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B2B e-commerce top ten events in 2009

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1, Chinese industry B2B site first grass-roots film" Three readiness "was born

2009 Nian 8 24, the Chinese industrys first B2B website grassroots film" Three readiness "was born. the Department by the Victoria library electronic market network ( a self grassroots video, to Three history as the background theme, unexpected story, describing a" thrilling "campaign. And this movie just come near, the Chinese industry giant Alibaba B2B website launched his first grass-roots film " Legend Weaver Blast Off." This two video clips of the birth of publicity means that B2B site into a new area. < / P>

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2, Alibaba acquired HiChina

2009 Nian 9 28, Limited announced that it will pay 540 million yuan in cash, in two phases to obtain the domestic Internet infrastructure service provider in China million network operating in China shares. Alibaba acquisition, intended to provide an e-commerce for SMEs stop solution. < / P>

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3, Chinas first zero threshold for B2B e-commerce platform in Beijing online

Chinas first zero threshold for SMEs to provide services to online trading platform - Global service network in January 2009 in Beijing, the official opening and HIP6016CB datasheet and operation. Means that B2B e-commerce platform for SMEs to use no longer have any threshold. In the context of the global financial tsunami winter landmark global service network of innovative business model for SMEs to bring a ten million copies of "free lunch" and HIP6016CB price and a new experience! < / P>

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4, Chinas first e-commerce business home home building materials, easy to stop bankruptcy

2009 Nian 6 Yue 2 Ri known as Chinas first professional home building materials e-commerce businesses - home Yi Station Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, has already filed for bankruptcy liquidation. This is following the Tootoo Gateway closed e-commerce site has a fall, which also sounded the alarm a lot of e-commerce site. < / P>

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5, B2B website for the first time the introduction of ISO9001 certification

2009 Nian 4 Yue B2B e-commerce platform, announced by Huicong ISO9001 quality management system certification, became the first successful introduction of the certification of the Internet business. The introduction of ISO9001 this modern management concept, and HIP6016CB suppliers and the whole Chinese Internet e-commerce all have very important meaning - to promote the standardization of Internet companies, but also to speed up Chinas IT industry and international docking process. < / P>

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6, Alibaba move

2009 Nian 8 7, Ali Baba opened the "relocation" of the trip - from the west of Hangzhou, south to Hangzhou Huaxing Road, Hi-Tech Park. Alibaba B2B companies will gradually move to more than 6500 Riverside Park, 9 On 9 November, housewarming ceremony held at the new site the next day and the tenth anniversary celebration at Alibaba. Alibaba posts within the forum is very eye-catching title - "Let us home. " Yes, Ma is leading his B2B (business to business sales model) team to re-start . Which also means that B2B toward a new stage. < / P>

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7, Ma will Taobao image ad onto the CCTV

" do not take the unusual way "in the beginning will Taobao Ma ads onto the CCTV image of the prime time, creating a e-commerce sites and traditional media" cross-border "cooperation. Ma is China B2B e-commerce" Godfather ", a move triggered a number of industry speculation. And when the enthusiasm of the media who have not cleared when Taobao "CCTV spike advertising" campaign once again attracted the attention of the world. Ma move to make e-shopping into a public spending habits. < / P>

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8, thousands of industry experience of e-commerce website search

2009 Nian 1 Yue NetSun Toocle launched the" thousands of industry Web site Search Alliance Program ", the organization of national industry, thousands of web applications" business search "in the hope set off a powerful combination of industry Web site the big screen. In the field of vertical search engines have long run wild world of today, e-business vertical search is still on the market is still in the "hidden in purdah did not know," the state, and the introduction of search and large-scale business applications, has officially announced the make up The area of electronic commerce "blank." < / P>

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9, D libraries offer free electronic stock market network authentication

2009 Nian 7 Yue 8 Ri Victoria library electronic market network ( ) took the lead in the domestic electronic components industry, launch customer for the industry, the spot does not charge any fees field verification of certification initiatives. This is an effective solution to online trade suppliers IC spread false information problems in this industry, but also created a domestic components of a new model of trade credit line. < / P>

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10, China Internet City

2009 years seems to be that B2B e-commerce in China, Tootoo network off to let some people assert that the Chinese e-commerce will face a re-shuffle. However, from the Global Resources Network has been successful listing, B2B market is rosy all the way to market trends, and 2009 Nian 12 Yue 9 Ri Made in China listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, fund-raising 1.23 billion yuan a . network in China road show success, we declare to the end of an era At the same time, it also gives a new era, this new era, more opportunities will belong to those emerging B2B e-commerce network of vertical. In the new round of e-commerce wave, those closer to the needs of the industry, buyers have a wealth of resources and innovative model to the Internet site of the industry will be doomed to dance in "waves" and ultimately win the market recognition, with great success. < / P>

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