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Cainan Xiong: dense infiltration of foreign investment in China will be a dynamic semiconductor

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First Financial Daily recently read the "foreign post-crisis time-intensive penetration of Chinas semiconductor industry self-controlled storage worries," a text, which usually comes to a number of matters of concern, hope and OP482GS datasheet and readers to share some personal views.

Penetration of foreign capital-intensive semiconductor industry in China is a good thing

Penetration of foreign capital-intensive need to worry about. In fact, people to copy our "bottom" is a good thing, because it means something worthy of our people, "copy"! Only the "bottom" is now operating efficiency is not good, can not see the future, can not make contributions to society, and OP482GS price and even the governments burden! Now someone wants to take over, must come prepared with a good policy to enable businesses to play a benefit. This is the enterprise itself, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and OP482GS suppliers and even beneficial to the economy where the enterprise. Do not have to "cast a large amount of money the local government in the past, now completely sold to foreign investors doing nothing" that is not worth, is expected to cast a large amount of money has not been the effect of long-term is a pity. Government to promote local prosperity and upgrading the industrial structure, the introduction of new industries, we must first cast their capital, so a number of preferential policies to enterprises and resources, not only a matter of course, it is universal practice, Israel, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and even some U.S. states, for investment to just a few. The company settled a Developer in the future, such as TSMC, or sold to foreign investors who had to let go, such as Chartered, as long as they remain in the local and the normal operation of the society will contribute to that success. Just the ideal present, under-utilized factories, such as into the core, the new core, Yu Germany, and some design difficulties, if by foreign or domestic, "buy the dips", and have reached full capacity and steady growth, China The IC industry will be more prosperous!

"Industry self-control" is not a problem

Because some foreign-owned and fear of merger or into the "local semiconductor industry could lose a platform for the development, industry self-controlled goal difficult to achieve," even not necessary. Because the "platform" still in this land, therefore, the semiconductor industry (including: product design, components and manufacturing process research and development, improve the function of peripheral support, and industrial expansion) still keep their roots in local and but also because large multinational companies brought in to benefit from a variety of different resources and the impact of philosophy, develop faster and better, but also expanded the practitioners of professional experience and industry perspective! Thus, "development platform" has not lost, but more growth! And with many outstanding people, "Industry self-control" is not a problem!

"Creative power" and "scale" is a must

Paper said: "... ... dense infiltration behind the semiconductor industry in China reflects the plight of the current development, that too much emphasis on the development of low-end scale of the situation, eventually to a more innovative replaced by the pattern of strength." I believe that "the scale of development" and "innovative strength" there is no low-end of the high points, the former is "quantity", which is the "quality", the integrated circuit industry is the result of "quantitative" and "qualitative" phase due to complement each other, life and non- interest, is there a long time to follow "Moores Law," the ultra-rapid growth, should focus on each other, or replaced. Information for "qualitative change" of innovation but from scratch, the amount is not necessarily rare, solid profits certainly desirable, but not many people can afford, can not be universal, you must enter the "quantitative" ─ ─ to "large" the marginal benefits, and by optimizing "Taylor Model + Ford Model" by the high efficiency, significantly reduce costs in order to let more people enjoy "the fruits of innovation." In fact, China as a "world factory" the greatest contribution to mankind, is to make a variety of advanced and innovative products to a low price, a lot of supply to the wider world in low-income, maximize the promotion of scientific and technological civilization Diffusion!

The early development of Chinas semiconductor industry is difficult because there is no "commercialization" of the scale of production and technology and discussions with many foreign. Twenty years ago, Chinas semiconductor industry is too small, must first engage in the accumulation of scale, or even if we have a good future, innovation, efficiency can not be fully realized. Size too big now, and she led a variety of supporting the surrounding upstream and downstream business growth, but also enhance the local industrial structure, so that the entire semiconductor industry and the local economy had "quality" changes.

Chinas semiconductor industry since 2000, experienced a nearly 8 years of rapid growth (average annual growth rate of more than 30%), already has a design, manufacturing, packaging and testing such as a complete supply chain. Also, each link have a large number of enterprise groups, so the "quantitative" achievement has now, "qualitative change" will follow the footsteps of, domestic / foreign "hunters" will accelerate its pace of Chinas IC industry will be full of vitality!

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