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Renesas MCU roadmap announced competitors do feel a threat

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Renesas announced its new microcontroller (MCU) road map, but did not disclose details of the scheme is expected to use it to cover new products, the market structure.

The global rise in 8-bit, 16 bit and ADS807E datasheet and 32-bit MCU market that its competitors will not feel the threat is a problem.

At least from the current situation does not seem to feel vibrations Renesas competitors, but they will be closely observed with one eye emerging markets. Renesas and ADS807E price and NEC Electronics recently by the merger of the new Renesas, scheduled for April 1 this year, officially began operations.

Of market share by Renesas such as the worlds most advanced MCU manufacturers, it will continue to develop and ADS807E suppliers and support a variety of properties of different MCU products. But the companys focus will be on research and development, such as recently announced in the city before the RX structure.

Company believes that in the next few years will develop less than 170 versions of the RX MCU products, it is a 32-bit, 90nm CISC-based structure of the series. Renesas has announced last year, the simple version of a RX is said to have been over from the rival ARM, Atmel, Freescale, Mirochip, MIPS, NXP, ST, TIs products. Obviously the market will worry

Renesas and NEC, after the merger of various products, at least according to the views of competitors, the combined product lines will have less than 16 different MCU, including 4, 8, 16 and 32-bit products.

MCU competitor Microchip Technologys CEO Steve Sanghi said, customers worried about whether the merger of the Renesas Technology will continue to support all existing MCU products, because in order to save costs and streamline its product portfolio, there may occur change. Sanghi, another important point for the Japanese companies have to avoid some of the structure of the MCU products.

Another rival Atmels microcontroller business unit marketing manager Neil Rice agreed to the above statement, it also does not want to see that all the structure will support Renesas MCU.

Renesas Dan Mahoney, president of the United States branch customers do not agree with some concern for their argument MCU, its view is not the case. That this is the deliberate creation of a competitor FUD (threat, uncertainty and doubt) in the market atmosphere.

Mahoney in a recent interview, adding that the new Renesas will continue to Renesas and NEC before the MCU product line development continue.

Renesas MCU Ritesh Tyagi, director of product marketing, said the companys future development and investment will be biased in favor of RX. Company policy will not change, as long as customers demand, Renesas will support it.

One analyst believes that the new Renesas products in the MCU will face some big challenges, in addition to MCU, the Renesas products will also focus on two aspects of analog / power devices and SoC.

Objective Analysis analyst Tom Starnes has repeatedly discussed with a number of MCUs competitors, may bring about new Renesas they are worried. There is talk that they do not like a big smoke in the rankings, but do not think thus to reduce their market share.

Analysts said, is very clear as Renesas competitors obviously do not want to become more and more a Japanese company. Meanwhile on the other hand, competitors and that the new Renesas cheese for them as the same, or must have a strong team to defend them at least 6 months.

Starnes after that there are other problems in the MPU, the new Renesas has spoken before the market orientation, which is very difficult to duplicate the products of these organizations and resources, merge and unify. Renesas is not clear whether the present to see other manufacturers have abandoned some products.

MCU market share race Renesas will

new look to the future in Japan. If the two merge into account together, 2009s sales of 102,12 million U.S. dollars, as Intel, Samsung, the worlds third largest after the chip maker.

Report by Gartner, the global MCU market in 2009, the old 18% Renesas ranked first, followed by NEC Electronics accounted for 12%. After the merger, the two market share increases to 30%, Freescale accounted for 10%, Samsung accounted for 8%, Microchip accounted for 6%, TI, and Infineon accounted for 6% 6%, ST accounted for 6%, Fujitsu accounted for 5% and 4 NXP %.

Atmels Rice that, needless to say the total IC market, including the MCU in 2009 by the financial crisis is a bleak. MCU market now has returned to the growth trajectory, but also to thank the many emerging growth markets, such as medical, smart grid and so on.

By Databeans, the worldwide MCU market in 2010 to 123 billion U.S. dollars, up 14% over 2009, while the MCU market in 2009 declined by 21%.

Microchips Sanghi think it is very strong market demand for MCU, but also in all directions. Broadpoint AmTech analyst Doug Freedman said, MCU products are beginning to extend the period of supply, such as the Microchip products extend the delivery period from 4-6 weeks to 8-12 weeks.

There was a time, Freedman hope that the world has also changed the pattern of MCU. Compared with other products in the market, it is within the MCU does not believe there will be even larger pattern of change. The new Renesas appears likely for new entrants, such as Freescale and Cypress have a certain pressure.

Look to the future, regardless of whether the new Renesas expand or reduce the market share, currently has 16 Renesas MCU product line, including the M16C (16bit), H8S (16 bit), R32C (32 bit), H8SX (32 bit) and SuperH, a 2-bit RISC line. The NEC Electronics is selling the MPU and other products V850, V850 is a 32-bit product line.

Have tried to Renesas MCU product of its normalization, but until now nothing happened, Renesas Mahoney explained, can not damage customers, means that this is not so simple.

Renesas MCU continues to push its product, a new architecture called the RX. The difference is that competitors Renesas RX for it does not use ARM line. New structure is 32, based on the CISC (complex instruction set computer) MCU products.

Renesas CISC command structure used is a big risk, but the current RX microcontroller Maori fair. Renesas Tyagi, director of marketing that although many companies are using ARMs RISC architecture to compete with similar products. ARM is the first debate here, not good or bad, but Renesas decided not to go this way, the current RX Series products support most of the applications.

RX perfect Renesas RX

have done some years, until last year launched its first RX products, named RX610, is a new CISC instructions, 32-bit CPU core, from the function in the 100 MHz maximum operating frequency , each MHz output of about 1,65 MIPS. The basic structure of such a CPU core is 5 pathway and a Harvard architecture.

March launch of its second-generation RX Renesas products. New RX62N and RX621 series contains a total of 16 models and 31 separate products.

RX62N the three key functions into a single chip, Ethernet, USB2, 0, and CAN (available as optional). RX621 products USB2, 0, and CAN. The two products are pin compatible, enabling customers to choose a class to match any of the products and reuse their existing development resources.

RX62N and RX621 most are 512K bits flash memory products. Renesas MPU makes the MONOS structure than the existing 32-bit CISC MCU Renesas operating speeds up to nearly 2 times, the ability to work under the highest frequency in the CPU.

In addition, the products have a function with the basic operation (BGO) of 32k-bit data memory can be programmed at the same time write operation. These features make the program write data will not slow down operations in the application to achieve idealistic.

Also in March this year, Renesas expand the product line, launched RX62T 12 models (40 individual products), designed for the home consumer products, motor control. Such chips include timer and analog functions.

End of this year will be launched by road Tu Ruisa RX63T, RX63N, RX631 and RX630. RX63T motor control is a new version with the MCU. RX63N and the communications with the new version of the RX631 and the RX630 is a general-purpose products.

Two products are a communication capabilities, which include an Ethernet controller, USB 2,0, and CAN. Used in building management, industrial equipment, factory automation, office equipment and so on.

ObjectiveAnalysis the Starnes that in 2012 Renesas will offer 65-nm version. Renesas will be there in the whole framework of complementary products and technologies to their advantage. But it takes time to string them together by block diagram and may be mixed in the chip. However, other major suppliers have a large number of products, it is difficult to see a special point of Renesas products. Renesas

new faces to be done, must be the old NEC Electronics and Renesas together.

Integration is not a small thing, however, there are many difficult decisions to wait to do it. Has yet to decide which advanced process and production line is to be retained. There are products rich repeat and human problems, and how to turn around, because in 2009 the two companies are at a loss.

Renesas Renesas Mahoney believes the new approach will be implementation of the new, of course, the industry would like to thank the current global situation turns for the better and the favorable combination of the two products, believe that the new Renesas growing faster than the market average. New Renesas will succeed, because the companys capacity utilization is quite high.

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