and single synchronous MOSFET can work in high current, so power density than traditional packaging. That is, the chipset has better thermal performance, area and more small, ideal for ultra-small, need...
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