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IDT Introduces New DDR2 Products

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Market leader launched 667MHz Clock / Register Product; use of the test platform DDR2 ecosystems

IDT Corporation (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI) today announced the launch of a variety of DDR2-667 dual inline memory module register (R-DIMM) of new products to achieve its dual inline memory modules (R-DIMMs) market-leading commitment. The new products include a series of phase-locked loop (PLL) clock drivers and JS28F128J3D75 datasheet and register products, as well as the industrys only DDR2-667MHz register validation board (RVB).

IDTs product line to support the new DDR2 speed grades of high performance standards, expanded its industry-leading position, to provide users with a complete DIMM products and JS28F128J3D75 price and test platforms. R-DIMM is a typical application of workstations, servers, storage devices and JS28F128J3D75 suppliers and telecommunications products such as routers. DDR2-667 RVB is IDTJEDEC verification task force to meet the provisions of the current JEDEC standard components of the stringent requirements of performance of industrial design. IDT, 2005, 31 March-1 April 2005 JEDEX meeting held in San Jose to show their support for DDR2 DIMM products and RVB.

IDT DIMM support products Kavita Hegde, strategic marketing manager, said: "With our new DDR2-667 register validation board, IDT design expertise can be shared with the industry to promote industrial progress, and help DDR2 solution for the next generation network. We plan to continue to cooperate with JEDEC to define future DDR register and PLL standards and test methods. Our new clock and register the usefulness of products further expands our leading edge DIMM register, shows our design and manufacturing capacity of innovative solutions. "

JEDEC module Chairman of the Committee Chairman of the Board, Samsungs Mian Quddus said: "By developing innovative register validation boards continued investment, IDT DDR2 DIMM helped build the technology to promote the DDR2 network. IDT has been in the development of DDR2 solutions demonstrated expertise, their own ability to share deeply pleased with the entire industry. "

IDT supports all 667MHz module configuration

New DDR2 register and PLL products can handle up to 667 MHz operating frequency. IDT products can be extended from the system motherboard to the SDRAMs on the DIMM to provide for synchronization of input clock signal PLL clock driver. The device requires no external components, can guarantee a very low phase error, dynamic phase compensation, static phase compensation, Skew skew rate and jitter, while maintaining frequency and duty cycle of voltage and temperature in the normal range. In the normal voltage and temperature range, the output signal frequency to maintain the accuracy and duty cycle.

New register drives the address signals and supports 1:1 (25 bits) and 1:2 (14 bits) configurations, allowing designers to work in a multi-DIMM configuration, using only one device. Register via a dedicated output edge-control system optimization DDR2 DIMM load circuit, the circuit can provide minimal switching noise, in a very un-terminated lines for exceptional signal integrity and performance. The device also supports low-power standby operation, there is a low-power demanding systems the ideal choice. The device has a spread-spectrum tolerant, to reduce electromagnetic interference, mission-critical network applications to result in higher reliability.

IDTs DDR2 DIMM register and PLL products

IDT clock management and logic is a leading provider of solutions, with market development for the register DIMM complete line of core competencies. In addition to the new DDR2-667 products in addition, IDT has also designed for the industry DDR2-400/533 RVB, and for the first time launched a JEDEC-compliant DDR2-400/533 registers and registers DIMM for the PLL. These devices aim is to meet the growing storage market, such as servers, workstations and communication devices register DDR2 DIMM needs.

DIMM new RVB help maximize the performance

IDT development of new DDR2-667 DIMM register validation platform enables the registers before and after the register address bus of the best performance. RVB also allows users to quickly register on a DIMM to observe simultaneous switching behavior, simulate the real address of a particular case or worst, to achieve easy and accurate test; allows users to achieve reliable testing and analysis. In addition to register testing, RVB also has the additional factors control the ability of the test environment, including DIMM voltage, reference voltage, clock speed frequency, and clock, address and control timing relationships between signals. Register testing methods include actual DIMM testers, bench tests and testing. However, for users, the use of these methods to assess the standard platform registers is difficult. The IDT DDR2 RVB similar to the final application can provide a simple and accurate test environment.


New IDT register and PLL products now amount to 10,000 from the set, each product includes the "green" BGA packages. DDR2-667 RVB is now available. CST Inc. Is the production and distribution of validation panels.

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