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Industry standards exist four major problems, said WiWAX

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[Electronic managers] reported, for WiMAX has become the worlds 3G standard, and LM308AN datasheet and could squeeze domestic 3G standard TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as TD) the issue of international living space of the market, industry experts said last week that WiMAX standard itself because there are many defects TD standards or face some pressure, but the TD standard in the international market is not afraid of WiWAX standards exist, and LM308AN price and that the TD standard commercial success in China, and LM308AN suppliers and large-scale deployment will be successful in driving standards in the international market, TD on the application.

WiMAX exist four major problems

It is understood, WiMAX standard will use the same standard with the TD TDD frequency band, this may be squeezed in the international market standard of the living space of TD. In this regard, Datang Telecom Group spokesman, Deputy Chief Engineer Chen Shan branch has expressed his view that four major problems existing WIMAX standards.

First of all, speaking from the standard, 802.16e technology (the current 802.16 standard WiMAX technology to provide fixed wireless broadband access, and provide mobile roaming services WiWAX technology uses 802.16e standard) can not now support users on the move without gap switch, with the three mainstream 3G standards now (WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA) compared to the performance of very different; Secondly, WiMAX is not strictly speaking a mobile communication system is standard, view today , it is a wireless MAN technology.

Third, from the industry chain is concerned, the current 802.16e commercial data on the card only and are not commercially available mobile phones, and there are terminal conformance testing problem, therefore, WiMAX industry chain also need to go through like the TD industrial chain pilot process; fourth, WiMAX 802.16m to the switching function can become a seamless mobile communication system, WiMAX camp to solve this problem is pinning its hopes on the future of the 16m standard, while the progress of 16m is still uncertain factors.

Based on this, Mr Hill said branch, WiMAX standard is currently more suitable for broadband wireless access, the 802.16e standard is now compared with the TD-SCDMA, the difference between the maturity of the industry chain two years. Business driven international market


WiMAX standard in the existing list of four issues, the international standard for the TD, Chen Shan branch said that as Chinas huge market (share of global mobile communications market added 20%) of the TD standard in China successful business, will drive the growth of the international market. Telecom expert Li Jinliang and Dingshou Qian also expressed similar views.

Li Jinliang said that for WiWAX standards, it should be placed in the TD as a kind of pressure before, our country must be big, fast, such as completion of a nationwide network, TD is likely to enter the international market, the formation of our country by the Telecom major powers into a telecommunications power process. "If we are no less than a great effort to build the 10 cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Xiamen, Baoding, Qingdao and Qinhuangdao) would be finished, it is likely to be marginalized TD." Dingshou Qian said, The emergence of WiMAX standard is indeed a TD for the pressure, but China has a huge market, as long as the completion of Chinas vast market, they will not fear the future of the new markets.

The Japanese operators IPMobile announced on October 28 will be used to carry out Chinas TD mobile communications standard also corroborated this view above. It is understood, IPMobile originally planned to launch the communication standard is the TD-CDMA (TD-CDMA technology from IPWireless developed the United States, with the TD-SCDMA is similar to the common use of TDD bands), the reason to switch to TD-SCDMA standard, because the value TD market scale in China. IPMobile that, TD-SCDMA market size in China is far greater than the TD-CDMA, there are currently more than 20 companies are developing more than 100 of the TD-SCDMA mobile terminals, so the two technologies in product procurement cost and in Japan the competitiveness varies greatly. TD International

Expert viewpoint: the first national post-

Domestic standard TD development while China has been well, how should the international market and continue to grow? In this regard, marketing director Norson Telecom Consulting Kong Linyu recently expressed their own views.

Konglin Yu believes that the current TD into the international market, Chinas road map should be the first neighboring countries and regions, and then in other countries and regions; the first developing countries and regions, after the developed countries and regions; first in Asia (especially in Central Asia , South Asia) and Africa region, after the European and American countries and regions. Konglin Yu said, the market potential for larger and smaller amount of foreign investment in telecommunications in countries and regions should be the focus of international concern TD region.

It is understood that the current domestic outreach TD Industry Alliance are to do on behalf of the whole overseas market promotion and publicity, through the Union to a number of overseas operators introduced the progress of the industrialization of TD, in order to attract their TDs attention. Kong Linyu that, TD is currently expanding overseas markets for the stage, or laying the foundation, TD really have to wait until after the performance of overseas production, is currently overseas operators in the general idea is to complete a TD in 10 cities the size of the network after the application of experimental verification , and then on this basis and then make the appropriate decisions.

International journey overseas fax TD List

Although not in the domestic standard TD-made commercial, but the journey has been internationalized.

2005 Nian 11 months, ZTEs full range of TD equipment has been successfully applied in Romania, the Chinese 3G standard TD for the first time to the world;

2006 Nian 11 months, Datang Mobile and Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association to cooperate, at the Cyberport in Hong Kong, the Test Center build a small-scale TD-SCDMA trial network, and will provide TD-SCDMA mobile phones in Hong Kong local software developers for testing. Hong Kong SAR Government set aside for TD-SCDMA, 5MHz (TDD) spectrum, Hong Kongs existing four 3G operators have been assigned to. In addition, the test requires the Hong Kong Government will also finance part of the funds.

2006 Nian 8 months, the National Development and Reform Commission will work with SK Telecom signed an agreement on cooperation in promoting the development of TD projects Memorandum of Understanding, February 2007, SK Telecom set up a TD in Beijing joint development centers.

2007 Nian 4 On 10 April, South Korean carrier SK Telecom held a TD test platform for the opening ceremony. February 25 this year, in Seoul near the TD trial network in the day 13:50 to get through the first phone, SK Telecom have been carried out, including video calls, including several demonstrations, network quality, device performance are performing well.

2007 in the first half, France Telecom R & D center in China in their TD test the system on the TD to verify. May 2006, France Telecom Beijing Research Center Co., Ltd. to become members of TD Technology Forum.

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