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Zai Yu interests of mobile TV dispute GB: mule, horse or donkey wood

Not to champion not participate in expedition Any case, this is a step forward. Looked at the hands of only a hundred words of this letter a copy of Software Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing New Vice President Zhang shoreline or pleased - the national will in the standards development and selection has finally been reflected. 10 29, the National Standardization Management Committee to provide technical solutions to all units issued "Please draw on the mobile TV / mobile multimedia technology program the device under test and the corresponding letter of the program", called on the parties in November 2007 10 days before the submission of the device under test version of the same materials technology program. Zhang in it, this is a very fair, just, open and rigorous testing: the mobile TV / mobile multimedia (hereinafter referred to as mobi...
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Buzz mobile TV a new round of infighting GB Mobile intends to intervene

The face of broad market prospects, the major giants in the national standard on mobile TV has already started and the increasingly fierce competition. Latest news shows, the National Standardization Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "National Standards Commission") has shortlisted some companies sent a letter, asking them to submit the test standards. Subsequently, the National Standard Committee, the Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission and State Administration of Radio, will constitute the jury focused on the standards submitted to the test, the national standard of mobile TV has kicked off a new round of infighting. 33 tests selection GB According to previous reports, the National Standards Commission has been established for this test group 3, the final test will be divi...
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Moms pay attention to it! Digital TV affect child health

Yesterday the students with their own year-old son to play at home. Children the little guy, ghost sperm ghost sperm. Within a short while on the whole there is no strangeness, and see what all the fresh, see what all interested in: pendulum swing leng leng this, Nongnong that, very happy. Finally, he suddenly became interested in our television: because he found our television programs and his family is not the same?? Our digital transformation has been completed here, all of a sudden a lot more channels. That kid clutching the remote control do not want to play a trump card, because there is a dedicated digital television channel broadcast animation, but that does not insert ads, 24 hours of continuous playback channels. Little guys like to watch cartoons before?? In fact, the children love to read?? Rare now nobody, and have put endles...
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TV will explode explosion common sense to understand the television

TV will explode? A month ago I can not believe, and indeed some ignorant and did not see friends and relatives spoken of television will explode, but recently created a hubbub of "Skyworth TV explosion" event (click to see what kind of blown TV) , so I was shocked, a search has occurred even Skyworth television numerous times, and this had aroused great attention of the author, to everyones life and property, I consider very necessary knowledge to write the article by TV explosion. To prevent your TV has exploded, of course, the most important thing to buy excellent quality brand TV products, but also have some TV explosion followed by common sense, make full preparations, just in case. First, what kind of TV more prone to spontaneous combustion or explosion? 1, over the life of the TV Related Expert Tip: Use the current provisions of ...
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Notebook computer "snows" Complaints have been silent in the end HP

HP Notebook "snow flower" [Electronic manager] hearing, starting from May this year, Hewlett-Packard model HPCompaqNX6330 a laptop screen appears snow problems, consumer complaints began to frequently. Chinas largest notebook computer in the discussion board of the Friends of the "HP NX6330" zone: A start from May 9, entitled "Rights: HP NX6300 snow on the registration screen issues specifically quote," the post to the July 28 date has been has 69 registered; a start from August 24 called "Friends of the sole rights to register this quote! the rights in the end!" of the post so far there are 125 registered consumers. "Daily Economic News" found that these consumers are in accordance with the requirements of the time left to buy, purchase location, problems, real name and real contact information. It is understood that the lap...
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Apple confirmed that Puma fault blue screen stop two solutions are given

The face of the users fault report, Apple has confirmed that some Mac users upgrading to encounter during a long leopard blue screen freeze problem. Alleged that the installation process draws to a close, Puma Mac OS X system gives you a blue screen interface, the user can not cancel this interface. Some users even can not see five or six hours to wait for the screen disappear. Apple said the problem may be developed by other company APE on Mac OS X components. This component, developed by the software company Unsanity that allows Mac OS X users to customize the look. The companys representatives told the media that blue screen freeze problem may be related to older versions of APE, these versions may be installed on the Mac transition to Intel processors before the company. However, some have never installed the APE software, Mac users...
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Industry standards exist four major problems, said WiWAX

[Electronic managers] reported, for WiMAX has become the worlds 3G standard, and could squeeze domestic 3G standard TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as TD) the issue of international living space of the market, industry experts said last week that WiMAX standard itself because there are many defects TD standards or face some pressure, but the TD standard in the international market is not afraid of WiWAX standards exist, and that the TD standard commercial success in China, and large-scale deployment will be successful in driving standards in the international market, TD on the application. WiMAX exist four major problems It is understood, WiMAX standard will use the same standard with the TD TDD frequency band, this may be squeezed in the international market standard of the living space of TD. In this regard, Datang Teleco...
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NXP launch of programmable vector processor to support mobile communication standards

NXP Semiconductors (NXP Semiconductors) has introduced a major technological innovation - fully programmable vector processor, to address the integration of mobile communication, flexibility and standards issues. NXPs Embedded Vector Processor (Embedded Vector Processor, EVP) enables mobile devices to support multi-mode and multi-standard platform, but also compatible with a variety of emerging telecom standards. This is in a transition period from 3G to 4G mobile phone maker, is particularly critical. NXP Rene Penning de Vries, chief technology officer, said: "We are moving from 3G to 4G evolution, the integration of various wireless channel after another, the gradual accumulation of these modules will cause the system to the chip can not load. Required not only the size of the module difficult to accommodate, they also reduce the powe...
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Publicity about Chinas standard flash drive, removable storage standard steadily

In 2006 China International Consumer Electronics Fair, China Mobile Storage Standard Working Group (MSSW) leader Dr. Chen Qingfang China Mobile revealed the latest progress of storage standards and future planning. Standards Group will be for MP3/MP4 / micro hard drives, flash memory cards and flash drives in three areas of development of appropriate standards. Is currently the most advanced flash disk standard, it has been released into the standards process, is about to enter "public" stage. Lenovo Flash Drive main drafters of the standard, according to Lenovo Group of the king and then jump introduced in 2004, flash disk working group set up national standards, comprising: Putian, Lenovo, Founder, Huaqi, TCL, Long Branch, Changzhou sound into an electronic, Innovation and Ministry of Information Industry Daheng four. Lenovo as a worki...
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IPC for lithium batteries to be recalled frequently introduce new industry standards

Several notebook manufacturers jointly announced today a number of battery manufacturers, related industry is now working intensively to develop new lithium-ion battery production and quality control of the industry standard, planned for June 15, 2007, introduction of a better safety performance lithium battery with high production standards, trying to notebook lithium battery manufacturing industry in recent months from a "recall" events in the rescue. According to Electronic Industries Association Online (IPC) sources said the new standard will cover rechargeable lithium batteries "production process requirements, quality control and security" and other aspects. 10 12, E-Online Industry Association held at the headquarters office in Bannockburn vote, the Lenovo Group in charge of quality and standards of lithium Tony Corkell IPC pro...
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