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Purely deceptive advertising LED display five crime breakdown

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In the video field, the screen displays the basic product is a measure of a good or bad all the indicators. However, consumers do not have much chance to display understanding, often through the Internet before buying, just a simple survey, the manufacturers advertising and ADM5170JP datasheet and oral presentation of business to get product information. In this market model, many merchants felt for "business opportunities", they often can rely on advertising to gain overwhelming their best interests.

This point I must mention, is being publicized in the hot LED backlit displays are also these much publicity in the ranks of exaggerated benefits. First, the author is to be recognized, civil level LED backlit LCD display has the following advantages: low power consumption, small body, small heat, radiation is low, the advantages of long life and ADM5170JP price and so on. Although with so many advantages, but the LED display technology, like people, has many deficiencies and ADM5170JP suppliers and shortcomings.

Now, I want to expose that those in the massive publicity in the virtual, useless or even fabricated LED product information and publicity, and seven were introduced to the form of original sin, and hope we can see objectively The LED backlit display in the field of emerging technologies. One

original sin: White LED and OLED confusion

I hesitate to give top priority to the publicity generated errors. Low power consumption, ultra-thin and the color is good, it is the eyes of many consumers the advantages of civilian LED backlight, this is true?

Use by the CCFL LED, from a publicity point of view of each vendor, LED has the advantage of improved picture quality and thinner body to monitor both. And I want to point out: The two advantages of LED technology originated from two different, that is, two advantages would not exist in a display above.

Enhance picture quality is RGB-LED, it plainly is the red, green and blue LED through the synthesis of white, broadly in line with the three-color fluorescent lamps relative to the normal mechanism similar to the narrow spectrum is not the old people say it? I use three primary colors fight one out. Display using this technology are mostly direct type arrangement (ie, the vertical distribution of light emitting devices behind the LCD panel.) The advantage is RGB-LED backlight can be much more than NTSC color gamut color space, color gamut for true light. The disadvantage is power consumption (three-color synthetic), bulky (direct type exposure), expensive (often the only professional-grade display application.)

Is nowadays just thin red white LED (W-LED) backlight, it is also the major civil-level LED displays are used. A bit funny to say, in order to produce a continuous spectrum, W-LED white light is not produced by EL, but around a circle, generated by blue electroluminescence excited phosphor is encapsulated in the internal LED light. In short, it and the traditional CCFL backlight technology is very similar. Just as the catalyst produced a high-voltage UV, one internal diode produces blue electroluminescent (UV). Therefore, it is also excellent color gamut on the potential lost.

At this time, the truth has surfaced. Ultra-thin, low power consumption of the white LED and RGB-LED wide color gamut, color good advantage is unrelated, and some of the ads described the civil advantages of LED display color gamut is only taken out of context!

Original sin of the two, three: LED display low heat and long life

And luminous efficiency, spectral comparison, LED on the advantages in life is no objection. Tens of thousands of hours of life-cycle frequently enough to major vendors. However, a prerequisite for longevity: Temperature and current must be controlled in a reasonable range.

Low power = low heat? The answer is no.

LED is light enduring. Depends on the design of your current, heat, there is the quality of their own status LED. Lifes natural enemies are heat, the general LED junction temperature can not exceed 80 degrees, or shortened life expectancy. This is normal operating temperature of semiconductor devices falls far short of 150 degrees. Now most of the basic package is an LED, aluminum plate, 2, ceramic substrates. When used with the radiator must be a good thermal coupling. The immediate cause of high temperature and high current "OC." Prices due to different specifications of LED far between, some manufacturers in order to make LED brighter, man-made increase the current. Current and light efficiency is inversely proportional to the current increased from 350ma 1A, light effect from 100lm / w dropped to less than 50lm / w, the excess energy as heat distribution clearly.

Therefore, in order to achieve commercial-level LED displays are often at the expense of long-life brightness, low brightness can even say that its a weakness, and if you see the highlight of a low-cost LED display, you have to watch out.

Original sin of the four: a large viewing angle

Fact, CCFL backlight with LED backlight and wide viewing angle, the difference was not significant, if consumers are concerned about the display viewing angle, may wish to purchase before the article to see more of our review and evaluation of the visual angle parameter.

Sin Five: Low to select which post

Currently circulating the Internet this statement: nothing more than tens or a hundred dollars you might as well buy a more fashionable LED backlit display it. However, I have to correct the idea, or word of mouth advertising for different display, LED backlight and CCFL backlight difference between the price difference will be very different, and compared with other properties, LED and it is not the only choice.

Most Koumen Er I thought to consider: If you buy a good quality 19-inch LED display takes roughly 900 dollars, while the same money can buy low-cost high-definition 21.5-inch display. A 21.5-inch LED-backlit display of the budget may also buy a large-screen monitor or a wide viewing angle display. With the size increases, LED backlighting costs will continue to increase.

Therefore, compared with the selected LED-backlit display, you may wish to consider whether there is a more suitable choice?

Summary: Advantages Disadvantages coexist LED development trends?

LED backlit display has a thinner, more stylish appearance, and is a very environmentally friendly technology (no mercury). While the LED backlight development prospects, but the LED light source technology at this stage can not be called perfect. Including cost, efficiency, and brightness uniformity control and other problems still need to improve the technical level.

I have done a survey on LED-backlit display, the data show that half of the users for the LED-backlit LCD display is more attractive, visible LED technology has really wide attention. The author believes that, in general, LED technology is good, but not mature enough. We still have to recognize the LED backlight advantages and disadvantages, do not blindly follow the trend for advertising, and only really know the truth to buy into their desirable products.

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