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ADI Zhou Wensheng: Local firms into a portable health is most important is the market forward

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Respondents were: Zhou Wensheng, ADI Asia Pacific director of industry marketing

Portable medical areas in which we should note that the small number of large-scale equipment of the phenomenon, such as the current growing popularity of portable medical ultrasound, monitors, X-ray machines. The more important the next few years a trend is the number of portable devices have greater access to small community hospitals and EPF10K100ARC240-1 datasheet and even families.

In Europe and EPF10K100ARC240-1 price and America market, there are growing social phenomenon of aging, the aging population will inevitably bring about a high incidence of age-related diseases, these diseases need to be monitored day to day treatment, this a point of view, you can carry blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, in the family or small community hospitals to use the breathing machine, ECG monitor, there must be a growing market demand. On the one hand, some traditional detection products in the domestic market will become increasingly popular, such as blood pressure and EPF10K100ARC240-1 suppliers and blood sugar testing equipment; the other hand, some of the original application of the product only in hospitals, such as ECG also into the home.

In addition, some forward-looking products and integrated features will gradually be developed. For example, cardiovascular disease, lethal to humans is very large, so the electrocardiogram (ECG) may become a need to monitor our daily target. Moreover, the ECG device to a number of forward-looking technology, such as using acceleration sensors to monitor movements of patients to help doctors determine, in a certain sport state status of patients with ECG. Sometimes, in the electrocardiogram (ECG) to add MEMS, will monitor the situation of the patient does not normally occur, such as patient falls and other conditions, so that the guardian of doctors and patients can discover these unexpected situations. Chinas domestic manufacturers

technical capacity in the past few years has been greatly improved, especially in the ultrasound, monitoring, ECG, etc., domestic accumulated considerable talent and experience. Of the current portable medical electronics, including hospital equipment and household equipment, most of Chinas domestic manufacturers to develop production. The manufacturers themselves, to enter this market, the most important thing is the market looking / planning, and talent recruiting. ADI is committed to our products / solutions and technical services to the continuous improvement of related companies to help further promote the industry.

Into Europe and America in the portable medical electronics market in the process, local equipment manufacturers are facing major difficulties: European and American medical standards and certification system, the channel, in many systems is still relatively backward technology.

For portable medical devices, major technical challenges include: power consumption (battery life), ease of use (intelligent devices), networks (the specialist for data analysis, etc.) and cost (for end users Price acceptable.) Local equipment manufacturers need to address these challenges in the following areas: signal conditioning products, such as the amplifier / converter / processor (including integrated solution); power solutions; wired / wireless communication solutions (Bluetooth, SIM transceivers, etc.).

ADI technology to medical industry customers to differentiate, we provide health care to the linear, mixed-signal, MEMS and digital signal processing technology, a comprehensive product portfolio, can be used for imaging, patient monitoring, instrumentation and consumer class and home health care and other fields. ADI is also committed to research and system solutions, to provide system-level technical support. ADIs core technology combined with system expertise, medical device manufacturers can implement the design of differentiated medical care - to support future diagnostic and monitoring equipment as well as the development of health and care equipment.

Electrical safety is the need for portable medical devices to overcome the problem. For example, when the ECG and other equipment need to directly connect with computers and other equipment, the patient will face the potential threat of electrical accidents. ADIs ADuM4160 USB isolator can overcome this problem, so that patients with full computer and network to maintain electrical isolation, while the ECG to achieve full functionality and connect to your computer. In addition, the portable device to measure the front-end can drive only a few power amplifiers and data converters, ADIs isolated power ADuM5000 DC-DC converter provides isolated power directly, eliminating the need for battery charging or replacement. These devices can also achieve many previous patients be directly electrically connected with the home health care equipment design, and can achieve is directly connected to the computer via USB, which provides storage, analysis and transmission of the results of the full functionality. These technologies will also allow medical equipment designers to more easily meet the latest requirements of IEC 60601.

Devices to improve the accuracy of medical equipment, ADI has been to increase investment in common devices. For example, ADI has just released in March this year, the latest high-precision 20-bit AD5791 analog converter (DAC) in a breakthrough in the field of data conversion, help to clinicians and radiologists to provide ultra-clear image, helping them much smaller than before to see anatomical structures and lesions, such as breast cancer cells. As another example, AD7626 is a 16-bit (15-bit effective number of bits) ,10-MSPS SAR ADC, providing 92-dB signal to noise ratio (SNR). In the MRI and X-ray machines and other applications to chip to handle more channels of signals, while reducing the number of devices supported, is to reduce the equipment size and power efficient method.

ADI previously announced AD8235, is now the international market as the smallest, highest performance, lowest power amp at the same time, precisely in order to meet the ECG and medical equipment, portable and other special needs. AD8235 in-amps size is smaller than a pencil head, plus ultra-low power consumption, making it ideal for high efficiency, lightweight, portable medical devices and consumer health care equipment, including household ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor, movement monitoring of infusion pumps and medical equipment. The instrumentation amplifier low power consumption than competing products 50%, enabling the design has a longer battery life, this performance for the micro, household-type wearable medical devices is very important, because the devices can improve patient comfort, while helping doctors continuous and reliable monitoring of patients.

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