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G3 and the cottage can go, how near?

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Hope the same points as the 2G terminal users to customize the terminal G3, but we do not have the resources, there will not be short term. How to do? I thought of the cottage.

Author of "cottage plot" may be assembled from the school of love computers, especially in our times of difficulties terminal G3, I thought at the time of the great contributions to Chinas widespread use of computers assembled computers, it and AD9822JR datasheet and the current The cottage has many similarities, in which the environment is also very different. Moreover, the most attractive I is assembled is to rely on the popularity of computer users in the development of market forces, not the software provider or ISP in the promotion, and AD9822JR price and they are the ultimate beneficiaries. Why China Mobile

leveraging the development of cottage terminal G3, but can not choose to major manufacturers custom G3 terminal it? The main problem is the current mainstream mobile terminal field does not produce G3, G3 has been listed on the market quality and AD9822JR suppliers and service level of the terminal is simply not reach the level of customization.

First of all, free to customize the end there was no legal implications. We must not think that custom is to mark China Mobile cell phone affixed to price re-sold to customers, according to "Peoples Republic of Consumer Protection Act" provisions thirty-five, custom terminal is first find out the quality of mobile , and a little more extreme, if the G3 terminal manufacturers yellow, then China for the sale of mobile terminals accept full responsibility. Therefore, the quality and Changjia phone service not up to standard time, China Mobile even suffocated can not just go to custom G3 terminals. Cottage terminal sales are not the problem, the user accepted the cottage since the end of the low price, in fact, is acquiesced in the low-quality end cottage. The implantation of the mobile terminal in the terminal software is free because of its (as opposed to users), and the user will not have any adverse effects, so we will assume responsibility for more than a little.

Secondly, the author has been a point of view - "open, is always the strongest vitality." Look LINUX, to see compatible, take a look at auction sites, the success of these products from its fully open system: LINUX WINDOWS under the shadow of the growth of a happy, compatible with the computer already so that we forget IBM, auction sites to Many people stay away from department stores. Who can say that the terminal will not continue to develop cottage, and one day become NOKIA, MOTO, SUMSUNG other terminal manufacturers Terminator it? And, cottage notebook Union is not as we think, is a replica of the Union as it is a designer, the core chip manufacturers, software developers and vendors formed the industrial chain alliance. So, instead of moving from the lower social status to join a non-mainstream organization, but with Microsoft, VIA IT giants such form with the body of a new competition to the traditional terminal manufacturers share.

Finally, we Cookin 3G terminal market. Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign, when Lin Biao is one of the tactics adopted "Cookin" - and the enemy spared from war to roll into a ball. KMT army is better than the PLA weapons and equipment, but once chaotic, their weapons do not come out to play advantage, proved very successful in World War II American tactics have lost a role in the PLA. Our approach is to take swatting off the field of chaos in the terminal. How Cookin - supplement cottage terminal vendors (sales share), making the cottage terminal vendors G3 business promotion of our business, let them go and those who produce only for the CDMA2000 and WCDMA terminal end of the mainstream manufacturers to compete. Eventually, the non-traditional tactics will have the effect of two:

First, the high-low-end market differentiation is blurred. Main terminal field is no longer the high-end high-end terminal, the terminal imitation cottage can mimic the market power of almost all high-end phones; mainstream low-end mobile phone manufacturers are too low, the same price, the phone features cottage far far more than mainstream low-end mobile phone manufacturers, major manufacturers of low-end low-end mobile phone features a real machine.

Second, the enhanced Internet access terminal end of the update frequency changes so fast. The reason is simple, 2G mobile phone functions as a single voice communication function allows the replacement of slower, more replacement is due to MP3, camera and other non-communication caused by the embedding.

3G network will change this situation, the upgrading of the terminal and PC machines will be consistent with Moores Law, or faster. This is because broadband access will enable the mobile terminal of online games, online video, online B2C business to become the largest application of 3G terminals, it is customary to end the use of PC-use habits will change. Major terminal manufacturers update the terminal is far slower pace in the end cottage, in the development of 3G terminal market will lag behind the cottage end, people will choose more powerful and cheaper, slightly lower quality of the cottage as their 3G terminal Internet terminal.

Last point is the hardest hit major terminal manufacturers, but also to spur them - you do not produce G3 terminal was produced, to the time you are anxious to produce it, have asked us to customize it.

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