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IR 1200V and 600V gate driver ICs reduce by half the high-speed circuit area

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Global leader in power management technology company has released a series of IR with the complete protection of the high-voltage IGBT control ICs. Optocoupler-or transformer-based discrete components of traditional programs, the new program in addition to advanced features, the higher noise immunity, and MAX614ESA datasheet and will use 30% reduction in the number of components, reducing board area occupied by half. The new IC family includes 1200V and MAX614ESA price and 600V gate driver ICs and MAX614ESA suppliers and current sense interface ICs for applications to drive the motor, general commutation circuits, uninterruptible power supply switching power supply SMPS and UPS.

IR Sales Director Yan Guofu China and Hong Kong said: Using IR technology development of new high-voltage IC gate driver IC and the sensing circuit to achieve integration in a small high-end equipment it has in the past only the completeness of features, such as ground fault protection and so on. This new device will be low-end industrial applications and servo drives, and other appliances must strictly control the cost of the development opened up a new path. Conducted using IGBT or MOSFET

power conversion, must be short circuit, over current protection and grounding errors. To complete protection, in addition to protection circuits, but also on the error state to be detected through the sensing element. The release of IR driver IC and sensor IC to meet the above requirements, while reducing component count, simplifying circuits.

Suitable for industrial applications, 1200V HVIC

Total of 5 models with IRs HVIC technology development 1200V gate driver.

IR22381 is an analog three-phase IGBT gate driver. Dead time of 0.5 microseconds, similar to the optocoupler drive than ten times faster. IR22381 also significantly reduced the temperature drift and device performance changes over time.

Integrated de-saturation feature provides all of the over-current protection modes, including ground penetrating and white short-circuit protection. Soft over-current condition can be triggered off, then turn off all six outputs. Device with a shutdown input, used to customize the shutdown. IR22381 also comes with programmable dead time, output driver with a separate pin on and off, and opened with two outputs to get the desired IGBT dv / dt switching level. Voltage feedback provides accurate measurements, the bootstrap power supply capabilities eliminates the need for auxiliary power needs.

IR2277 and IR22771 are a group of high-speed motor drive for single-phase current sensing IC, with synchronous sampling. Current through an external shunt resistance testing, with a sophisticated dual-slope system, the analog voltage into a time series of discrete values. The time series is level-shifted, without additional logic circuits, can provide the interface module for DSP and digital PWM output. Maximum sampling rate per second 40k, the highest frequency of 20kHz for the asymmetric PWM modulation, 20kHz frequency of the maximum delay of 7.5 microseconds. The device also features a noise immune bidirectional level conversion circuit, can be up to 50V/ns against common-mode dv / dt noise. IR2277 provides analog output and PWM output, IR22771 provides PWM output only.

IR2214 and IR22141 used to drive power switching half-bridge circuit and a three-phase 380V AC circuits, 80 ° C when the maximum current 50A. Compared to optocoupler solutions, IR2214 and IR22141 gate drivers are more stable in use, and provides parameter matching, such as high low-end channel propagation delay, dead-time insertion. The high-low quiescent current, and can save space and cost for starting the bootstrap circuit. Multiphase applications, IGBT de-saturation of the error feedback can automatically turn off IGBT. IR2214 with a high-low internal resistance de-saturation detection and bias, IR22141 with active de-saturation diode bias. IR2214 and IR22141 can be connected via a dedicated pin to prevent the system short circuit between phases. Input and output pins with the 3.3V CMOS compatible thresholds to simplify the interface with the microprocessor. Separate power ground and signal ground pins can be realized emitter shunt configurations to simplify low-side IGBT current detection. Device SSOP-24 package.

Suitable for electrical applications, 600V HVIC

Taking into account the electric motor drive and the wider application of generic change to the circuit, IR also introduced the 1200V HVIC the 600V version. Which, IR21381 to simulate three-phase driver, similar to the IR22381. IR2177 and IR21771 are 600V versions of the IR2277 and IR22771. IR2114 and IR21141 are 600V versions of the IR2214 and IR22141.

Design Support

New device data sheet available on IR Website Other related design assistance tools include:

* IRMD22381Q as IR22381 and IR21381 demo board is a complete AC power module with 30A and brushless motor drive

* IRMD2214SS for the IR2214, IR22141, IR2114 and IR21141 Evaluation Board

* IRCS2277S for the IR2277 and IR2177 Reference Design Package

IR high-voltage IC (HVIC) technology

IRs proprietary HVIC technology is designed to drive MOSFET and IGBT products the ideal choice. Gate driver output with anti-lock CMOS circuit design. The technology will be low-voltage drive and high voltage level translation together to develop a single IC chip in the high-low gate drive.



New release motor and sensor integrated circuits are already available.

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