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TV will explode explosion common sense to understand the television

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TV will explode? A month ago I can not believe, and OPA227UA datasheet and indeed some ignorant and OPA227UA price and did not see friends and OPA227UA suppliers and relatives spoken of television will explode, but recently created a hubbub of "Skyworth TV explosion" event (click to see what kind of blown TV) , so I was shocked, a search has occurred even Skyworth television numerous times, and this had aroused great attention of the author, to everyones life and property, I consider very necessary knowledge to write the article by TV explosion.

To prevent your TV has exploded, of course, the most important thing to buy excellent quality brand TV products, but also have some TV explosion followed by common sense, make full preparations, just in case.

First, what kind of TV more prone to spontaneous combustion or explosion?

1, over the life of the TV

Related Expert Tip: Use the current provisions of the TV age is 8 years, as the deadline approaches for household TV use, the safety factor will continue to decrease. If you pay attention to maintenance, this "over-age service," the TV prone to spontaneous combustion or explosion accidents.

2, a modified TV

It is understood that 95% of the modifications are made the old CRT TV and the new circuit board assembly, and even if the board is new, it is often the small-screen TV to use the board to change what the big screen TV machine. Therefore, these short-lived television and a security risk.

II TV spontaneous combustion or explosion causes?

Experts have pointed out, spontaneous combustion or explosion, the TV has both internal and external reasons, such as television sets powered, electronic components inside the machine will produce some heat, the heat vents out through the distribution of TV housing, if the TV machine in the TV cabinet is not conducive to heat or not well ventilated place, heat will be saved in the machine, so that damage to electronic components, smoke fire.

In addition, there are also affected by external factors, such as the screen under attack or being struck by lightning. Outdoor set up the TV antenna, if not installed lightning protection devices, easy to experience a lightning storm lightning into the TV, the produce extremely high temperatures will not only TV sets fire, there is likely to tube explosion, serious threat to personal safety.

Third, how to prevent accidents TV

1, buy certified, formal products of large enterprises, a number of private small enterprises production relatively less protection.

2, pay attention to the TV using the environment is safe. Do not place the TV near a heat source or wet environments, keep the air dry.

3, do not take trouble to watch TV. The unpleasant smell when the TV, smoke, grating anomalies, sparking inside a sound or fire, immediately shut down and rushed to a professional maintenance department repairs. The replacement of key with the original safety signs must be approved by the original manufacturer, quality, reliable, safety and security of the original.

4, proper use and maintenance of the TV. The case when not in use should be off, unplug the plug, do not use the remote standby. Should come in strong thunderstorms off the TV and unplug the power and cable TV plug. For there is no cable TV, in the erection of an outdoor antenna away from power lines must be chosen, in particular, away from power lines.

Watching TV immediately after the cast dust cover must not be, because the TV using the case in the boot, to produce large amounts of heat, once cast off immediately after the dust cover to block out the heat inside the TV distribution, have a negative impact on the television opportunities, the best in about 20 minutes and then cast off the dust cover.

With LCD TV, plasma TV, high-definition rear projection television, the rapid development of flat-panel TV technology, coupled with a variety of high-definition digital TV program content becomes richer and more people spend time watching television above the. Although the probability of explosion is very small TV, but still want to attach great importance to the majority of users, safety first.

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