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Mayan Wei Group: Super capacitor for better and more powerful new energy

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Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents" the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Ma Yanwei electrician led a research group found in the lower reaction temperature, sea urchin-like manganese dioxide prepared micron spheres, nano-clusters, coil-like structure of the new method of nanoparticles. The research group also prepared the product of the formation mechanism and MAX324CSA datasheet and electrochemical properties were studied in detail. The results showed that the manganese dioxide prepared by uniform particle size and MAX324CSA price and morphology control.

"With the process of the preparation process is simple, short reaction time, reaction temperature is low, good crystalline samples without surfactant, can the advantages of mass production." Mayan Wei said, "This is the preparation of nano energy storage material provides a simple, effective and MAX324CSA suppliers and adjustable new method. but also that we are in a super capacitor energy storage material synthesis research has made important progress. "

Emerging new energy storage devices

Super capacitor (supercapacitor), also known as super-capacitors, gold capacitor, gold capacitor, energy storage capacitors, is between the capacitor and battery energy storage between the devices. It has a quick charge and discharge capacitor characteristics, but also has the mechanism of electrochemical energy storage battery.

Mayan Wei said: "The reason why in the name of who put super (super), it is because this capacitor energy density and power density is very high. With traditional capacitors and secondary batteries, super capacitors store charge capability , and has charge and discharge speed, efficiency, environmental pollution, long cycle life, wide temperature range, high security and so on. "

These features make super capacitors and hydrogen-powered vehicles, hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles closely associated with the fuel cell, lithium-ion batteries and other power supply devices combine to meet the vehicle start, climbing and other transient conditions high power demand, but also extends battery cycle life, to achieve electric vehicle system performance optimization.

With the rapid development of social economy, the growing shortage of resources and energy, ecological environment is deteriorating, the human will be more dependent on solar, wind or fuel cells and other clean and renewable new energy. However, these characteristics determine their own source of energy generation methods and these often have unstable electrical power output, while the super-capacitor power can not only play a regulatory role, but also solar and wind power as an energy storage system, during the day and stored solar cells and wind power generated electricity, night lighting, etc. to provide the energy required.

In addition, super capacitors in high power pulse power, computer back-up power and the military, aerospace and other fields also have a wide range of applications.

As a key development in this century one of the products of new energy storage, supercapacitors are more and more countries and companies competing to develop and produce.

The United States, Japan and other countries with many years of research and development and technology accumulation, in the super-capacitor research and industrialization, especially in high power and high specific energy than the super capacitor is a leader.

Expect products with independent intellectual property rights

Although the principle is not new super-capacitors, some of our research institutions and companies actively involved in the industry have begun, and already have a certain amount of technical strength and industrial capacity. However, our core of the super capacitor - the production of high-performance electrode materials has been a bottleneck.

Mayan Wei pointed out that the supercapacitor electrode material is an important component part of a super capacitor performance and a key factor in the cost of production, so research and development of high-performance, low-cost supercapacitor electrode material is an important part of research and development work.

Mayan Wei told reporters, in order to solve these problems, the super capacitor has been included in the "Long-term Scientific and Technology Development Plan" (2005-2020), a national long-term development of energy technology in the forefront of one of the important . Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences

supercapacitor application development in particular, systems integration also has a very good research base, doing a lot of pioneering work. As early as 2002, the Task Force to undertake a research fellow of the Ministry of Science and Qi Zhiping, "863" cutting-edge energy research project, "super capacitor energy storage system power key technologies" and close cooperation with the enterprises.

The Mayan Wei Task Forces work is to have access to the core of super-capacitors - high quality electrode material.

Carbon material is current research and the most widely used electrode materials for supercapacitor, which include activated carbon, carbon fiber, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene. Among them, carbon materials have a stable life, low prices and large-scale industrial production base, in the current commodity super-capacitors are widely used.

However, the activated carbon material is oxidized more easily, leading to greater resistance of carbon-based supercapacitors, high-frequency characteristics of poor and poor conductivity of carbon materials. Make it difficult to meet the many defects on the super capacitor electric cars and other high-energy, high power density of the urgent needs. This requires researchers to find a more suitable new materials.

Mayan Wei research group set their sights on metal oxides.

Their first study is ruthenium oxide. As a precious metal ruthenium oxide with high specific capacity, good conductivity (more than two orders of magnitude of carbon materials) and very stable in the electrolyte, etc., is currently the most excellent performance supercapacitor electrode materials, the United States has its used in aerospace, military and other important areas.

But ruthenium limited resources, the price is very expensive, can not be generalizable.

To further improve performance, reduce costs, must look to other less expensive metal oxide electrode materials.

Mayan Wei research group in previous studies, selected on the basis of manganese dioxide as the focus of the study.

"Manganese dioxide type material, with low prices, friendly to the environment and the wide electrochemical window, the work of significant advantages, more importantly, manganese dioxide-based super-capacitors can be neutral electrolyte solution (such as Na2SO4, KCl in the solution, etc.), unlike other metal oxides or carbon-based supercapacitor electrolytes must be acid and alkali, which makes manganese dioxide supercapacitor assembly and use of safer and more convenient. "Mayan Wei said.

Mayan Wei Preparation Task Force will soon break through the conventional micro hollow spheres of manganese dioxide material technology, without the need to reduce the cost of the catalyst by adding charged ions on the basis of (Fe3 +, Al3 +), to achieve the preparation of the morphology control . This super-capacitor energy storage materials prepared by the new nano provides a simple, effective and new method of adjustable, the research group also applied for national patents.

"However, manganese dioxide is a semiconductor material that conducts electricity poorly, compared with the precious metal oxide, manganese dioxide should be low capacitance material. In addition, changes in aggregate price of manganese can be more unstable structure of manganese oxides, In the charge-discharge cycle is more prominent. Therefore, if the manganese dioxide can effectively overcome the problems in the electrode material, and its development prospects are very bright. "Mayan Wei said," Of course, this is what we need further research perfect place. "

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