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Moms pay attention to it! Digital TV affect child health

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Yesterday the students with their own year-old son to play at home. Children the little guy, ghost sperm ghost sperm. Within a short while on the whole there is no strangeness, and MC1458D datasheet and see what all the fresh, see what all interested in: pendulum swing leng leng this, Nongnong that, very happy. Finally, he suddenly became interested in our television: because he found our television programs and MC1458D price and his family is not the same?? Our digital transformation has been completed here, all of a sudden a lot more channels. That kid clutching the remote control do not want to play a trump card, because there is a dedicated digital television channel broadcast animation, but that does not insert ads, 24 hours of continuous playback channels. Little guys like to watch cartoons before?? In fact, the children love to read?? Rare now nobody, and MC1458D suppliers and have put endless TV programs, and later how to imagine: the time until the last to leave He also reluctant to part with it!Although the performance of

little guy is completely childs nature, but how much I worry. Transformation of digital television is certainly a good thing. But there is no such thing as one hundred percent perfect. Digital transformation to bring convenience to people, but also brought some new problems. For example, friends, kid, although I am more Kanji Yan cartoon does not matter here, after all, rarely comes time; but if a friends house is also fitted with a digital TV, watch TV in the absence of restraint, may really incredible out.

Gehua Digital TV

In fact, many parents are opposed to the children watch TV stand: It seems that TV is the root of all evil, the myopia, poor academic performance, etc., and watching TV linked. Although this attitude a bit too full, but control the time children watch TV, content and use of eye health problems do not effect.

Original analog TV signals only when the kids watch cartoons for half an hour is: Why? Because at that time animated television program is added to the middle of other programs, at a fixed time every day to play. However, after the digital transformation is different. Whether it is a favorite cartoon, or TV shows, movies, and so have dedicated channels. But regardless of the time without the restraint of play, this time if the child does not make a clear request, when he can see their favorite programs: the students that the children like me, half a day staring at the TV long-term situation may appear. Over time the childs vision is bound to learn cause a bad influence.

After the digital TV transformation, parents should also control the content their children watch the program. For example, Beijing Gehuas digital TV service, currently there is one called "female channel" programming block, including some discussion of adult life are often broadcast content, than if the "sex" "climax" and the like. This content must not contact the child. Meanwhile, those legal channels like the same problem also exists in which the lens will be a lot of crime on the mind of a child hurt.

, Of course, mothers have to pay attention to the last child to watch TV with eye health. If not a mother, a reminder from time to time, the children from watching television will always be "getting closer." While watching TV to keep a good posture is also necessary: no one wants a child is not normal bodily development of habits of life, and a "Hanxiong hump." At the same time watching TV while eating is absolutely not a good habit. Childrens anorexia, dyspepsia may be related to this habit.

Control means children watch TV the best entertainment is to find alternative methods. For example, many children and for outdoor sports and games. The most frequent mistake to parents is to "allowed to watch TV" as a child of incentives: for example, homework reward. This is very good, he will give the child a hint: watch TV or not depends on their performance, rather than on healthy living habits. Watching television, parents should personally for children to follow: do not eat, see, take the capital and to maintain viewing distance, not for a long time watching, do not stay up late watching TV and so on.

Watching TV sometimes good. Childrens television program is a teacher, the children understand the world of the window. TV itself is not guilty, the problem is content with the long sound and light stimulation on the negative impact on children. Reasonable and appropriate content viewing habits will make watching TV a very happy family life part.

Children watching television in order to control the timing and content, digital TV have joined the channel control function. Use of passwords and channel lock to control the child can not turn on the TV without authorization, unauthorized viewing. Pictures can be seen from the following, in the absence of the correct password when the child can not choose the channel that is not suitable for children. By means of digital television has reached such a content rating control.

Digital television itself is a good thing, to see how we used. If used properly it will not bring any harm to the child, although the promotion of digital television do for parents to bring a new problem. But the more abundant high-quality content, can also become part of a child a happy childhood. Children like my students to see him watching TV intoxicated expression, who have the heart to disturb him! ?? So long as more Jiuhaola.

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