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6 years, the global IC design industry changed and unchanged

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Editors note: 6 years ago, Taiwans MediaTek chairman Tsai Ming-Kai in the local media published a series of technology related to semiconductor device assembly of articles published in a "competitive search", which aroused the attention and EPF6024AQC240-2 datasheet and praise of Taiwans industry . Years after the addition of the book reprinted in Taiwan, and EPF6024AQC240-2 price and the first launch of simplified characters in China. The book documents the recent invasion of industry experience and EPF6024AQC240-2 suppliers and knowledge, especially on the Development of Taiwans semiconductor industry, it is worth the mainland reference for practitioners. Starting from this issue, the newspaper part of the book will be serialized, a total period of this issue for the first period, and readers with Xiang.

Tsai Ming-Kai

IC design industry to talk about this change in 6 years, I want to have to start the global semiconductor industry in recent years the ebb and flow charts to begin with. According to a survey conducted by iSuppli: Intel 2006 is the worlds No. 1 and No. 2 ranked Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, STMicroelectronics ranked 3,4,5 name, the first four operating revenue over 10 billion U.S. dollars ; No. 6 TSMC, is the youngest of the top 10 companies; No. 10 is spun off from Motorola, Freescale, operating income of 60 billion U.S. dollars, indicating that IDM (integrated components manufacturer) The scale or large.

If the time to look forward, ranking changes a great deal. In 1997, Intel has been the first one, was the only revenue over 10 billion U.S. dollars of the IDM, 2, 3 respectively, NEC and Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi are also within the top 10 at that time the heyday of the Japanese semiconductor. After 2000, this radical change rankings, we can see the rise and fall of a company, and the choice between good or bad product, to be so great.

"10 Yi Mei Yuan natural barrier" have exceeded

Now and then observe the status of IC design companies. From 1997 to the present, at the global top 10 only three: Qualcomm, Xilinx and Altera. IDM will become, it only changes in rank, or just the restructuring of several companies, but, IC design industry will become more than a ranking, there may be companies will disappear, which is sufficient proof of IC design industry is a relatively young industry.

Ago, IC design company annual revenue to more than one billion U.S. dollars is not easy. In 2000, only Xilinx, Altera, Qualcomm and Broadcom, etc. 4 over, but this years list, Broadcom has more than 3.5 billion, Qualcomm is breaking 4.0 billion, so I said before the IC design industry, "$ 1,000,000,000 natural barrier", that is bound to be recovered. However, this at least shows the potential of IC design industry is endless.

From 1994 to 2006 is 12 years, IC design company compound growth rate of 22%, while the IDMs compound growth rate of only 7%. IC design companies with the resources to put all the effort to develop new products, IDM is because there are plants, large capital expenditures must be invested in this area, in the event of economic downturn, factory capacity utilization will be bad. This is another feature of the semiconductor industry, will cycle once every 4-5 years, with manufacturing plants in the enterprise, in the event of recession, revenue growth will be negative growth; Although IC design companies will also be affected, but the growth rate should not lead to negative, or will grow, but growth rate will be reduced.

Taiwan IC design development started early, closely followed in the U.S.. In 1994, Taiwans share of global production value of only 6% of IC design, has accounted for 18% in 2006, is the worlds No. 2, the output value of Taiwan IC design is about 100 billion U.S. dollars, it is a pity that the Taiwan market share of nearly two years rate did not further increase.

The past 6 years, Mainland China MP3, camera IC design companies such as the emergence of South Korea and Europe have many IC design companies come up. Especially in Korea, as well the mobile phone industry, the Government is all out in support, many IC design companies are springing up smoke, like a cell phone camera, mobile TV and other technologies are leading.

Currently, South Korea and mainland China IC design scale is similar to output in 1 to 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, the approximately 2% of the global market. The basis of Taiwans IC good

have hidden Taiwan IC design companies over the past

can flourish, because the PC industry is driven. In the UMC, Winbond, Macronix IDM period dominated era, they develop a lot of IC design talent, so then they left, Taiwans IC design companies do not lack talent, and it has created many results. Although Taiwans IC design industry continues to grow, but not without worries. Has now entered the era of communications and consumer, if the IC design companies to seize the communications and consumer products, will it be possible to continue to grow steadily.

Network communications industries in Taiwan, and some manufacturing and design capabilities, but in the consumer electronics industry, although this is a new block of the market, but if developed rapidly in Mainland China, Taiwan has no chance to compete such as DVD player, the Taiwan early exit. For IC design, Taiwan should also be, but no longer next to the downstream customers, the number of IC design companies have an impact, plus effects can not appear.

Taiwans R & D (research and development) expenditure has been a small D, R, which has been inferior to other regions and countries, but now Taiwans ODM (original design manufacturer), the reality is reached M (manufacturing) Big D (design) is small, all the way to the back, IC design to be more emphasis on research and development, at least to do with D as large as R. Of course, it also includes the cultural divide, in Taiwan, because the degree of development is not so deep, we all a little guilty, so call R & D investment, to speak very loudly, but on the whole, M is greater than D greater than R, it is also an indisputable fact. However, Taiwan does not need to be overly pessimistic, we have the basis of IC design is good. Over the past 6 years, many companies are growing significantly, as LCDDriverIC, SensorIC, HandSetIC and so on, there are many analog IC company and be listed there, Taiwan IC design industrys turnover is also quite large.

In addition, because the United States the cost is too high, some foreign companies have chosen to set up R & D center in Taiwan, or senior engineer to stay in the United States to maintain a small research and development center for other resources on Asia like China, Taiwan and India for Asian team to concentrate on D (development), because the downstream customers here. This is a change in the past 6 years, the Pacific division has been formed on both sides of the oceans, also confirms "the world is flat" this phenomenon. Taiwans IC design industry

In addition to facing external challenges, their faces caught in the bottleneck of revenue growth challenges. Last year, many IC design companies announced the capital reduction, so that their earnings can look better. Council decided to reduce capital, mainly because of excessive expansion of capital, capital expansion is a significant allotment from the past and profit sharing, when the rate of growth can not keep up sales growth of capital ratios, had announced the reduction, however, The only time it financial operations. The book will say that the management company to thrive, is to make molecules (turnover) growth, once the managers start from the denominator, it may be a bit representative of the problem. The capital reduction is the denominator of the management, on the whole, this should be a bad signal.

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