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Notebook computer "snows" Complaints have been silent in the end HP

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HP Notebook "snow flower"

[Electronic manager] hearing, starting from May this year, Hewlett-Packard model HPCompaqNX6330 a laptop screen appears snow problems, consumer complaints began to frequently. Chinas largest notebook computer in the discussion board of the Friends of the "HP NX6330" zone: A start from May 9, entitled "Rights: HP NX6300 snow on the registration screen issues specifically quote," the post to the July 28 date has been has 69 registered; a start from August 24 called "Friends of the sole rights to register this quote! the rights in the end!" of the post so far there are 125 registered consumers. "Daily Economic News" found that these consumers are in accordance with the requirements of the time left to buy, purchase location, problems, real name and CD4053 datasheet and real contact information.

It is understood that the laptop screen appears for the problem of snow, which more than 100 consumers from May through the beginning of telephone service and CD4053 price and other means HP has negotiated with China, but so far have not been other The official replied, "not even an official statement issued." "Daily News" yesterday, HPs official site in China did not find the computer on which the relevant instructions. "Daily Economic News" recently contacted a number of laptop computer problems which reflect consumers, these consumers said they are now ready to hire a lawyer to sue collectively HP China, which seeks compensation or a refund machine.


◆ Shanghai Sun:

"I purchased an HP NX6330 notebook. As far as I know, ready to sue Hewlett-Packards consumer has more than 64. But as they have no connection to the lawyer, so a class action against Hewlett-Packard has not entered the legal process. Snowflake May be exposed from the screen since the event, HP has not had an official note, there is no reasonable explanation for the consumers. to HP engineers call, he told me to brush Bios, after brushing my laptop in a bad cause the entire board off, the screen will be ruined. has been to communicate with them, but never completely solve the problem. Now my laptop is repaired, but there are still snow-screen problem. This is a hardware issue, not a brush can be a good Bios is only well to the transition point of a few colors, but also the expense of the many other features the screen itself, for example, when the movies have a lot box. But HP engineers to conclude that video card driver issue, brushing Bios fine. actually not the case, look at the pictures after brushing really is no problem, but a professional display software to test it, it is all gray, the process is in the gray box, with the snowflake is exactly the same The. "

◆ Beijing Wu:

"I watch a movie when the machine results in very poor, feel the screen in front of a layer of transparent film mask, when playing the game as well. A bit like a cell phone into the air like protective film, a small air bubble feeling. HPs engineers looked at the situation and CD4053 suppliers and acknowledged that the machine in question. I bought the end of April, May put the laptop showed HP, and asked to solve the problem snow screen, in the middle I have repeatedly called to ask them progress, Hewlett-Packard use various excuses to stall. has been dragged in August, they only gave me a replacement laptop, a hardware patch installed before the snow screen issues are resolved. In fact, even the replacement of the new machines, The same problem exists snow screen, but not before a serious Bale. For this situation, I have no energy again and a delay of HP. had a problem with this notebook is not serious to work. "

HP remained silent

"Daily News" links to HPs public relations firm in China, asking, "some time ago HPNX6330 snow screen events triggered complaints from many consumers, HP has this kind of solution" to this problem, but as of press time still not received a response.

Link HP China has long been "criminal record"

● the first half of this year, consumer complaints and reports Mr Shek center to reflect Shanghai 12365, buy their own an HP printer connected computer in the first motherboard to cause a computer to be burned. Hewlett-Packard Company believes that because consumers caused by improper use. In this connection, central demand of 12,365 complaints reported inappropriate use of HPs consumer judgments come basis, but HP can not produce sufficient technical data to support its judgments. After mediation, Mr Shek free replacement for the HP printer, and from the human point of view of compensation given to Mr. Shi 300. This case was the Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision Center 12,365 complaints reported in the first half of this year as the top ten product quality complaints Shanghai one of the cases.

● November 14 last year, Trade and Industry Bureau of Zhejiang Province, supervision and inspection in the market, Hewlett-Packard found a notebook COMPAQEX048PA # AB2 (V2626AU) were found to have "surge" defects (ie, anti-thunder and lightning, the computer does not have the ability to would be more vulnerable to crashes, lost information or damaged), so determined that it is substandard products. Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau in accordance with the provisions of substandard products to consumers in return must be unconditional, but other companies have introduced measures to repair co, HP Chinas refusal to implement the administrative decisions of the business sector, the commission is more representative of the Chinese public relations company Hewlett-Packard China to the "Daily Economic News" that refused to accept the challenge, "the likelihood of lightning?"

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