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Schurter stainless steel switch operating voltage up to 250Vac

Schurters MSM series switches range of operating voltage between 5Vdc to 250Vac, 0.1A to 10A current range in between, for extreme environment applications, sealing rating of IP 67, vibration level of IK 07, work temperature range between -25 ℃ to 85 ℃, the product surface is very flat, just above the panel after the installation of embedded 1.7mm, prevents damage to the side. MSM series of products from high grade stainless steel case with a detachable connection module and the drive form, the contact force of 4.5N, contact travel is only 1mm, reliable contact issue "click" sound. The single-pole switch with NO and NC contacts transient response. The product is applied in poor light conditions or when the ring also provides point-like lighting, and laser letters show, with three dimensions, installation diameters of 16mm, 19mm and 22mm....
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Advanced Power supply for medical equipment, flat

Advanced Power Solutionss new APS63MI Series 60W Medical Grade (AC / DC) power supply with the industrys smallest form factor (0.92 inches) and the industry-standard 2 × 4 Ying Cun footprint design. The height of flat products 20% lower than competing devices. This universal input, single output power supply with open frame structure, using advanced components and fixed-frequency flyback technology (operating frequency is 85kHz), effectively reduced the size of power supply products. There are four versions of these power products (12,15,24, and 48V output), for a non-contact design of medical equipment, but also for networking and gaming applications. Typical of these power products line regulator of 0.1%, degree of load can be adjusted ± 1%, ripple and noise of 1% pp, the highest efficiency of 89.5%, 50% load change, the return to ...
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Photonic laser diode modules offer TTL modulation input

Photonic Products Company Introduces 405nm (blue - violet) laser diode module, expanded its Photon laser module series, is the OEM supplier for the complete laser diode system designed for biomedical instrumentation, imaging, spectroscopy, fluorescence sensing, microscopy and other techniques show. The small and efficient 405nm laser modules produce output power 4mW the 4 × 1.5mm elliptical beam, or a 2mm circular output beam power of 0.9mW, the AR coated glass optical lens membrane can be adjusted subject to direct or focus the beam is that the standard lens may be other optical system instead. Operating voltage of the product 6.5Vdc to 12Vdc, operating current is 90mA or 100mA, circular beam divergence is less than 0.6mrad, elliptical beam divergence of less than 0.6 × 0.3mrad, operating temperature range is -10 ℃ to between 50 ℃. The...
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National Semiconductor has introduced two 12-bit ADC and supporting differential amplifier

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, referred to as the National Semiconductor) today announced two high-speed, low distortion differential amplifier and the other two high-speed, low-power 12-bit ADC (ADC), as signal path to provide a high-performance, high accuracy and low power solutions. LMH6550 and LMH6551 Nationals amplifier chip is designed for drivers 12 and ADC12DL065 ADC12DL040 designed high-speed ADC. LMH6550 and ADC12DL040 chips can support each other. According to test results show that, if the input frequency is 20MHz, the chips effective number of bits in this group (ENOB) of up to 11.1, without the false signal dynamic range (SFDR) is up to 80dB. ADC12DL040 and ADC12DL065 are dual-channel high-performance, low power ADC, which is characterized by the analog input signal can be converted...
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Holtek Semiconductors new high-efficiency step-up DC / DC converter

HT77XX to Holteks new high-efficiency step-up DC / DC converters, the use of CMOS process and PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) technology, presents low power consumption and excellent low-noise characteristics. By integrating a low-impedance power transistor, HT77XX only external inductors, capacitors and diodes of three components can form an efficiency as high as 85% of the DC / DC converter circuit, and the provincial area of low-cost step-up solution program. This series of products 2.7V, 3V, 3.3V, 3.7V and 5V output voltages such as five, the biggest feature is the turn-on voltage as low as 0.6V, coupled with current consumption of only 4 microamps (IDD2), makes HT77XX can extend battery life, widely used in single or multi-cell alkaline, lithium ion and nickel metal hydride battery-powered handheld devices. Provided in a compact...
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Holtek launched eight General Purpose 12bit A / D Series Microcontroller

HT46R51, HT46R52, HT46R53, HT46R54 Holtek newly developed for the completion of eight General Purpose 12 bit A / D Series of microcontrollers, each with 1k, 2k, 2k, 4k OTP program memory. Internal features include a high precision 12 Bit ADC converter and PWM output. ADC based on the level of the respective products, 5 channel and 8-channel range, ADC can also be an external reference voltage VREF Pin input. Respectively according to different product grades 14,22 a I / O port for customer flexibility and control to use. Full range of products with 88 Byte Data RAM and a group of 8 bit Timer and an external interrupt to receive the external trigger signal. In addition, PFD output, to produce audio signals. This series of products as the Holtek 8 Bit MCU other noise characteristics of high resistance, with a watchdog (Watchdog) and LVR fun...
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Holtek Semiconductor has introduced eight new VFD MCU

HT49CV5 to Holtek new generation of eight VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) Mask ROM Type MCU. There 4K Mask ROM program memory, and equipped with 192 byte Data RAM. Another two 16-bit Timer, SIO serial input / output system as a bridge to other, Buzzer / PFD can be used for sound output, RMT can be used for the IR receiver decoding. In addition, support for RTC oscillator can be extremely time saving time provided under the circumstances, and the system is still in power saving mode function VFD display. VFD way light is applied in RAM mapping, making the system more easily matched with the VFD panel, data is written to erase more concise. In addition HT49CV5 with 4-channel 8 bit ADC and 8-bit PWM function, enough to cover most of the functions in one appliance products. Package types currently supports 56-pin SSOP. HT49CV5 features me...
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Maxim has introduced a two-chip power line networking solutions

Currently, Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) introduced two-chip powerline networking solutions, the program is a highly integrated PHY / MAC digital transceiver MAX2986 and MAX2980 analog front-end components. Maxims powerline networking chipset with high flexibility and cost-effective. Use its full capability and MAC application programming interfaces (API) access feature, just slightly modified the software, you can make the hardware design to meet regulatory requirements in different regions. Maxims highly integrated system-level orientation programs and help reduce overall costs and accelerate time to market consumer products. Power line network development process Maxim Power Line Products business manager Michael Navid said: "As early as ten years ago, had developed a power line network devices, but because of the qualit...
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Xilinx Platform Studio tool suite release version 7.1i

Xilinx Announces FPGA embedded processing design for the platform, the Platform Studio tool suite 7.1i version. This new tool uses the new Xilinx ? Virtex ? -4 FX devices embedded in the ground-breaking features to simplify the development process. Xilinx Virtex ? -4 FX devices with the industrys only embedded dual PowerPC ? processors and innovative features to expedite the processing of the auxiliary processor unit (APU) controller. Version 7.1i FPGA design integrates an unprecedented variety of enhanced functions and new features to further simplify, generalize and accelerate the embedded system development. Platform Studio can automatically complete the user-defined algorithms instead of proprietary software hardware co-processing module configuration. PowerPC 405 processor as an extension, which can reduce the CPU hardware acceler...
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Silicon Image HDMI and ATA Core IP launch

Silicon Image has announced the launch can be integrated into the latest system on chip (SoC) High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI ?) and Serial ATA (SATA) core IP. Silicon Image has its SATALink ? SATA core ported to a variety of 90nm and 0.13um chip manufacturing process, now turn its PanelLink ? HDMI core transplanted to 0.13um manufacturing process, so that licensed customers in their market-leading system-on-Chip integrating the most advanced SATA and HDMI capabilities. Silicon Image business development and IP licensing, said Eric Almgren, vice president: "Silicon Image is not only a HDMI, DVI and SATA leading supplier of semiconductor devices (such devices have shipped over 100 million), or the provision of mixed-signal leader in IP-core. Our new HDMI and SATA core IP shows the Silicon Image is committed to providing custome...
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