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S LED industry experts, investment opportunities and market strategy

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LED industry, where investment opportunities, investors look forward to what kind of LED enterprises, listed companies should pay attention to what issues, how to treat the market prospects of LED industry in 2009 12 18-19, held a grand theme of the fourth LED Industry Forum (2009LED Industry Forum on Investment and XC95108-10PQ160C datasheet and Market Strategy) can be found on the answers to these questions. Forum on the current domestic LED industry, investment and XC95108-10PQ160C price and market opportunities to do in-depth discussion.

forum site

Forum is well-known in the industry, research and XC95108-10PQ160C suppliers and media Engineering LED and the National Committee of high-tech enterprise co-sponsored the development of LED. Shenzhen Vice Mayor Chen Yingchun, Shenzhen Trade and Industry Committee of Vice-Ren Gaolin letter and many investors, LED entrepreneurs attended the meeting. Chen Yingchun, vice mayor of Shenzhen, said in his speech, Engineering LED within a year held four LED Forum, shows the industry is fast developing. He wished the forum LED Engineering better and better.

Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, Mr Chen Yingchun

Forum has achieved good results. Organizers said the last two years large numbers of domestic LED business, bad investments and financing is one of the problems facing the LED business, in order to help enterprises address these challenges, and promote the healthy development of enterprises in China LED, LED Engineering and the National Committee of LED professionals high Committee co-organized the forum. It is understood that the forum has attracted 50 investors and more than 150 business executives. There are a number of financing needs of enterprises in this forum, investors get to know the participants, as foreshadowed future cooperation.

Round Table

LEDs investment opportunities and risks where

LEDs investment opportunities and risks are focused on the content of the meeting, one of three industry leaders respectively on the chip, package, and application of the three areas were discussed. Iron Man Li, Lehman, general manager of optoelectronics that area in the package at home and abroad is narrowing the technology gap, field of application opportunities is increasing, companies are increasing economies of scale, market-driven strong, new brand is taking shape, material gradually domestically.

He further said, LED package is an important part of LED industry. At present, there is no package listed companies, there is a huge market space. Package of intellectual property barriers to small and middle enterprises is conducive to upstream and downstream packaging expansion. He also revealed the investment risks packaging industry, some smaller LED packaging company, operating less standardized, some LED packaging companys core technology, technology, lack of formula, product positioning and low. But overall he thought the LED packaging industry investment opportunities than risks.

advanced ceramics, Managing Director of Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd Xiao Guowei that, LED industry is a typical high-tech industries, high-tech, big capital, talent-intensive high-end features, will be gradually become the embodiment of a comprehensive national and regional scientific and technological strength of the high-tech industries. On the middle reaches of the current core business by the corporate control, and will determine the development of industries and markets. He also stressed, LED vertical integration in the realization of their own, but also with the LCD, traditional lighting, cross-sectoral integration of integrated circuits and other industries, to achieve industrial leap forward, access to rapid development. He believes that there is no independent team and technology to market is not simply in exchange for foreign high-tech.

senior LED expert, Dr. Zhong America group, said, China (mainland) in the field of LED backlight behind the small, there are opportunities, but also hope that Chinas TV makers can be given the opportunity. With the rise of LED lighting, LED display the current share decreases, the current domestic market confusion, so long as there are still opportunities for good quality. Chinese people to accept things faster, LED traffic lights, take the lead in popularity. LED lights in the profit higher, as long as there are a lot of technology and strength of the opportunity. LED lighting is a great opportunity, especially in Chinas manufacturing environment, excellent, rapid technological progress, the question is how to seize opportunities. LED clock group concluded by emphasizing the application of the risk is that non-core material, non-detection platform, patent, high cost, no order of the market, no standards. He believes that opportunities and risks exist, technology is the basis for success.

Albert Shenzhen Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Genesis partner Ding Baoyu that the distribution of the domestic market is slightly different LED applications, including LED display as the first major application areas. From the growth trend, LED backlighting applications and large-size lighting market will be the growth center of gravity.

investors like what kind of business

participants presented their investors like what kind of LED business. Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Investment Management Partner Meijian Jiang stressed that they are optimistic about the business must be in a good industry, with excellent management team, a good application model. He also issue you a warning LED entrepreneurs, not the financing process as a profitable process. He said, VC in the eyes of the business plan must have the following characteristics: a correct understanding of their own, do not transition to packaging, to address the problem, do not make exorbitant demands, but also to tap the value of that risk, do not rigidly adhere to technical perfectionism.

be considered how the team is good team? Mei Jian quoted the words of General Georges Doriot made a reply, "I prefer a first class team of entrepreneurs have a second-rate idea, not a second-rate first-class team of entrepreneurs have ideas. " Good team should have the following characteristics: learning team, good with others, strong marketing capabilities, frugal, do not be complacent, do not give up easily.

successful investment in the domestic Genesis Albert Dalian Lu Ming, Mao large power supply, such as sub-pass optical LED business. The company chose Dalian because of Lu Ming, Dalian Lu Ming companies in technology development, marketing network, the management team and brand building has strong advantages, is the largest enterprise with core patents.

choose MoSo power because the company has 11 years of power industry experience, product structure is reasonable. The company is the largest high-power LED drive power companies, power as one of the key components, can supply to individual builders, geographical barriers to small and conducive to market expansion.

selection through photoelectric Asia because the company is LED backlight industry leading enterprises, ranked the top three, the main products are 1.5 to 10.4-inch LED backlight modules, such as number and large size backlight will the company to the next profit growth. Yatong backlight technology in the dominant position can be maintained. Independent development of various types of currently available high-brightness, and meet the requirements of a number of areas display backlight.

executive director of China Merchants Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. Guli Ji said that good companies have understood the technical model and the advantages can not be imitated quickly, with good market demand to support, trust, pragmatic, passionate entrepreneurs, has been close to the targets.

listed companies should pay attention to what the problem

LED is one of many companies listed on the dream, then, when listing what issues need to pay attention to it? Bolong Industrial Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. General Manager Hansong Han told us, information disclosure, financial accounting, benefit and risk, financing the necessary Business Enterprise is a listing of reasons for the failure. He believes that listing of LED packaging companies need to focus on the following issues: market potential conflicts large and immature technology, the industry relies heavily on technology development upstream monopoly, untold advanced technology, lower prices to maintain sustained profitability and the contradictions, the management based on low-and the contradiction between big market competition, business model innovation difficult.

He tells Kai of Hunan IPO was rejected by the U.S. special insights of gas because of the advanced nature of the chemical industry is difficult to make it clear, industry position and market prospects neither vague description can not be overlooked, quantitative The model derivation is very important investment projects and the company raised the technical relevance of existing technology analysis must pay attention to.

recently listed on the GEM of the Chinese test detection Miss Chen Fang investment manager to share the experience of the companys listing, she said companies need to pay attention to the process of listing the following issues: The main business of a business and no major changes in the last two years; resist risks must be a profound statement; before the release of net assets of not less than two thousand million; latest at the end there is no accumulated losses and so on.

EMC pave the way for the popularity of LED lighting

China Construction Bank, Shenzhen Branch Yinxiao Xiong, deputy general manager, said the business, contract energy management mechanism is an energy investment service management, energy efficiency to meet after the government, and business together to share energy-saving LED results of a double-win effect. The essence of the contract energy management to reduce future energy costs energy efficiency projects to pay the full cost of energy investment.

his view, the membership is to solve security company EMC and BOT projects LED industry bottlenecks effective way. Relying on strong capital strength CCB and professional product support, by the Shenzhen Municipal Federation of LED industry, led, LED industry leaders to participate in full use of the information industry, private entrepreneurs and business between the horizontal supervision, LED industry members founded system of bonding companies, shareholders and the industry to provide professional security services. Support the LED industry enterprises bigger and stronger, and jointly promote the progress of Shenzhen, LED industry.

views of the Government investment in bringing on the LED what kind of impact

China Merchants Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. Ho Lin, director of industry platforms that the Development and Reform Commission recently issued by six ministries, "the views of semiconductor lighting energy industry," stressed the key support area is the LED test equipment, LED production equipment, high-power LED chips, power lighting, special lighting, extension materials. Support industry is small package, low-power chips, light, thermal, optical materials, the application of low-profit products. The Government will continue to support the "Ten City, ten thousand" and other demonstration projects, but against blind transformation of landscape lighting. The Government will support the relevant testing organization, testing methods, exhibitions, forums, and media services.

LED for local government policies on the impact of investments, he stressed that the policy provides some local fuzzy, big space, increasing the complexity of the investment. Local government policy and the central government inconsistent with the spirit, so that the implementation of the follow-up is full of variables. Repeated investment within the region, homogeneous competition erode competitiveness.

LED industry overheated you

Engineering Research Center, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED industry, the 2009 interpretation of Chinas investment case. He said that in the case of this years investment put into the application of 52 and 37 put into the chip industry. The top source of investment, accounted for half of the Taiwanese capital. He believes that Continental huge dowry to welcome Taiwans third-taking techniques and used equipment. Investment in 2009, mainly concentrated in eastern China, the traditional center of LED industry, less the amount of investment in Guangdong, Chinas LED industry center of the future may move northward. The phenomenon of overheated investment in the initial show.

high national director of special committees appointed LED Wen Hao Zheng believes that the domestic market from the current terms of the number and the LED industry, has been duplication of investment. LED industry support in the country alive, around the LED industry, attract investment in new cases increased rather than decreased, the enterprise value of the technology or how to seize advantage of core competencies, will be the beginning of the New Year we need to seriously consider problems.

Quantum Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Liu Zhen, general manager of the view that the six countries, the effectiveness of policy and government investment may follow after the weak, to support the market continues to boom a problem.

Liu Zhen said that eighteen provinces of China over a hundred cities are crystalline silicon solar project as a "first in command," echoes with them, over a hundred cities will be the local public LED lighting monopoly as a bargaining chip to attract foreign investment. It goes on, the National LED industry standards, product standards will not really be implemented everywhere in their efforts to develop local small standard LED, LED domestic enterprises in the domestic demand will be very difficult to make a fuss.

Liu Zhen emphasized that a small portion of the profit-oriented enterprises to use local governments everywhere have to install a variety of quality defects of LED products and make unfair price war, a direct result of "bad money drives out good money" phenomenon emerging everywhere. 2009-2010 LED chip packaging company makes large-scale expansion of excess production capacity in 2008 recession scenario may be reproduced.

"Engineering LED" 1 monthly release

also released during the meeting in January 2010 of the "Engineering LED" magazine. "Engineering LED" magazine is an entrepreneur facing LED, LED technology experts, government decision-makers high-end magazines. Xiao-Fei Zhang magazine editor said the magazine, they have the confidence to build for the LED industry, "Business Week." The list released, Xiao-Fei Zhang pointed out that defeating to promote enterprise among the list of duty is not to discredit, they hope that many middle and lower reaches of foreign companies like the chip giant the same time, be able to see quite a number of outstanding domestic chip enterprises.

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