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2009 automotive electronics industry focus

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Pay in force: Independent Business and TPS61020DRCR datasheet and the International Automotive Electronics Technology gap

Automotive electronics consists of two parts: one is the car audio and TPS61020DRCR price and video entertainment systems, GPS and TPS61020DRCR suppliers and other vehicle-based electronic devices, the other part of the automotive electronic control devices, including electronic fuel injection systems, ABS and so on. In contrast, the latter technology is more complex, more sophisticated and more critical.

Domestic automotive electronics business mainly involves the field of automotive electronics, and the uneven level of manufacturers, few large enterprises. In the field of automotive electronic control, the automotive industry developed with a clear first-mover advantage, the monopoly of the core technology of many electronic products. China was at a disadvantage, especially in the engine and automatic transmission of electronic control products, domestic enterprises are relatively backward.

Comments: At present, the domestic production of foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures with major high-technology products, auto parts, large scale and high yield. Domestic production of these products state-owned enterprises and private enterprises is small, cost-effective in general, difficult to compete with foreign investment and joint ventures. "Chinas auto industry Blue Book 2008" analysis pointed out that in the automotive electronics field, China and the world advanced level not narrowing but widening. (Reviewed by: pay in the military)

Dong Xuegeng: decentralization to strengthen the regional automotive industry

The development of the industry concentration is very supportive, "Auto Industry Development Policy" that read: encourage the development of automobile enterprise groups, the formation of the new competitive landscape. Competition in the market and the combination of macro-control on the basis of the strategic restructuring by enterprises to realize the automobile industry structure optimization and upgrading. In support of national policy, the Chinese automobile industry base has begun to take shape, the current domestic industry cluster has formed the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta cluster, the Beijing-Tianjin Bohai Sea and the Northeast cluster four major automobile manufacturing industry cluster cluster, the cluster support The aggregate effect of the automotive electronics industry is also starting to show. Data show that more than 50% of the current automotive electronics companies in the cluster. Distribution of automotive electronics industry around the base in the automobile industry, both to strengthen cooperation between enterprises, but also save product transportation costs, the performance of the industry to mature.

Comments: This clustering phenomenon is the resource integration, the inevitable result of optimization. The higher the degree of market concentration, market structure more perfect. Automotive electronics industry has a capital-intensive, technology-intensive, personnel-intensive features. Automotive electronics industry concentration increase is the inevitable trend of future development. (Reviewed by: Dong Xuegeng)

Recent years, enterprises have to enter the Chinese automobile brand appliances electronics industry, Skyworth, Shinco, TCL, Changhong and other groups have achieved good results. Automotive electronics industry is to attract the huge market demand for the main reason for home appliances business, but also for smaller and smaller profit margins of Chinese home appliance enterprises to develop a new area, providing new opportunities. Automotive electronic technology to enhance core competitiveness, household electrical appliance enterprises have potential advantages. Chinese home appliance enterprises with good R & D team and excellent research and development capabilities will help reduce Chinas auto electronic technology gap with international standards. Therefore, the appliance will not only tap into the automotive electronics industry to find new profit growth point, and adapted to the automotive electronics industry a new trend.

Comment: Chinas automotive electronics industry is a sunrise industry, lucrative, and home appliance industry is a mature industry, not profit growth. Into the field of automotive electronics appliance industry has certain technical advantages, as long as the re-use of the environment to adapt the car to develop products, you will achieve better results. If the household electrical appliance enterprises can be the core technology in the automotive electronics and more efforts will have more electronics in the car right to speak. (Reviewed by: Yan Jian to)

Gong Jinfeng: urgent introduction of automotive electronics industry standards

Technical standards in the automotive electronics industry boosters, there is no standard for automotive electronics industry can not achieve certain economies of scale. Standardization in the automotive electronics, China is still in its infancy, the relevant government departments need attention and support. Over the years, the automotive electronics standards abroad the number is increasing rapidly. In contrast, standardization of automotive electronics and electronic technology level and application level has lagged behind. At present, only a handful of development or transformation of the standard, far from meeting the requirements of automotive electronics industry. It is understood that the establishment of the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee Working Group on standardization of automotive electronics is actively promoting the standardization of the formulation of automotive electronics.

Comments: In this stage, to promote the development of Chinas automotive electronics, and enhance the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, and automotive electronics-related standards and regulations must be put on the agenda as soon as possible. In addition, the standard should focus on automotive electronics and convergence of international car manufacturers strive to meet the requirements of various automobile manufacturers. (Reviewed by: Gong Jinfeng)

Yuan Dahong: the value of automotive electronics products accounted for the vehicle to increase the proportion

Recent years, the automotive electronics industry is 20% to 30% growth, far exceeding the pace of development of the automotive industry. E-Smart technology with the continuous improvement of the international automobile industry will have developed technology for intelligent automotive electronics automotive components, automotive electronics proportion is increasing. According to statistics, the value of automotive electronics products accounted for the proportion of the vehicle from the late 80s of last century up to the current 5% to 25%, and high-end cars accounted for more than 30%. Market research report related to analysis, this percentage is growing, a number of luxury cars is expected the value of content in electronic products will reach 50% soon. The rapid development of the market for automotive electronics business has brought a rare opportunity.

Comments: automotive electronic technology development and application of important areas. Automotive products account for the rapid increases in the proportion of the value of the vehicle is an inevitable trend, which is the development of automotive electronics business opportunities. The worlds major car companies have the main direction of information technology to microelectronics and high-tech fields represented. Domestic enterprises should further understand the great potential of automotive electronic products, improve the technical innovation. (Reviewed by: Yuan Dahong) Widely used in automotive electronic products

intelligent transportation

Developed countries attach great importance to apply advanced technologies to the existing road transport system and management system, Japan, the United States and Western Europe, some countries have invested a lot of money and personnel of the intelligent transport systems and applications. The development of intelligent traffic on our transportation industry profound: on the one hand the situation can ease traffic congestion and improve road traffic safety and flow of. On the other hand can reduce the logistics and transport time, reduce transportation costs. November 2008 onwards, all regions have started Highway Toll Collection System (ETC) of the construction work to the Shanghai area, for example, it will open up 100 toll highway toll collection system installed in the ETC lanes. National Intelligent Transport infrastructure is under way, intelligent transportation products for automotive electronics companies new growth point of profit.

Comments: Intelligent Transportation conducive to the rapid development of safe driving and to create a good traffic environment. Chinas development of intelligent transportation time is ripe, China can learn from foreign advanced a bold idea, application of intelligent transportation products corresponding to address the high incidence of traffic accidents, traffic jams and other issues. Chinas automotive electronics industry has taken action and made some progress. (Reviewed by: Yuan Dahong)

New energy vehicles for automotive electronics industry

Order to reduce fuel consumption, further reducing air pollution, national auto companies have accelerated the development of new energy vehicles and penetration rate, which "power" cars favored. Recently, the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman, Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang, the parties clearly expressed the hope that efforts to 2012, domestic new vehicle to achieve 10% energy saving and new energy vehicles.

It is understood that in 2008 approximately 9.6 million vehicle production, vehicle production in 2012 will be far more than 10 million, which means that new energy vehicles in 2012 production will reach 1 million or more. This is BYD, Geely, Great Wall and a number of areas dedicated to research and development of new energy vehicles own brands is an opportunity for the domestic automotive electronics business is also huge business opportunities. It is said that: In 2010, for the demand for new energy vehicles will relay to reach 250 million ~ 300 million.

Comments: The new energy vehicles in the global energy shortage and environmental protection under the pressure of the encouragement of national policy, will be rapid development. Domestic development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles have entered the demonstration of the operational phase, some models have achieved industrialization. This is the development of Chinas automotive electronics business to create the conditions and provide opportunities. (Reviewed by: Yan Jian to)

Rural market is worth automotive electronics enterprises to pay attention

Foreign automotive parts supplier with major OEMs are mostly formed a relatively stable industrial chain, for example, Delphi and General Motors, Visteon and Ford, Bosch and Volkswagen, Denso and Toyota. Currently, the domestic high-tech automotive electronics market was almost completely joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises occupation. It is understood that domestic joint-venture automobile company automotive electronic control system for use by the foreign party to provide basic, or even the vehicles high-end brands have adopted the basic products of transnational automotive electronics products. Therefore, the domestic self-developed automotive electronic products is difficult to enter the matching system OEMs. Chinas rural market is not too concerned about the areas of foreign enterprises to enter the rural market used vehicles, agricultural vehicles and mini-matching system is the hope of automotive electronics enterprises, is the emerging new world of automotive electronics enterprises.

Comments: domestic independent development of automotive electronics products (especially the electronic control system) for the joint venture companies supporting the car is very difficult for domestic own-brand vehicles matching rate is not high. Disdain for international concerns parts suppliers rural market, Chinas automotive electronics business is fertile ground for growth.

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