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Guizhou: priority to the development of new components

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Reform and EPF10K100ARC240-2 datasheet and opening up 30 years ago, the electronic information industry of Guizhou to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and EPF10K100ARC240-2 price and "Three Represents" as guidance, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the scientific concept of development, in accordance with the Guizhou Province, the provincial governments plans and EPF10K100ARC240-2 suppliers and requirements, deepen economic restructuring, and actively expand the opening-up, vigorously implement the adjustment of industrial structure, and continuously strengthen and improve the industry, effectively change the mode of economic development, efforts to overcome the complicated and volatile international economic environment the adverse effects of industrial development has made remarkable achievements in economic level and comprehensively improve the level of social information, industry sustained and rapid economic growth, markedly enhanced overall competitiveness of enterprises, increasing scientific and technological innovation, industrial development policy and regulatory environment continued to improve personnel construction has made great progress, the combination of the information industry more closely with industry to achieve sustained, rapid and healthy development. Lay the basis for three-phase industrial

Development of information industry in Guizhou can be divided into three phases, the first 50 years from the late 20th century, early 80s. 20th century 50s "three-line construction" period, the state invested in Guizhou aviation, aerospace, electronic "three bases", electronic technology, information technology is widely used in the three bases for the information industry in Guizhou reserves a lot of talent, technology, equipment and management resources for the development of information industry of Guizhou basis.

Second stage is the early 20th century, 80 to 20 century. Through reform and opening up the information industry from planned economy in Guizhous shackles, bound strongly reform the institutional development of productive forces, aviation, aerospace, electronics three groups in the reform and adjustment in steady progress. To the late 20th century, the state of the western development strategy, Guizhou that "lay the foundation for five years, ten years major breakthroughs, fifteen years of initial success" of development initiatives, the initial formation of the electronics manufacturing industry of electronic components, communication products, electromechanical integration equipment, audio-visual products such as pattern-based products, software and systems integration started.

Third stage is the 21st century so far. This phase of the 2000 reform of government institutions and the Guizhou Provincial Information Industry Department was established as a symbol, is the information to promote industrialization, promotion of information technology, information technology and industrialization mutual penetration, fusion, taking a new road to industrialization stage.

Rapidly growing scale of the industry

Guizhou information industry for 30 years after the reform and opening up the development and construction, the total in the industry, firm size, technology level, production capacity and economic benefits gained by multiplying the growth. Rapidly growing industrial scale, and significantly improved the economic contribution of Guizhou, Guizhou Province has effectively promoted the overall development of the national economy. In particular, from 2000 to 2007, the Guizhou electronic information industry realized a total income of 34.727 billion yuan main business, of which electronic information industry of Guizhou in 2007 the main business revenue reached 7.335 billion yuan, 5.862 billion yuan more than in 2000, an increase of 3.98 times The average annual growth of 25.78%.

Information infrastructure Rapid Development

Rapid increase in telecom penetration. The end of 2007, Guizhou reached 13.5403 million telephone users, phone penetration rate of 34.44 / per person, based on the 2001 average annual growth rate of 20.75%. Popularity of the Internet faster. The total number of Internet users in 2007 to 224 million people in Guizhou, the Internet penetration rate reached 6%. To improve rural telecommunications and Internet services. Guizhou Province in 2007 to achieve 100% of administrative villages on the phone, 100% of the towns through Internet broadband. Communication capacity and communication capacity has increased significantly. Communication cable lines in Guizhou in 2007 to 134,200 km total length; switch the total capacity of 23,299,700. Increased penetration of radio and television, broadcast in Guizhou in 2007 to 84.12 percent coverage rate, television comprehensive population coverage rate of 91.06%. The rapid development of electronics manufacturing

Guizhou to develop the main line of electronics manufacturing, with reforms on the one hand system, with one hand and increased energy development in the industrial scale, technological innovation, product range and market expansion, etc. have made great progress, based increasingly improved infrastructure, industrial structure adjustment and optimization, steady economic growth, expanding production scale. Guizhou, expanding the overall size of the electronics manufacturing industry, the comprehensive strength has markedly increased. First, the scale of annual output value of the yuan rapid increase in the number of firms. Second, the rapid growth of various economic indicators, the electronics manufacturing industry in Guizhou in 2007 total 351 million yuan in profits, 342 million more than in 2000, an increase of 36.49 times the average annual growth of 67.82 percent. Third, the steady and rapid growth of exports, the export delivery value of 2007, 109 million. Fourth, the increasing product range, production is growing rapidly.

The rapid development of software and systems integration

20 century, 90s, Guizhou, software and systems integration for a larger development. The emergence of a large number of software companies and software products, software and systems integration scale continued to grow steadily. In 2007, Guizhou, software and systems integration industry developed rapidly, the software revenue reached 1.13 billion yuan, accounting for the information industry in Guizhou proportion of main business revenue reached 15.4%; increasing number of software professionals, structural optimization; software product range continuously enriched, Guizhou covers middleware software products, general software, industry application software, embedded software and other categories.

Industrial restructuring remarkable results

Product mix changed significantly. To flat-panel TVs, new electronic components, mobile communications handsets, electronic information materials, represented by the high value-added, high-tech electronic products to develop. Adjust and optimize the distribution of productive forces. Clear competitive advantage of new electronic components, countries (Guiyang) chip components Industrial Park construction progress smoothly, Guizhou, and more varieties of products from electronic components, small quantities to the series, scale, mass evolution.

Remarkable achievements in military electronics

Guizhou military electronics industry has been committed to national defense, there have been more than 200 types of products as "bombs and one satellite", "East is Red One," "Lunar Exploration" and 60 supporting a number of national key project to provide without a failure, many times by state departments of recognition, and create a number of the first: the production of the domestic first transistor computer, the East Is Red satellite launch to contribute; built the first domestic consistent tantalum capacitors military standard production line, for the bombs and one satellite for support; completed the first domestic satellite ground receiving stations for China made an important contribution to the telecommunications industry; production of the first coupled-cavity TWT only, made for the intercontinental rocket successfully tested contributions; produced the first glass passivated diodes only, to fill the gap.

Fruitful scientific and technological innovation

Improve the overall technological level, some key technology breakthroughs. Strengthening scientific research and achievements, attaches great importance to innovation in key technology areas. Scientific and technological development and continuously enhanced, achievements made new progress. New electronic components, communications terminals, electronic materials, ceramic vacuum interrupter housing projects, have achieved better economic benefits. Initially built a technology innovation base, state-level technology development center, the provincial technology development center and corporate technology development centers in the technology development.

Investment increasing

Actively explore diversified investment and financing mode, continuously increased investment. Transformation by increasing the information industry upgrading, vocational training, information professionals, information industry, infrastructure investment, the shareholding system, listed companies, raising special funds and other forms of investment in the information industry, and gradually form a multi-channel financing model. Actively increase the training of personnel for electronic and information technology investment, the use of national and provincial funds to support various types of information professionals in Guizhou Vocational and Technical training.

Deepen the reform to ensure a higher level of Information Industry

Guizhou development of information industry under the status quo, with 30 years of a lot of valuable experience gained, Guizhou information industry in order to achieve better results, but also must do the following:

First, we must intensify the restructuring, and maintain a sustained and healthy development of industry. According to digital, networked, intelligent general trend, give full play to advantages of the electronic information industry of Guizhou to speed up new electronic components, electronic materials and other core infrastructure industries, focusing on promoting digital television, communications terminals, lithium-ion battery, network and electronic applications and other products of industrialization.

Second, actively promote the big companies and big group strategy. Continue to implement the large companies, large group strategy, focusing on the transfer of industries the opportunity to accelerate the development of the advantages of electronic information industry of Guizhou industry.

Third, adhere to the scientific and technological progress, highlighting technological innovation. Accelerate the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay and market-oriented, a combination of research and technological innovation system. Greatly improve the original innovation, integrated innovation, more attention digestion and absorption of the re-introduction of innovation.

Fourth, the reform and opening. Deepening state-owned enterprise reform, accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise system. Vigorously develop a mixed economy, private high-tech enterprises to develop, establish and improve the coordination of private high-tech enterprise development mechanism, promote the private enterprise system and high-tech innovation, to encourage, support and guide the economic participation of the private high-tech enterprise reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises .

Fifth, to develop the software industry. Around the needs of economic and social development, vigorously develop industry, agriculture, services and other economic sectors and education, culture, health, science and technology and other areas of application software and embedded software. Promote the use of software components and reuse, and promote CMM certification and perfect quality assurance system.

Sixth, speed up the popularization and application of information technology to promote economic development and promote the information society. Continue to focus on the promotion and application of information technology, and actively develop energy-saving electronics, automotive electronics, machine tools, electronics, communications electronics, medical electronics applications such as electronic industry. Promote the information industry and the coordinated development of traditional industries, improve information technology in finance, insurance, logistics, transportation and other fields of application level.

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