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Citizen Elec White HB LED luminous efficiency of 50lm / W

Citizen Electronics recently introduced the CL-652 Series White HB LED luminous efficiency of 50lm / W, for lighting applications. The device can be installed on the back of the light source to isolate the electrical connection and thermal connection, so no radiator. CL-652 series now available in white HB LED CL-652S-8WJ-SD and CL-652S-8WK-SD models. CL-652S-8WJ-SD of the luminance of 60lm (350mA), CL-652S-8WK-SD of the luminance of 35lm (200mA). Mass production is expected in June this year. ...
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Lambda launched 100W output power of 1 / 8 brick DC / DC converter

Lambdas PAE50/100 Series 1 / 8 brick DC / DC converter with high output power, small size, high efficiency, can reduce the system heat. The device is compliant with RoHS requirements. PAE50/100 Series 1 / 8 brick DC / DC converter output voltage between 1.8V to 5V, output current 10 to 30A, the output power up to 100W, rated voltage of 48VDC, input voltage range of 36V to 76V. Output voltage between -20% to +10% adjustable, providing better load optimization, a typical accuracy of 1%, 90% typical efficiency. The converter has built-in voltage protection (manual setting optional auto restart), remote sensing and remote on / off function and over-current protection with automatic restart. PAE50/100 industry-standard package measuring 57.9 × 8.5 × 22.76mm, the pin with the companys 1 / 4 brick the same. PAE50/100 for telecommunications, d...
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Godson-2 uses a notebook and motherboard exposed

2005 Nian 4 18, by the National Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-sponsored by Ministry of Information Industry "Divine Dragon core action of China" - Godson 2, released the results and established industrial base in the Great Hall of the General Assembly convened, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences officially launched its own research and development of Godson series CPU of the latest research results - "High-performance general-purpose processor Godson-2" (referred to as the Godson-2). At the meeting we see notebooks based on the Godson-2, along with the laptops motherboard. Although we do not see it into the desktop, but in an interview with Li Guojie Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of the computer, he said, Godsons ultimate goal is to drop the price of desktop compu...
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Vishay released 0612 chip resistor array package

Vishay has introduced two new flat chip resistor arrays, respectively, Vishay Beyschlag ACAC 0612 precision series resistor arrays and ACAC 0612 professional series resistor arrays. 4 new devices will be integrated into a single 0612 film resistor surface mount package for use on the resistance of the density requirements of high accuracy and stability of the application. Vishay Beyschlag ACAC 0612 precision series resistor arrays are the absolute temperature coefficient (TCR) is ± 25ppm / ° K, TCR tracking to ± 15ppm / ° K, can also be produced according to requirements of TCR is ± 10 ppm / ° K products. The ACAC 0612 professional series resistor arrays absolute TCR to ± 50 ppm / ° K, can also be produced according to requirements of TCR is ± 25 ppm / ° K of the array. ACAC 0612 precision series resistor arrays are an absolute toleran...
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Maxim introduced the industrys smallest 256-tap, nonvolatile digital potentiometer Dual

Currently, Maxim Integrated Products introduced the industrys smallest 256-tap, nonvolatile digital potentiometers dual MAX5477 * / MAX5478/MAX5479 and the MAX5487 * / MAX5488/MAX5489, the potentiometer built EEPROM, with 3mm x 3mm TQFN package. The integrated memory can be saved when the power position of the wiper, the same work as the mechanical potentiometer. However, compared to mechanical potentiometers can greatly reduce the chip size. MAX5477/MAX5478/MAX5479 and MAX5487/MAX5488/MAX5489 also has as low as 5ppm / ° C temperature coefficient and the ratio of 50ppm / ° C of the end of the temperature coefficient. These new devices standby current less than 1μA, 2.7V to 5.5V using a single power supply, with power-saving features. And a 10k, 50k and 100k-end resistance of the three options. MAX5477/MAX5478/MAX5479 use an addressable...
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The new u-blox GPS receiver module size 17 × 22mm

U-blox AG has introduced its most compact GPS receiver module - LEA-LA, size of only 17 × 22mm. The module has a separate RF and digital part of the mask to provide protection against electromagnetic interference and high sensitivity. LEA-LA by the 16-channel, low power ANTARIS chipset to power, in any static and dynamic environments are equipped with high performance. ANTARIS supports WAAS / EGNOS, capture performance (34 s cold start) good inhibition efficiency of multi-channel high power consumption as low as 135mW, with FixNOW power saving mode. LEA-LA for space and power requirements are more stringent for small devices. LEA-LA GPS Receiver Module is now available for order. ...
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IR launched 15A single output synchronous buck converter

International Rectifier Corporation (International Rectifier, referred to as IR) has introduced a fully-optimized full-function 15A single output synchronous buck converter - iPOWIR iP1203, under full load efficiency of 90% or more. iP1203 5.5V to 13.2V in input voltage (Vin) and 0.8V to 8V output voltage (Vout) To maintain the full load capacity of 15A. IP1203 designed to simplify the network processor unit (NPU) and special application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in the DC / DC point of load (POL) converters designed for applications including networking and telecommunication systems. The new power building block for use or non-regulated isolated brick bus converter DC voltage supply level distributed power architecture. IP1203 with instantaneous overcurrent / overheating / overvoltage protection, external synchronization, pow...
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ST insulated gate bipolar transistors can reduce the switching power losses

STMicroelectronics (ST) has introduced a series of insulated gate bipolar transistors PowerMESH. New device designed for home appliance motor control, power factor correction and induction heating applications. This series of insulated gate bipolar transistors using a carrier lifetime control with ribbon layout related patented technology, this technology can improve the devices collector - emitter saturation voltage characteristics, and reduces the switching losses, so that a products suitable for switching applications up to 50KHz. STGP20NC60V and STGW20NC60V are 30A, 600V N-channel devices, the use of TO-220 or TO-247 package. To avoid cross-conduction phenomena, reduced gate charge, these two products optimize the Crss / Ciss ratio. Their switching losses include tail current and the diode recovery energy. STGW20NC60VD is a TO-247 p...
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ON Semiconductors new N-channel MOSFET NCP4330 dual-drive

New NCP4330, Dual N-Channel MOSFET drive to improve the ATX and SMPS power supply efficiency, more effective than conventional control circuit in the 5V power sequence to 3.3V output. Shanghai Electronic power devices, smart transmission, Power Quality International Symposium and Exhibition (PCIM China 2005) - the worlds leading supplier of power conversion solutions, ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor, American Corners Nasdaq Listing Code: ONNN) today announced it will launch NCP4330 - post regulation, dual N-channel MOSFET driver can improve the commonly used in ATX and high-power switching power supply (SMPS) of the forward converter efficiency. NCP4330 for the series FET and freewheeling synchronous FET driver outputs than commonly used to provide higher efficiency silicon rectifier. This device with traditional magnetic amplif...
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