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Fairchild IntelliMAX ? low-voltage load switching by the award winning innovative products

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Advanced low-voltage load switch in the SC-70 package, the most integrated functions designed to simplify and LT1129CQ datasheet and accelerate time to market

Fairchild Corporation (Fairchild Semiconductor) for portable battery powered applications IntelliMAX ? family of integrated low-power load switches, won the "Electronic Design Technology" magazine (EDN China) first annual Innovation Award category of power devices and LT1129CQ price and modules prize .

Advanced INTELLIMAX device low profile SC-70 package, set the protection, control and LT1129CQ suppliers and fault monitoring features in one, a variety of portable applications including mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, notebook computers, networking products and PDA, etc. on the circuit board space, system architecture and product time to market requirements. In addition, the devices can be used for telecom / industrial equipment, low inrush current control. FPF200X wide input voltage range of devices, from 1.8 Zhi 5.5 V is ready, especially suited for today may be as low as 1.8 V battery voltage of the product used.

Fairchild president and managing director Asia Pacific, said Kuo: "FPF200X series IntelliMAX advanced load switches provide designers with a ready-made solution that not only can greatly simplify the design, but also provide excellent power management, load control and protection. we get "electronic design" awards honored, it confirmed our belief, IntelliMAX technology utilizes surface mount package that integrates the best of the low-voltage power semiconductors and analog control circuitry, which is engineers to find the latest ultra-portable solution ideal. "

IntelliMAX products from 43 vendors and 119 products to win the fierce competition, the competition awards a total of eight categories.

Each IntelliMAX load switch can replace traditional analog IC control functions and MOSFET power switch should be used in multiple active and passive devices. In addition to saving board space outside, IntelliMAX integrated program also provides designers with a variety of product selection, without requiring software / hardware for additional modifications to meet the system requirements, thereby accelerating time to market. Reduce the number of components required, thereby reducing inventory and assembly costs.

FPF200X series of products with a variety of device options, gives designers a high degree of flexibility to cope with different system structure. Each FPF200X load switch includes controlled switch turn-on, 50 mA or 100 mA current limit option, undervoltage lockout and thermal shutdown. In addition, with options for fault blanking or auto restart fault status markers, all models come with 4KV ESD protection. IntelliMAX low shutdown current (

Fairchild recently introduced 11 new IntelliMAX ? high current (up to 400mA), low loss (typical R DS (ON) = 0.120 ohms) load switches, can reduce generation of portable battery-powered applications, product design cycle and reduce costs. IntelliMAX a wide range of load management systems for different products can provide a high degree of flexibility in the structure, thus simplifying design. Each FPF21XX devices in the smallest package (SOT-23) integrated product than similar 200/400mA more protection, control and fault monitoring capabilities. Their characteristics are summarized as follows:

§ control switch turn-on surge current can be reduced and to improve the transient power supply;
§ device has a limit options (200mA and 400 mA);
§ undervoltage lockout ;
§ thermal shutdown to minimize overheating or damage to the system;
§ for the sudden short-circuit condition, quick response time (20 ns) to provide emergency / short circuit protection;
§ for the general over-current limiting state provides fast response time (3 microseconds);
§ with fault blanking or auto restart option labeled fault condition; and reverse current blocking
§ Options

FPF2108/09/10 device provided to prevent reverse current options available to ensure that current one-way flow, which are directly connected to the system battery or DC power supply is an important advantage, because the current must flow in one direction . In addition, all FPF21XX devices have very low (less than 1mA) shutdown current to conserve battery life.

IntelliMAX FPF21XX devices with small size, low-profile SOT-23 package. All IntelliMAX products are lead-free, meet or exceed the IPC / JEDECs J-STD-020B standard and comply with EU standards now in effect.

For more information, please contact Fairchild Semiconductor Hong Kong Office Tel :852 -2722-8338; Shenzhen Office Tel :0755 -8246-3088; Shanghai Office Tel :021 -5298-6262; Beijing Office Phone :010 -8519-2060 or visit the company Web site:

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