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Tai size small size AMOLED Development

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While TFTLCD industry downturn

plunged into gloomy due to the same time, new display technology for the development of new markets and THC63LVDF84B datasheet and applications has quietly started, especially active-emitting light emitting diode (AMOLED) with high color saturation, fast response, wide viewing angle , thinner, more power and THC63LVDF84B price and other advantages, is seen as highly threatening LCD monitor display technology. In the current AMOLED vendors, SamsungSDI AMOLED display technology for the development of the most active persons, the companys small size and THC63LVDF84B suppliers and AMOLED future, PC and TV applications, etc., there are clear planning blueprint.

2015 years will become the mainstream display technology, mobile phone

SamsungSDI the first one for the global AMOLED mass production manufacturers, the production lines start mass production from September 2007, and SamsungSDI also began producing 2-inch class size, the AMOLED market in the first import to the commercialization of portable products , especially in the mobile application as much.

Current phone features the development of a simple call functions from the initial start, is now gradually towards multimedia, Internet, combined with GPS navigation and other multi-service-oriented and mobile phone panel specifications also increased, although currently small size LCD panels have been developed to deal with these demand for technologies such as high resolution, wide viewing angle, fast response, power, etc., then AMOLED mobile phone or mobile device applications is still great potential for development because of their quality AMOLED display performance such as color saturation than LCD, reaction rate is only LCD1, 000 per 1 only, together with AMOLED no backlight, it can be done thinner, more energy levels, it is more suitable than the LCD monitor equipped to portable products.

If the mobile phone market alone, in 2008 and 2010 high-end mobile phones AMOLED products are still imported, although AMOLED displays the proportion of the total mobile phones in 2008 and 2010, respectively, for 1%, 5%, 11 %, but accounted for high SamsungSDI AMOLED mobile penetration rate expected to reach about 30%, and the company also forecast to 2015 (inclusive) after, AMOLED mobile phone market will become the mainstream display technology, mobile phone 2015 displays the total the proportion will reach 56%.

NB panel thickness 1.7mm with much more than MacBookAir If AMOLED

size enlarged to 10 inches (or more) level, then import the notebook computer (NB) and desktop computers (DT) product application, then NB portability and power for more demanding and so Therefore, priority will be applied to NB AMOLED product development (as opposed to DT is concerned). NB CCFL backlight

current LCD panel with a thickness of 6mm, and TFTLCD plant for the NB with a thin LCD panel, LED backlights now have adopted to achieve this goal. The American apple (Apple) in early 2008s MacBookAir example, the LED-backlit LCD panel thickness has been reduced to 3mm, for the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) type LCD panel thickness of 1 / 2, but with a display panel NB thickness is further room for improvement?

SamsungSDI said that if the development of its AMOLED panel display applications for the NB, the thickness can be done only 1.7mm, and the ultra-thin LED backlit LCD panel contrast, reducing the thickness of 1.3mm; if compared with the CCFL backlit LCD panel, the two were much difference between the thickness of 4.3mm, so the ultra-thin AMOLED products will help NB.

The proposed SamsungSDI AMOLED mass production of PC time-use planning, the expected production in 2009 will be a 14-inch and 15-inch AMOLED panel, in addition to PC applications, and 2 sets of TV products as the first use.

40-inch and 50-inch level of production in 2011 jumped to color saturation, 130%

Course, AMOLED display the reason is seen as very threatening LCD display technology, AMOLED industry for more than 20 inches toward the level of development is also very active, especially SamsungSDI launched in May 2008 when, after the maximum size of 31 inches AMOLED , Yokohama exhibition in the same year, SamsungSDI once again break through to 40-inch AMOLED size, is also the worlds largest AMOLED panels.

Fact, more TV monitors specifications and PC handheld and a higher class of applications, such as to render a realistic image quality, such as entities, the dynamic image appears to reduce blur, colors, etc. can be faithful, if used abstract words to describe it, is to bring the viewer "touched" the picture quality. However, why SamsungSDI for the development of large-size AMOLED is also in confident? The reason is the company in 2008, years in the development of AMOLED product specifications, NTSC color saturation value reached 107%, compared to value of 100 million: 1, the same ultra-high-end models in the LCDTV performance.

And AMOLED specifications in the next 3 years will continue the progress, SamsungSDI that its AMOLED in 2010 will increase color saturation to 130%, and the ratio will jump to 200 million: 1.

TV In addition to quality requirements, environmental protection is the display industry is currently the focus of development projects, the launch of the 2008 SamsungSDI 40-inch AMOLED example, the power consumption of only 75W, compared with the size of LCD panels has been reduced by 2 per 1 above; to 2010, plans to 40-inch AMOLED SamsungSDI power consumption will be reduced to 45W, 100W compared with the same size LCD monitor targets and then reduced by half.

In addition, nearly 2 years FPDTV market is blowing ultra-thin trend, with 40-inch LCDTV level, for example, manufacturers have introduced the current TFTLCD backlight LED edge-lit slim LCDTV test products, the average thickness of the Best up to 10mm, then 40 inches shown SamsungSDI AMOLEDTV, in the absence of deliberately making thin, the whole thickness of 8.9mm; In addition, if total weight compared to the same size 40 inch LCDTV AMOLEDTV can be reduced compared with about 11 kg.

Current AMOLED industry, only the 11-inch Sony OLEDTV into commercial markets, SamsungSDI is scheduled for 2010 production of 31-inch and 32 inch FullHDAMOLED, 2011 production will be 40 inches and 50 inches FullHDAMOLED.

But also on the AMOLEDTV SamsungSDI forecast for future market, it considers the market for 2012 is still in its infancy, so the penetration rate of only 1%, about 1.3 million units shipped; to 2015 SamsungSDI that AMOLEDTV penetration rate of increase in the course of development similar to the previous LCDTV, it will be up to 16% and unit shipments will increase to 4,800 million units.

From the foregoing, AMOLED display either small or large size applications, for other types of display technology with no small threat, in particular, the pace of development of AMOLED most active SamsungSDI, not only a clear division of AMOLED development blueprint, and to " iAMOLED "for their company logo. Although SamsungSDI display products also include PDP, CRT, then the two products in the growing revenue slowdown and recession, the relatively small size in AMOLED whether or future attack Tai size market, with rising stars in posture.

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