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S2C Mu-Jen Chen: China IP industry, the opportunity to come

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Prototype design services, IP agents, and LM78S40CN datasheet and integration services companies, including the United S2C recent CAST, eASIC, IPextreme, Tensilica, Transwitch original IP, etc., were held in Shanghai and LM78S40CN price and Beijing, a one-day seminar SoCIP2008 exhibition, by this opportunity, EE Times-China journalists interviewed had the honor of the chairman and LM78S40CN suppliers and CTO of Mu-Jen Chen, inviting him to China and the global semiconductor IP market, present and future to talk about some of their own views.

What do you think Chinas semiconductor IP market, present and future?

My IP market in China is very optimistic about the future. From the current point of view, the Chinese IC design companies have gradually accepted the concept of buying IP, but also aware of the long-term development of IP is a thing: a lot of companies want to develop their own IP to help them make money, at least you can save money, but the result is counterproductive. The reason is in addition to early development, also need to post support, validation, Bugfix so a lot of work to be done, this will waste a lot of time. Of course needs to be emphasized that the purchase of IP on the premise that the market already has a mature, proven IP. If not, it would be another matter.

A good example to explain the development of Chinas IP market: a few years ago that our percentage of revenue in the IP business is almost zero, and now it has accounted for 20% of total business S2C, and this trend is continue. Many IC design enterprises in China, but most are small companies. They did not like what big companies can do it yourself. But to gain a foothold in the market place, we must accelerate the pace of product launches. Therefore, the method can only be integrated, so the IP market will promote prosperity.

Also talked about Chinas nascent semiconductor IP industry, I am equally optimistic. Beijing and Shanghai a few years ago the agency set up a platform for IP, but only played the role of a show, not to how much real business benefits. However, we recently noted that some of the local IP the companys product has done quite well. Unfortunately, these technology-based enterprises in the business there is not much improvement. The reason is most of them lack marketing channels and methods. This requires a can integrate the entire industry chain in the middle role. S2C is exactly the meaning of existence. Generally, IP business in China is still much room for development, our advantage is to develop products that better meet their needs. Once in the brutal competition foothold in China down in the distant future will be resold them to the European markets. To gain more room for development. Acting as an IP vendor

, S2C IP vendor jointly organized by the What is the purpose of this meeting?

Main purpose is to provide a factory for the customers and the opportunity to meet face to face. Chinas IC manufacturers, in particular, S2C customer base, many of the current development of the product category also belong to the ASSP. These enterprises in the development process requires a lot of mature IP, not just a few IP. In order to enable them to better understand these products, we held a meeting with everyone. Purpose is to integrate these IP in a show venue, through face to face communication to enhance mutual understanding of the opportunities. Customer care manufacturer can know what is more important is that customers can learn more about the original product. When they really need these services, he will know who to turn to. In addition, and other large-scale IC show different is that our audience is more broken down. Come is associated with the IP, which makes communication more efficient and smooth.

Todays IC design companies are facing many pressures, which affect the business of IP supply it? I personally think

IP spectacle would be a company the opportunity - though many companies want to reduce costs, but the IC design companies can not therefore stop design. Because the economy has picked up, you may not catch a chance. A more flexible approach is to leave your core design, through the purchase of IP to make up the human losses caused staff reductions. Not wrong, in the current economic pressures, many companies have lowered performance expectations for next season. But how to avoid it, is to borrow the existing market. Hire an engineer, in any case have to do something, maybe is not important thing. The purchase of IP can be targeted, and aimed to carry out.

In addition, there is a regional problem. Most affected by the subprime mortgage crisis is the U.S. consumer, but Chinas influence is small. So now Chinas IP industry, but rather an opportunity. It is also because of this, foreign companies will actively participate in the IP show.

You mentioned can reduce the cost of IP, but IP is also not cheap.

Everyone feels good in your IP, but do not forget to make things. I have already mentioned that IP does not just need to write about the development process so simple, you also need testing, archiving, Debug and so a lot of work to do, who do they? Maybe you spent 6 months finish procedure goes well soon be into the application, but not the time may well need another six months to carry out various tasks, one year is really to save money, but you have missed market opportunity. Buy IP is different, these IP is a proven, but others are still in production. So you feel the price expensive, but the overall cost is not the case.

In addition, IP can also buy a different method. In contrast, RTL form of more expensive, Netlist form is relatively cheap. S2C place flexibility is that we can provide different forms of IP. To respond to different customer needs. Do you think the next two years

IP market opportunities?

First is HDMI. Now many families are buying flat-panel TV, and want to enjoy on the big screen directly to a digital camera, digital camcorder content. So many companies are actively entering the market. Second or some processors such as Tensilicas audio and video processors, as well as the most simple of 8051 are still being widely used in a variety of products, and many multi-core products are also using 8051. Therefore, in the short term sense, is still very popular.

But in HDMI connection, Displayport competitive about it and there have been. And even if a standard will be to win, but is very expensive flat-panel TV products, consumers can not immediately replacement. Therefore, the interface can support two standard chip should be very popular. Transwitch first step, has launched this IP. I believe there will be a good prospect. For the Chinese IC design companies, has created a good opportunity.

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