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Buzz mobile TV a new round of infighting GB Mobile intends to intervene

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The face of broad market prospects, the major giants in the national standard on mobile TV has already started and MAX4326EUA datasheet and the increasingly fierce competition. Latest news shows, the National Standardization Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "National Standards Commission") has shortlisted some companies sent a letter, asking them to submit the test standards. Subsequently, the National Standard Committee, the Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Science, Development and MAX4326EUA price and Reform Commission and MAX4326EUA suppliers and State Administration of Radio, will constitute the jury focused on the standards submitted to the test, the national standard of mobile TV has kicked off a new round of infighting.

33 tests selection GB

According to previous reports, the National Standards Commission has been established for this test group 3, the final test will be divided into laboratory test and field test of two parts, mainly to test the main channel, including the sensitivity of the channel environment, CNR, 18 speed transmission systems such as performance testing and functional testing 15.

According to informed sources, to participate in this national standard of mobile TV, 5 units of selection. Among them, Tsinghua Legend DMB-TH, Beijings new shoreline company T-MMB, Huawei and China Association for Standardization CDMB CMB has been presented in earlier technical solutions. The Academy of Broadcasting Science of SARFT CMMB developed in repeated several times later, the final decision to participate in this national standard assessment. Prior to this, CMMB made it clear that as the industry standard for radio and television would not participate in the national standard selection.

The face of the upcoming test, had been low-key developer of T-MMB Beijing software company said the new shoreline, T-MMB equipment have been developed over the entire system, involving all the major equipment to meet industry standards mobile TV ASIC engineering samples have been completed in preparation for the exams. For Ministry of Information Industry to develop TD

version of the standard

Although the Committee does not appear in the national standard test list, but the Ministry of Information Industry has also embarked on TD version of mobile TV standards. Standard project plan in the Ministry of Information Industrys request, the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) has officially launched "2GHz TD-SCDMA multimedia broadcasting system (TD-MBMS) general technical requirements" of the communications industry standards (hereinafter referred to as "TD-MBMS standard ") formulation. The standard TD-SCDMA MBMS service will be the network architecture, business functions, processes, and standardize billing management.

Fact, in the Ministry of Information Industry issued a TD-MBMS standard before the project plan, CCSA has been working on TD-MBMS standards of conduct related seminars and research. It is understood, CCSAs Committee TD-SCDMA/WCDMA wireless communication technology working group in July this year, the meetings held on the TD-MBMS standard is discussed. The meeting held that, TD-MBMS standard text not only to achieve low-rate multicast and broadcast news class, but also the broadcasting of high-speed multimedia services and regional broadcasting. In TD-SCDMA/WCDMA packet networks based on the number of new features by adding physical features of the existing entity to increase packet domain TD-MBMS function.

Industry analysis, TD-MBMS standards development work begins, there will be more and more manufacturers to join in, so as to further improve the TD industrial chain.

China Mobile intends to intervene

With the "fifth media" said the mobile TV is seen as a new global information industry high ground. Data show that the global mobile TV products, total revenue in 2010 will reach 300 billion U.S. dollars, then the overall mobile TV users in China will reach 22.19 million. In accordance with the relevant departments of previous commitments, the average user will be the 29th next year to use mobile TV services during the Olympic Games.

The other hand, the rapid growth of the domestic mobile phone users for the promotion of mobile TV service to provide a guarantee. At present, the total number of mobile phone users has exceeded 500 million, which means an average of less than 3 people own a mobile phone. With the continuous reduction in recent years, mobile phone charges, the user needs for mobile value-added services began to strengthen, making mobile TV business has a huge market prospects.

As the worlds largest telecom operator, China Mobile also revealed the intention to enter the market. China Mobile Chairman Wang said recently that the company intends to further development of mobile TV, and hope that the relevant departments to further the development of national standards. In his view, although it has been available by way of streaming media on the existing television broadcast network, but the future for mobile broadcast TV broadcast will be lower cost, coverage will be broader.

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