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Creation of green time trend analysis of PV industry

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Six months, the financial crisis spread, San Bai Liu Shi Xing , trekking suffer. A lot of friends very concerned about the fate of the PV industry, and CY7C199-25VC datasheet and this performance assessment, running, call. As a member of the world photovoltaic industry veteran, I want to talk about the three questions.

First question, in the global financial crisis today, even the turning point of the global PV market demand, and CY7C199-25VC price and with other manufacturing and CY7C199-25VC suppliers and exports, compared depression levels, why the PV industry is still thriving?

Second question, in the oil price sharply today after the financial crisis as a result of the recent pressure to survive, Europe, Japan and China, but strengthened, especially for new energy policy support for the photovoltaic industry. Why is that?

Third question, the solar PV have such a bright future, then we are in what stage of development, every household solar power generation to spend, how long to wait?

First, we immature, but the future

The past six months the photovoltaic winter, resulting in a six-month PV industry in China collective cough. And the world a hundred years, the Chinese PV industry is still very immature. But Chinas manufacturing industry was not born destined to be defeated. Chinese PV companies are likely to change in Chinas manufacturing industry chain at the end of the long-term difficulties, so China must win the global PV industry exams.

The same time we should also see that this beat just in time to clear some of the industry chain in the bubble, rational thinking herd another coax down the inertia of hazards. Rite only win this type of beat, the Chinese PV industry to become more solid, open thinking, Rongrubujing.

In the financial crisis, the Chinese PV industry is also a concern in pregnant. To Suntech, for example, many people are not optimistic about most of the first quarter, Suntech has signed a large number of international orders. What does this mean? This shows that even the economic winter, the sun can not stop longing for business; This shows that even when the financial crisis everywhere, but also give up the international market for Chinese brands can not trust.

We should see, and the degree of depression compared to the global manufacturing industry, compared with the level of the domestic foreign trade hit, the photovoltaic industry bring disaster to the extent of the financial crisis is smaller, lighter.

Us from scratch, the achievements of Suntech and PV together with the upstream and downstream peer created the PV industry in China and the world photovoltaic industry, the glory, we only took 5 years. I predict that this meaning has undergone a profound moment of baptism, the second glorious achievements of the worlds photovoltaic, do not wait another 5 years.

Second, the worlds new favorite

Chairman Mao said that the liberation of the proletariat only to its own final emancipation of all mankind. The rise of China led the worlds photovoltaic solar development, significantly reducing the overall cost of the industrial chain, significantly ahead of the pace of the PV industry into the home. Governments new energy and become a tool for resolving the economic downturn.

We see the United States. To develop new energy sources, the Obama campaign is not only a blueprint, also became a fact. Obamas economic stimulus plan is the most radical since the New Deals public spending plans, over half of the project involves the energy industry, almost the entire U.S. energy system and recycling. Solar investment tax credit be renewed and adjusted more favorable for investment subsidies. Suntech is currently recognized by the U.S. market three brands (FirstSolar, Suntech, Sunpower).

Look at Europe. The European Commission has developed renewable energy by 2020, 20% and 12% of solar power generation target. And March 9 this year, announced in 2013 the EU will invest 105 billion euros to support the EUs "green economy." In 2008, Suntech is the largest Spanish market suppliers, Germanys second-largest supplier.

February this year, I and the Japanese Trade Minister Toshihiro Nikai met Mr, ears heard subsidies and cheap price in Japan to restart Internet policy, and in April re-start the solar roof subsidies. Just last February, Shang Decheng into the Japanese market as the only non-Japanese local solar companies, access to the worlds most demanding orders for 30 megawatts of the most difficult to enter the market.

The Middle East. Abu Dhabi, the worlds most creative construction, "Sun City", a place where all the use of clean energy. This is to imagine a utopia, but Suntech in the "Sun City" project in the first bid of 10 MW, from more than fifty peer-to win the world to prove that the Middle East market is not a new energy utopia. The rise of the Chinese PV

also greatly affected and changed the development process of Chinas PV industry. March 23, the Chinese Ministry of Finance issued a "solar PV building applications for financial assistance fund Interim Measures," the notice. The Chinese government to promote solar energy applications, open the domestic market has created favorable conditions. Why do governments around the world

attention, support the new energy industry. Because of the financial crisis may be horrible, but there are more terrible than the financial crisis requires wisdom and determination of all mankind to solve things. Financial crisis that is the problem of feeding, the energy crisis that is development, and environmental issues that are on Earth can survive the problem.

Third, the Chinese path

I think the prospects of China PV industry can be divided into three stages.

First stage is the demonstration phase, more enterprises in the exploration, continued introduction of the policy, technology research and development, product development, enterprise integration, photovoltaic literacy. This stage, we will focus on the market, "boiling", also felt the chill of winter, or even heard discordant noise.

Second stage is the complementary phase. Solar power during the day, night, how to solve? For example during the day and we can send electricity through solar energy to the reservoir pumping water up from the low water level, at hydroelectric power. Another example of thermal power in the Ordos and a large number of coal mines in Xinjiang, we can build a two hundred, three hundred-kilowatt power plant at the same time build a two hundred, three hundred kilowatts of solar power, solar power during the day and night thermal power. This can be achieved when complementary stage? - When the price of solar power down to a dollar or eighty nine cents when we could have done. At that time how much fossil fuel electricity generation? Will rise to eighty-nine cents left. This is the second stage, I estimate the second stage should be in three to five years to come.

10-15 years later, solar energy storage technology completely resolved, the PV industry to really move the third phase, the phase of large-scale energy storage, solar power during the day and night to discharge.

Every household is the future of electricity consumers, but also power plants. If we or the highway next to the waste in each city to have caused large-scale waste solar power station, after the electric vehicle batteries, and now the gas station, that is, the battery switch stations. Pulled into the empty side of a highway charge, fully charged and then pull in, open another over the last panels on the line. Charge you to go home ...

Smart grid is well developed in China, we can intelligent systems, observe the situation of the grid, when power generation, when the discharge, when the most appropriate charge ...

To spend every household solar PV, this is my green dreams. Year, staffing a phone is not also a dream? Each desk, a computer is not a dream? But today not all realize it! Green

a great time, not their own happily went before us. The applause of the whole society of tolerance, foresight cries, and all PV were paid without complaint.

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