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Overview of solar drying technology and application prospects at home and abroad

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Economic and EPM7032TC44-15 datasheet and energy is an important material basis for social development, as Chinas rapid economic growth and EPM7032TC44-15 price and rising living standards, energy demand also will increase. At present, China is already the worlds second largest energy consumer, the amount equivalent to the U.S. 1 / 3. However, the Chinese population, lack of resources per capita than half the world average, to achieve gross domestic product by 2020 the goal of quadrupling in 2000, the national energy consumption at least double that of 2000, energy supply and EPM7032TC44-15 suppliers and demand will further intensify. And coal, oil, gas and other conventional energy sources are not renewable, and ultimately face depletion of energy. With the rapid growth of energy demand at the same time, the resulting environmental pollution is becoming serious, our country is facing unprecedented energy and environment double pressure. Chinas low energy efficiency, the unit GDP energy consumption is 3 times the world average. 4-6 times in developed countries, the United States is 3.5 times that of Japan 10 times. According to experts estimate that if Chinas environmental pollution factors into account, the GDP will decline in GDP of about two percentage points, due to the removal of pollutants in the air about 10 times the cost of fuel required is about [1,2 ]. Increasing air pollution not only caused great losses to the national economy, but also to peoples lives and health has brought great harm. The World Bank assessment, environmental pollution due to losses caused by disease, accounting for 2% -3% GDP, 40 million people each year die prematurely due to air pollution, the country there are a lot of people drinking contaminated by different levels water [3].

2006 Nian 4 The State Council Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a meeting of the National Energy Leading Group, pointed out [4]: energy issues related to Chinas economic development, social stability and national security. Both development and conservation must adhere to the principle of saving the first place, to take more effective measures to comprehensively promote energy conservation, develop renewable energy sources [5]. Chinas energy supply and demand will exist for a long, ensure energy security, stable, economical and clean energy supply system to support sustainable energy development sustainable economic and social development is a long-term modernization of Chinas major strategic task.

Drying operation involves a wide range of areas of the national economy, but also one of Chinas energy-hungry, the use of national energy accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption [6]. Some industries, such as wood drying energy consumption, accounting for 40% of total energy consumption enterprises -70% [7]. In addition, pollution and the drying process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, so dry and energy-saving and environmental protection technology is very important.

Solar energy is clean, cheap renewable energy, inexhaustible. Annual solar radiation reaches the earths surface about a variety of current world energy consumption 10,000 times. China has abundant solar energy resources, about 2 / 3 of the country over 2200 hours of irradiation time, the annual amount of radiation over 5000MJ/m2. Annual exposure to the vast area of solar energy equivalent to the current annual coal, oil, gas and firewood, and all kinds of conventional energy to provide energy by 2000 times. Total amount of solar radiation throughout the country for the 3340 ~ 8400MJ/m2, the value of 5852MJ/m2. From the total amount of solar radiation distribution, Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, southern, northern Shanxi, northern Shaanxi, Liaoning, Hebei, south-east, southeast of Shandong, Henan southeast, western Jilin, Yunnan central and southwest, southeast of Guangdong, Fujian, southeast, east and west of Hainan Island and Taiwans southwestern province of large areas of a large amount of solar radiation, particularly the largest Tibetan Plateau. Sichuan and Guizhou provinces, China and Chongqing City, the smallest total amount of solar radiation, especially the Sichuan Basin, the lowest [8,9].

More suitable for solar drying drying agricultural products, the general temperature below 60 ℃, will not damage the foods nutritional value; Mucai energy using solar Yu dry only, but also because of the drying temperature to prevent excessive cracking leaving Mucai , deformation.

Overview of solar drying technology Foreign Application Overview

Use of solar drying technology research and application work has been started in many countries, research work mainly in developed countries like the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan and other countries [7,10 ].

Early in the last century the seventies and eighties, the United States, Germany, Britain, France and other developed countries and some developing countries in establishing national scale solar drying of different experimental device, initially dominated by small, there are large scale solar drying system. Solar drying equipment in the United States have a certain volume of commercial production by small-scale drying users. India, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries also have small quantities of commercial applications, but in the European commercial solar drying room is small [8,9].

Popularization and application of most of the solar drying in tropical and subtropical countries such as South Africa, Fiji, Uganda, Nigeria, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and China (including Taiwan) and other countries [11 .. 12]. Thailand back in the eighties of last century to promote the use of a solar dryer, drying grain, in the non-harvest season can also be used dried pepper, pepper, coffee, shrimp, etc., throughout the year can benefit. Thailands use of solar energy and conventional energy sources as a supplement with dried tobacco leaves, test proven effective in saving 30% -40% of the conventional energy sources. Even such a high temperature and rainfall in Malaysia is also promoting the use of simple low-cost regions of the solar drying device, they think: solar drying device of low cost, easy to manufacture, can solve the dry cereal issue three crops a year. India developed a combined solar and gas grain dryer at drying capacity of 650-1000kg / d. , There are hourly drying capacity is 375kg / h of solar grain dryer; also used to dry pepper solar drying room, very good; addition of India in tobacco and potato and other crops, but also in promotion of solar drying technology [13,14 ]. Most of Indonesias greenhouse solar drying device type, it also uses wood chips as fuel to heat water for the auxiliary drying device combination of energy, mainly for drying grain and other crops.

Countries world application of solar drying of timber are small, mostly simple greenhouse type solar drying chamber, volume generally less than 10m3, according to incomplete statistics, around the world with more than 300 solar- energy of the wood drying room, which China has nearly 20 [7,15].

Both home and abroad, most of the early solar drying device of greenhouse-type, semi-greenhouse type or smaller collector type. Are basically large-scale solar drying device type collector, and are combined with conventional energy sources in order to maintain the continuity of the drying process. According to information reported, a number of foreign countries have been completed and a large light area of over 500m2 of solar dryers, which the United States four, two in India, Argentina, one [16,17]. This marks the solar drying in the world has entered the stage of production applications. As the global energy and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, solar drying technology has great development over the past decade.

Throughout the promotion of the international solar drying technology application has the following characteristics: ⑴ solar drying object to cereals, tobacco, fruits and other agricultural products, followed by drying of wood. ⑵ direction of development of solar drying is to improve the thermal efficiency of solar drying device and reduce costs. ⑶ focus on practicality, to make use of cheap materials. Such as dry sand do absorber, transparent material with a plastic film to do. ⑷ many countries of solar, wind and other new energy development and application of all relevant policies to encourage and support. For example, energy-saving drying technology in Sweden, 15% of the financial assistance. Germany, the United States, Australia, Japan and Indonesia and other countries, tax exemptions for solar drying, tax cuts, subsidies, interest-free or subsidized loans and other incentives.

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