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Renesas launched Mobile Videophone Middleware Package software

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Renesas Technology Corp. (Renesas) announced the development of "Mobile Videophone Middleware Package" software, in line with 3G-324M * 1 third-generation (3G) mobile phone audiovisual communications standard, with echo canceller function for use SH-Mobile * 2 application processor for mobile phone systems. In May 2005, Japan started from the middle of mobile TV phone sales of equipment packages.

New software and HIP4082IB datasheet and with MPEG-4 * 3 full hardware accelerator, SH-MobileV2 (model name: SH7310) and HIP4082IB price and SH-Mobile3 (model name: SH73180) used to provide the following features.

(1) to provide mobile phone TV phone application development solutions

3G-324M is the audiovisual communications standard for 3G mobile phones, such as TV phones and HIP4082IB suppliers and other devices, the mobile TV phone middleware package in a package to provide all the 3G-324M specification functions. Using the new software solution that can quickly and easily developed using the SH-Mobile mobile phone system, television and telephone functions, subject to 3G-324M.

(2) As with echo canceller and noise suppression to achieve a lower system cost

Addition to the functions obey the 3G-324M mobile TV phone middleware package also provides echo cancellation and noise suppression such a standard mobile phone TV phone function. These functions through software, without using an external dedicated echo canceller and noise suppression chips, enabling lower cost mobile phone system.

(3) at a low CPU operating frequency, the algorithm to achieve optimal TV phone

Algorithm optimization makes the SH-Mobile in the MPEG-4 full hardware accelerator and DSP (digital signal processor) to maximize the effect. Can achieve 15fps (frames / sec) the activities of image compression / decompression processing, and some very low CPU operating frequency of 90MHz to achieve the sound compression / decompression processing to reduce system power consumption, and help extend battery life.

Mobile phone system is providing more and more advanced multimedia capabilities, including games and activities, image display, the future of the powerful and complex needs of ever-increasing multimedia capabilities. Rapidly expanding applications in 3G mobile phone systems, including television and telephone functions. However, television and telephone functions needed to achieve multiplexing and protocol processing, therefore, in addition to moving image compression / decompression and voice compression / decompression processing, but also requires a lot of development work.

Renesas Technologys SH-Mobile processor specifically for application processing, mobile phone systems to simplify multimedia application development, and by the middle provide a wide range of multimedia-oriented devices, to provide application development solutions.

Now, Renesas Technology developed the Mobile Videophone Middleware Package, including 3G-324M, such as subject characteristics and echo cancellation function, as a single function of the middle items of equipment packages for the 3G mobile phone system to provide TV phone development solution.

3G-324M for 3G mobile phones, audio-visual communications standards, such as NTT Docomo to use the FOMA * 4 TV phones and other products.

These new mobile TV phone middleware package to obey all the 3G-324M specification, provides the following features.

(1) subject to MPEG-4 and H.263 * 5 standard moving image compression / decompression and voice compression / decompression functions.
(2) subject to AMR * 6 standard audio compression / decompression functions.
(3) subject to the standard H.223 * 7 multiplexing function
(4) subject to the standard H.245 * 8 videophone protocol functions.

Function by combining the above to achieve an application, the use of mobile TV phone middleware package, you can in a very short period of time, it is easy to develop the subject 3G-324M videophone applications. In addition to 3G-324M

function subject to this new middleware package also includes the following basic functions, is a standard feature of mobile TV phones.

(1) voice echo canceller function
(2) acoustic noise suppression function

Voice echo canceller function suppresses howling and the sound echoes, so that hands-free calling, possible. Acoustic noise suppression function reduces noise in the outdoors, especially useful in noisy environments. These features achieve a high quality television and telephone voice calls. These functions through software, not previously used for echo cancellation and noise suppression of external dedicated chip, the use of fewer parts, reducing the cost of mobile phone system. The new middleware

also through the use of algorithm optimization, to maximize the capabilities of the hardware installed, about 90 MHz in the low CPU operating frequency of television telephone function, help to reduce the power consumption of terminal equipment .

With more and more complex multimedia applications, mobile phones, such as Renesas Technology will develop with the SH-Mobile Videophone Middleware compatible IP network products to meet the user needs to continue to provide development solutions.

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