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Facing the Chinese standard, foreign brands go from here

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China is the mobile phone consumer, as in the first quarter, more than 480 million mobile phone users. With the increasing mobile phone design personalized, accelerated replacement phone while the phone is replaced with a variety of functions well down the phone charger. If all the mobile phone charger can be universal, we can effectively save social resources, reduce consumption costs and 2N7000 datasheet and provide more convenient for the public mobile phone use of the environment, and 2N7000 price and can significantly reduce e-waste on the environment of the secondary pollution.In fact, the Ministry of Information Industry

December 14, 2006 on the promulgation and 2N7000 suppliers and implementation of "Mobile Communications Handset Charger and Interface Technology Requirements and test methods" communication industry standards. Requirements related to mobile phone manufacturers have developed a unified power interface developed in line with standard mobile phone and charger. Recently, news came from the Ministry of Information Industry, there are 4 types of unified interface to mobile phone charger is certified, there are 6 mobile phone equipped with a unified interface, charger adapter functions. Regrettably, however, the Ministry of Information Industry of 6 posted on its website to obtain universal cell phone charger, Certification, in addition to well-known brand outside the waveguide considered, Malata, and high novelty brands is very strange. The national publication of the "unified charger" Industry standards are voluntary standards, rather than enforcement, domestic mobile phone enterprises is quite positive, but almost all foreign brands are absent.

Standards after the introduction of the Ministry of Information Industry, a well-known sites have done one on "your cell phone charger interface standard sense of unity," investigations. Survey showed that 96% of respondents said mobile unified charging port, to facilitate the consumers to use and reduce duplication of investment consumers, while only 4% said they do not feel anything. Product is designed for consumer demand, but why 70% share of the Chinese market share of foreign handset makers to face the needs of Chinese consumers remain indifferent?

According to some foreign brands, said the companys products have established programs, if you modify the product interface to achieve the reunification of products of other manufacturers, will disrupt the companys production plan and will increase the cost of the corresponding human and material resources. It seems the crux of the increase in the cost of it! In fact, there is an important reason that the profit decline. Now is the time of sale mobile phones equipped with a battery charger sold together, and the original charger staggering profits, the majority of cell phone manufacturers do not want to abandon this course, a piece of cake. Moreover, this standardization initiative is a unified Ministry of Information Industry of China, but not in the real world on the agenda, the implementation of uniform standards in China, how to face the world is their diverse needs to consider.

Faced with this situation, Ministry of Information Industry has made a statement, the standard is the standard, do not think this is a recommended national standard is not binding on the enterprise. Now the national standard unless it is related to the safety of other people is extremely important, and generally for the recommended standards, this does not mean the implementation of selective and non-executive, or enacted into national standards meaningless. It seems, if not mandatory standards, our government in considering environmental protection and conservation of resources and consumer demand situation, is the ability to ensure the implementation of standards. The face of the Chinese government will push this standard self-confidence, it is difficult to give up foreign brands must have an annual one hundred million Chinese mobile phone market consumption.

It is reported that some of the leading foreign technology, mobile phone charger interface issues in a joint letter on the "request delay implementation time." Prior to the state on March 1 this year onwards, the common interface of the mobile phone charger into the network testing project, a number of foreign mobile phone brands are joint request to postpone until July 1 measure. It appears that they also understand that the face of Chinese standards and consumer demand, the negative resistance is not on the election.

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