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Freescale ultra-efficient high-power LDMOS RF transistor

With rising energy prices, the broadcasting industry began to seek to reduce the power consumption and operating costs of the innovative approaches. In response to this market demand, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL, FSL.B) launched super-efficient RF power transistors. The transistors for digital and analog TV broadcasting applications reduce transmitter power consumption, and lower operating costs. This MRF6P3300H advanced transistors using Freescales sixth-generation high-voltage (HV6) laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology, with excellent RF performance, and enhanced next-generation power amplifier and transmitter efficiency and reliability. As the first use of LDMOS power transistor technology development, Freescale offers a range of wireless and broadcasting infrastructure for the application of RF LDMO...
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Fujitsu Announces New Highly Integrated WiMAX SoC

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of highly integrated WiMAX SoC - MB87M3400, the chip found IEEE802.16-2004 standard, it will promote a new generation of WiMAX-compliant broadband wireless access (BWA) equipment development. SoC Fujitsus WiMAX base stations and users to promote the construction of the access point to create the conditions, while the base station and subscriber access points will promote even those living in the suburbs of metro users low-cost, high-quality fixed broadband connection without the need for direct line of sight access to the remote base station transmission. . MB87M3400 SoC is to promote broadband wireless access (BWA) equipment to be licensed or license-free frequency bands below 11G Hz base stations and customer service applications designed station. Fujitsu Microe...
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Linear highly integrated button on / off controller

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology) introduced the DC / DC converters, processor interrupt logic and adjustable on / off timer button on the controller to provide start-controlled LTC2950. The device can easily solve all the mechanical contact with the rebound on the inherent problems, while after the power is fully powered, you can also activate the power converter and the release of the processor. Power outage, LTC2950 interrupts the system processor to alert the processor to perform the necessary power and housekeeping tasks; system to complete the disconnect operation, the LTC2950 can be ordered immediate ban on supply. LTC2950 tiny 8-pin 2mm × 3mm DFN package for portable instruments and handheld products save design time and valuable board space. LTC2950 2.7V to 26V in a wide input voltage range, can take into accoun...
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Atmel highly integrated 2.4GHz SiGe WLAN Power Amplifier meet standards

Atmel Corporation (Atmel Corporation) has introduced a WLAN power amplifier (PA) - ATR7032, mainly for the rapid development of high-capacity WLAN market. The 2.4GHz power amplifier line with 802.11b / g standards. It uses Atmels silicon germanium (SiGe) technology to produce. Silicon germanium technology to achieve a 2.7V to 3.6V operating supply voltage range of low, so that this new device for battery-powered product applications such as PDA, smart phones and laptops. Other applications include personal computers and access points for the WLAN user card. ATR7032 with 32dB gain, 11Mbit / s CCK linear power output when 23dBm, and 54Mbit / s OFDM case, 19 dBm power output when the low of 1.4% error vector measurement (EVM). In addition, the device can keep the current consumption of 160mA the following, P1dB compression point of 27dBm. ...
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Adlink launched MPEG4 hardware video compression card

ADLINK Technology announced the latest MPEG4 hardware video compression card, PCI-MPG24, offers four real time (Real-time) full screen (Full D1 *) MPEG4 video compression, video playback, and the original image preview display, the above three functions can be used independently can operate simultaneously, suitable for high-definition digital video surveillance recording system. This product was listed in April. ADLINK PCI-MPG24 standard 32-bit 33MHz PCI bus, you can do four real-time image capture and for image compression, support for the U.S. regulatory standard video signal (NTSC) and European regulations (PAL), while in the compressed image can adjust the image quality resolution and compression the number of sheets. Another image group (GOP) structure of I, IP, IBP, IBBP programmable control, enhance the image quality or the tran...
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STMicroelectronics has introduced a new 25 built-in watchdog IC 5-pin Microprocessor Reset

STMicroelectronics is introducing 25 industry standard reset supervisor IC, these new products now meet the production requirement, the use of innovative manufacturing processes, new products, shorter delivery lead time to 3 weeks, while other vendors usually take up to 12 weeks or more of the processing and assembly time. These products there are five basic circuit configurations, each have five kinds of voltage options, so a total of 25 different product models. Reset threshold pressure include 2.63V, 2.93V, 3.08V, 4.40V and 4.65V (typical values). Features include button reset input, watchdog and low-state effective or active high reset output. STM6821 with button reset input, watchdog and active high reset output, STM6823 is equipped with active-low reset output, and the STM6821 other features the same; STM6824 also has an active-...
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Silicon Lab launch FM broadcast radio tuners

Silicon Laboratories Inc. Si470x FM tuner announced the series, which is the industrys smallest, most integrated FM broadcast radio tuners to provide one hundred percent CMOS antenna input to audio output from the complete FM tuner. Using a digital architecture, Si470x FM tuners significantly improve performance while reducing component count of more than 90% and 60% of board space. Si470x is ideal for mobile phones, stand-alone FM radio, PC, MP3 player, PDA, USB FM receivers and a variety of portable audio devices, because these devices typically require low power consumption and small size. Si4700 FM broadcast radio tuner integrates selectivity filtering, automatic gain control, frequency synthesizer and audio processing. Traditional solutions require more than 30 components, while the highly integrated Si4700 requires only one exter...
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Philips launch wireless multimedia baseband processor

Philips Electronics (Philips) has used high-end mobile phones for the Philips Nexperia (tm) cellular system solutions, launched a new Nexperia (tm) multimedia baseband control device PNX5220. As mobile phones evolve into a multi-functional personal devices, mobile phone manufacturers need a comprehensive solution to quickly meet the third-generation mobile services, triggered by consumer demand. The highly integrated PNX5220 baseband controller help using Philips Nexperia (tm) cellular system solutions that reduce time to market 2.75/3G phone, using fewer external components than ever before, to get more multimedia performance. Consumers usually purchase an update-enabled mobile phone to its original phone replacement. New Philips Nexperia (tm) multimedia baseband controller can provide large capacity for the production of system solut...
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National Semiconductor introduced two or more frequencies up to GHz high-speed amplifiers

National Semiconductor Corporation announced the successful launch of two breakthrough GHz (gigahertz) speed barrier in the high-speed amplifier products. 1.2 GHz amplifier and programmable gain buffer are using National Semiconductors high-speed VIP10 ? technology, signal distortion is low, response is more stable and help improve the performance of high-speed system, ideal for video systems, test and measurement equipment and other industrial applications. National Semiconductor chip, two new large-signal bandwidth is higher, and the conversion rate (slew rate) extremely fast and can drive high-resolution red, green and blue (RGB) video signals. Both the amplifier performance is very strong, the most appropriate drive single-ended high-speed analog / digital converter. National Semiconductor amplifier Erroll Dietz, vice president, sa...
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Witt quartz crystal frequency up to 60MHz

Crystal Witt Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen (Shenzhen JingWeiTe Electronics Co. Ltd) in the latest series of quartz crystal in the 6MHz to 60MHz operating frequency between the accuracy of ± 30ppm. The resonant impedance of 40Ω to 80Ω, the accuracy of temperature on the impact frequency of ± 30ppm. The series of quartz crystal operating temperature range of -10 ℃ to 60 ℃, the load capacitance of 10pF, driving power in the 2μW to 0.5mW, Insulation Resistance 500MΩ. ...
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