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Thinking collision - the industry talked about the safety of automotive electronics

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What is the most potential

automotive safety technology? What is the most popular car security solutions? New automotive safety systems to improve security while, what the semiconductor manufacturers to bring new challenges? New program will increase the complexity of the development of ECU? Security products and LM4832M datasheet and automobile-related laws and LM4832M price and regulations which meet the requirements of what you really need? Laws and LM4832M suppliers and regulations in the automotive sector in China What is the status? Chinas automotive electronics market, what are the distinctive characteristics? The future of automotive electronics industry, which will bring us a surprise? On the issues, this issue, "Automotive Electronics" supplement provides a platform to speak their minds, from many well-known companies in the automotive field of you experts, it will be here to express their views, collision inspiration.

ADI Automotive E-Commerce Manager Lee Greater China Earthquake: From the market potential, China last year replaced the U.S. as the worlds largest national car sales, with the increase in car sales, many car companies and parts suppliers have been added investment in China (either from production or R & D), which will give Chinas automotive electronics industry offers great opportunities.

In the next few years, the car trend is green, safe and comfortable. With the government incentives for new energy vehicles are rolled, hybrid or electric vehicles will be more and more social and consumer concerns. Hybrid or electric car technology is the core of lithium monitoring and motor drive technology, for how to effectively monitor the use of lithium batteries to protect the car running system is very necessary. For this application, ADI has developed a corresponding lithium management and isolation for motor drive chip and DSP.

In security areas, such as airbags and electronic stability systems mandatory in the future will be installed in the passive safety in our MEMS will be more and more customers, some of the active safety, such as advanced driver assistance systems are also more and more attention by consumers. In this area, we can provide the corresponding radar, video signal processing, and high-performance digital signal processor.

In the comfort, the consumer automotive information and entertainment more and more emphasis on comfort, not only have a powerful car navigation equipment, the convenience of motorists, but also eager to like the home high-fidelity audio and video experience level, thus driving the car audio system provides single-chip high-fidelity audio decoding, equalization and filtering of high-performance converters (ADC, DAC) and digital signal processor (DSP) such as the further development of automotive electronics market, and this is also a major focus of our company input applications, we SigmaDSP / Sharc has been a number of high-end customers.

Then talk about the theme of security technology. Todays security is mainly concentrated in the passive areas, such as airbags are now almost standard, and some countries and regions will be a legislative requirement to install this feature. Passive safety is to reduce the harm caused by traffic accidents. Traffic Accidents in the survey, about half of all traffic accidents because the drivers lane change caused by the violation, if the appropriate device to remind or to intervene in such violations change the line, this means that a large part of the traffic accidents can be avoided. In response to this requirement, active safety technologies are more and more attention, more research is now advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The core of the system, through video or radar to detect cars driving around the state and the environmental information, the DSP processing, and then take the appropriate measures. There are only alert the driver, while others take some intervention measures, such as driving, braking and so on. Active safety is the core of the signal acquisition and processing, so this simulation technology to semiconductor manufacturers, technology and digital processing of high-frequency have very high demands.

The development of automotive safety systems will focus on active safety. Active safety more effectively prevent accidents, protect the drivers safety. Therefore, the active safety technology and related products will become mainstream. Active safety technology and products mentioned, the most typical technique is to lane departure and collision warning, etc. before. Active safety technology is based on video and radar, some of the security module of domestic suppliers and some universities have developed a video-based lane departure technology and night vision capabilities, for the use of radar technology is still in a beginning stage, but as based on automatic radar cruise, active collision avoidance and other functions continue to be peoples attention, so there will be more and more module suppliers and car manufacturers engaged in this field, which will stimulate the rapid development of this technology.

The traditional security, such as air bags and electronic stability system, because of the continuous development of MEMS technology (such as the Low-g and the High-g acceleration sensor integration, etc.), this function will be integrated together, which will continue to reduce costs to meet customer requirements, we will soon launch the next generation of MEMS products.

In traditional security solutions, our application of MEMS is widely, ADI is a pioneer in the field of airbags, and will continue to play an important role. ADI has so far delivered more than 500 million MEMS sensors, has nearly 20 years of experience in the collision sensor design and related accumulation of knowledge and technology, and system design engineers to save time, allowing them to focus on correctly integrated into the vehicle safety system , to provide customers with the safest car, a new generation of security systems and Infineon our cooperation, joint research and development programs throughout the airbag.

In active safety, we provide a visual, radar intelligence for technology-based driver assistance in order to achieve the lane departure warning, obstacle detection, traffic signal recognition, etc., in this system, we in the DSP (BF561 ), video codecs, ADC / DAC / RF and other chips are widely used. With the increasing complexity of automotive design, and the continually increasing demands on safety systems, driver assistance systems customer demand is not only the development of chip technology level, application and system software level of resources and support is essential. ADI has developed in the automotive field for many years a large number of excellent third-party partners, together with ADI to provide customers with complete system support and services.

Order to allow customers easy to use, we provide a very intelligent evaluation board, enabling customers to verify the new generation of products are familiar, and our new generation products are developed based on customer feedback, so from a technical concept is also easily accepted by customers.

In active safety, in order to reduce the customers software programming work, we developed a new generation of DSP (BF6XX) chips, a lot of data processing hardware will be completed in the signal acquisition, we provide more accurate ADC / DAC . In the passive safety, our highly integrated MEMS (acceleration sensors and gyroscopes integrated together ADXRS8XX, the low value and high g values g acceleration sensors integrated together ADXL2XX) research and development will be completed in the near future.

Speaking from the quality of products, all of our products must be tested through a number of internationally recognized standards such as TS16949/AEC-Q100 and other standards; chips made module, but also a series of tests, such as EMI / EMC, etc. ; the car before the appearance there are many safety testing, such as the NCAP and so on. In order to be guaranteed safety, the Government has introduced legislation to force the companies corresponding to install the corresponding features, such as 2012 if the car does not have electronic stability systems will not be sold in the U.S., and installed the driver assistance function of the car, doing safety tests When will the extra points.

As Chinas auto industry started relatively late, so the system or the regulations in this regard is not perfect, but, as people more and more attention to security, I believe the relevant government departments will also be expected to adopt some policies and regulations to regulate the market, such as security risks will recall not just in foreign or joint-venture brands, the local automobile if there is security, will face the same treatment.

Standardization of automotive electronics in China lagged behind, product development, lack of specification, the development of the industry. At present, Chinas auto electronics industry has started the "Automotive Electronics standardized" work. If the new energy vehicles, the state will put the appropriate policies and regulations to encourage and regulate the development of the industry in this order to facilitate future large-scale production.

Growing Chinese auto market is booming. A survey showed that, by 2011, Chinas global electronic system production of semiconductor consumption will be doubled. The first is the main reason for growth in the domestic light vehicle production growth in demand for electronic devices, followed by a number of global auto makers are increasingly the focus will shift production to China. From the Americas, Europe, Japan and South Koreas international automotive electronic systems and component suppliers have started joint ventures with Chinese companies. This not only led to the development of Chinas auto electronics market, but also the exchange of personnel training and technology has played a positive role. Chinas auto electronics markets unique advantage is that China has a huge potential market demand, future more and more Chinese people will consider buying a car, so car manufacturers demand for electronic devices will not be growing. For Chinas auto electronics market, we see tremendous room for growth and potential opportunities.

Opportunities and difficulties, of course, there are several factors constraining the development of domestic automotive electronics:

First of all, the lack of products with independent intellectual property rights, while foreign auto parts companies in China, a large number of patent applications, the "enclosure", the purpose is to control Chinas auto electronics market.

Second, the lack of the automotive industry to meet the quality control system in the local supplier, the main components subject to foreign

Again, production management system is not perfect, it is difficult to produce stable performance of automotive electronic products.

Finally, the traditional business of mechanical parts based on the lack of understanding of the emerging automotive electronic products, not put in enough energy to research and development.

Understand as long as the form of the strong support of the government, we should seize this opportunity to carry out bold and independent research and development, based on a number of advantages, expand technology. Such as local enterprises of the car entertainment system or a very big advantage, now more than half of the global audio-visual system design, production is in China. Domestic manufacturers should do some on the basis of this platform extension products, such as video-based driver assistance and so on. In body applications, the local MCU / amplifier / driver is used more and more local brands on board. EFI in the engine and gearbox, it can, and do some universities to develop technology to meet the substantive depot project, so that Chinese companies may soon have some breakthrough in core technology to break the core technology by foreign monopoly enterprises, develop their real automotive industry. Atmel

business in Asia Pacific and Japan marketing director of RFA Goh Yan: Based on the current market and the activities of automotive suppliers, we are very optimistic about the automotive electronics market. Chinas top suppliers to start a very positive localization project, and begin to increase R & D activities in China. In addition, there are many new local suppliers involved in the field of automotive electronics. On the other hand, we began to see the two module suppliers, trends, and look at the trend of other suppliers, the larger vendors will continue to focus on new technologies and new products; the smaller suppliers will existing technologies bulk form of the market, thereby indirectly reducing the cost of each vehicle accessories. All these activities will expand the field of electronic products in automotive applications.

Automotive safety technology has been widely recognized, and both the driver or passengers are becoming increasingly important. We discuss the active, passive and preventive safety technology. For example, the collision avoidance system is to save lives and prevent traffic accidents is an important technology. Now, ABS technology has become a standard on most vehicles, while ten years ago, this is an expensive option. With technological development, the majority of buyers will give priority to the safety of vehicles, therefore, provide better security technology for auto suppliers is very important. Technical requirements for automotive safety supplier of semiconductor sensors more intelligent, more processing power and very short response time, because the problem in the car the moment, we have only a few milliseconds of response time. In this regard, the challenges facing the engineering staff is always how to make better electronic solutions.

As mentioned above, anti-collision safety technology to prevent type one example. Over the past 20 years, active and passive safety technology has made great progress, since these technologies have become mature. The adoption of proven technology is very high. Use of new anti-collision radar and imaging technology-based preventive aspects of security technology in use is still in early stages, only a few major OEM vendors as a security matching the technology for hybrid electric vehicles or lithium Protection of electronic devices-ion batteries are at the initial stage of production.

Atmel is able to achieve security systems focus on semiconductor solutions, our products include automotive microprocessors, communications, drive, memory, radio frequency (RF) and the battery protection devices. Semiconductor manufacturers have every car has its own uniqueness, Atmel micro-controller can provide Grade 0 in harsh working conditions, ideal for automotive applications under the hood. In addition, our electric car battery management products is one of the few lithium-ion battery is one security solution.

Early in the development stage, we have many engineers communicate with customers. Thus, by using the included hardware and software reference design, we will be able to eliminate many of the early problems. When customers encounter further problems, we will provide local applications support and the necessary tools and equipment to address these issues.

In our view, Atmels solutions support the implementation of security technology, rather than a direct role to play. For example: We have a powerful 8-bit or 32-bit micro-controller provides processing power for security systems, and a communication controller can be used in automotive electronic systems of different important communication between the sensor module.

In the certification, Bosch, Hella, Delphi, Continental and other Tier I automotive suppliers will be its final certification system to ensure system compliance with local laws and regulations. As a supplier of automotive semiconductors, we have to meet a series of specifications, such as Atmels products are adopted by the AEC-Q100 certification.

Chinas auto electronics market and other markets without significant difference. We can only say that more R & D activities to China from overseas, suggesting that the majority of automotive suppliers are building local technical capacity to meet the needs of the local OEM vendors and plans to more quickly complete a unique design.

Delphi (China) Technology R & D Center security system of new product development manager, Dr. Qiang Shen Jun: automotive electronic technology in the future direction of development focused on three aspects, safety, green and connected. Mainly in the technical aspects of security problems is to reduce the accident rate and reduce the time of the accident on the driver and crew members, the degree of injury. Through active safety technology, and integration of active and passive safety technologies to prevent and reduce accidents. Green is by reducing vehicle emissions, the use of new energy, hybrid, a new generation of heat exchange, and the use of new materials to reduce vehicle pollution on the environment, reduce the consumption of natural resources, improve the utilization of energy and clean energy . Is connected to the vehicle into a mobile information platform. Including car communications and entertainment system, shop and vehicle and infrastructure communication communication communication facilities, a new generation of navigation technology. Through 3G, WiMax, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connections and other communications and means to achieve vehicle information interaction and connection.

The future of automotive safety technology will gradually from the time of the collision on how to protect the driver and passengers inside the vehicle passive safety technology, turning on how to avoid and reduce the impact of active safety technology, and integrated active safety and passive safety technology direction. These new automotive safety systems with high intelligence and automation to the semiconductor manufacturers set higher requirements. Specifically, the following points: 1, these new security systems require the support of high-performance microprocessors. 32-bit DSP, and the widespread use of microprocessors, the processor continues to increase computing power, data storage capacity continues to expand, these trends automotive semiconductor manufacturers to develop high-performance microprocessors and DSPs made urgent request. 2 new automotive safety with the complexity of electronic systems more and more, the controller used in an increasing number of semiconductor chips, in order to ensure the reliability and service life of the controller, the reliability of each component and put forward higher requirements for life. Because of the many components, as long as there is something wrong with one component will affect the entire controller work. 3, in order to ensure the safety of complex system development of new reliability, improve development efficiency, semiconductor chip manufacturers in the development and delivery of chips at the same time, the corresponding chip development tools are particularly important. A good chip development tools for auto parts to provide convenient and reliable developers, system development environment, greatly shorten the development cycle. 4, the software is portable requirements, and the connections between the different controllers, requiring semiconductor suppliers in the development of chips, follow the relevant standard. 5, current and future requirements of the automotive industry are increasingly sensitive to cost, which requires manufacturers to provide high-performance semiconductors, high-quality, high reliability of the chip, we must strictly control the chip development and production costs.

Delphi offers a variety of active safety technology products, specifically, Delphi electronic scanning radar, as the ESR and intelligent video systems before the IFV. These two categories of products available on the vehicle prior to the security. ESR is a multi-mode radar, electronic scanning radar, to provide long distance and middle distance two kinds of coverage, the equivalent of a radar provides long range radar and radar in two different radar functions. ESR radar in April 2010 was awarded a PACE Award in North America. Delphi has many years of development of automotive radar products in the history of the oldest in the industry. Shipments of more than 100 million units. ESR radar-based start-stop function can be constructed with the ACC system, FCW system, AB / ABA system. IFV is an integrated video camera and processor system. Its small size, powerful, can be installed behind the windshield, providing LDW, LKP, ANV, and video-based FCW system. At the same time, ESR IFV radar signals and video signals can also be fused, FCW-based data fusion and AB / ABA system. Sides and rear of the vehicle, Delphi has SBMP radar for vehicle blind spot detection, lane change assist, and rear-end collision warning notice. In the rear of the vehicle, Delphi has a rearview camera RVC, as well as rear view camera-based intelligent parking assist system. These products have been put into production.

Compared with similar programs, Delphi advantage of these solutions are the following: 1, integration of sensor and processor technology, to reduce the number of controllers, thus reducing costs. ESR above the radar, IFV, SBMP RVC radar and intelligent parking assist system, have adopted this integrated approach. 2, a hardware platform integration and configure multiple functions simultaneously, greatly reducing system cost. 3, Delphi active safety products first entered the Chinese market, the company is located in Shanghai, Delphi (China) R & D center has established a very strong local product development and application of the team, fully capable of whole plant development initiative for the domestic security products, provide local technical support.

These solutions will indeed involve a lot of software development, there is a certain complexity of ECU development. Delphi developers have a very good product development process. Every step of the development process has produced the relevant documentation. Development process in accordance with these mature, the whole idea of software development will become very clear in terms of software engineers, which will become responsible for the development of some simple. Meanwhile, Delphi is also the most advanced development tools, application of these development environments and tools to assist software development.

Delphi next step is to introduce active safety systems in the direction of products and technologies are the following: 1, the introduction of more low cost products. 2 and improve the integration of active safety systems, such as radar and video systems integration as a whole. 3, active safety and passive safety integration and information sharing, the driver in any driving conditions are to provide comprehensive protection.

From the system in terms of standards, there are ISO standards, so the development of active safety systems, Delphi is a most basic prerequisite is to meet ISO standards. From the regulatory side, the North America and Europe are related to active safety regulations and vehicle safety evaluation criteria. For example, prior to the pre-NCAP standards for collision warning and others have related to the testing requirements and the adoption of standards. Chinas auto electronics market in the Jingen regulations in Europe and America, have been implemented in addition to the passive safety regulations, but in active safety, particularly in the pedestrian protection recommendations of the relevant regulations promulgated. I believe China will have more vehicle safety laws and regulations implemented.

Automotive electronics market in China started late, but the development speed is very fast. Many whole plant have been or are using the most advanced automotive electronic technology and products, which are for domestic and international automotive electronics supplier provided a good opportunity. Delphi is a leading global supplier of automotive electronics, machine factories in China provides a major car including safety, body control, security, communications, entertainment, navigation, engine control, electrical and electronic architecture and a series of automotive electronics products for Chinese car plant to provide high-quality machine advanced electronic components.

Freescales global automotive marketing manager Marc Osajda: Freescales automotive electronics business has been a strategic focus. We have been in the automotive semiconductor industry with 30 years of experience, Freescale microcontrollers, embedded processors, analog and sensors and other products in the automotive powertrain, body electronics, chassis and vehicle safety, driver information systems and other fields has been widely used, there has always been a good market performance, also received a high market reputation and status. The future of automotive electronics business, Freescale will be safety systems (airbags, stability control, and remote control security (Safe-by-wire), etc., body control system (switch control, power windows control, door control, the former according to light control), anti-theft system (remote control door locks, intrusion alarms, passive remote unlock), powertrain (engine control, powertrain), chassis control systems (brakes, Traction slip control system, steering control, suspension rack systems) and automotive information systems (entertainment, services, mobile communications, information processing, and GPS navigation systems, etc.) to provide multiple solutions to the six areas. Freescales MEMS accelerometer provided

and pressure sensors are widely used in vehicle dynamics, chassis and safety systems, such as engine control, airbags, vehicle stability control and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). MEMS sensors for production purposes, Freescale has the following core competencies: ASIC and the sensor unit design, packaging, software, simulation and testing and so on. Compared with other types of sensors, MEMS sensor design challenges include: improving the sensitivity, improve the temperature coefficient of offset (TCO), lower power consumption, strengthening the robustness and compatibility of the media and the device reliability. Markets continue to demand economic and efficient solutions, and Freescale ready to meet this challenge. The future development of MEMS sensors

trend is still reduced size, increased reliability and improved sensitivity. Active and passive safety systems integration brings new challenges, such as the different sensors can be integrated into a single package (such as gyroscopes plus low acceleration sensors) to solve these problems. This is called "sensor fusion" or "system in package" of a new era of Freescales leading fully integrated with the TPMS system-level package, including the four chips: pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, an 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) and RF transmitter. All new technologies have a zero defect process backed by Freescale, and Freescale is the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) members, to meet all safety-critical applications to ensure the quality and reliability requirements.

In addition, intelligent automotive safety systems and automation of the continuous improvement of operational performance of the micro-controller MCU put a higher demand, Freescale Power Architecture MPC564xL is the latest dual-core secure microcontroller core contains two PowerPC e200Z4 , under the 120Mhz frequency can provide the computing power of up to 600 DMIPS (dual core), but also to meet the IEC 61508 SIL-3 safety certification standards.

2015 airbag Chinas auto market penetration will exceed 90%, it would become the most widely used security technology. Airbag technology is increasingly reached a very mature level, while highly cost-effective semiconductor solutions that can support the proven security features in the Chinese mass market by large-scale deployment. Airbags are proven the most effective one of passive safety features can reduce casualties in case of crashes. In addition, we also see the anti-lock braking system (ABS) for mass deployment and electronic stability control (ESC) on the rise. The two systems can help prevent emergencies, such as accidents under slippery turning or braking caused by the accident. In the long run, the most promising security technology should be able to completely avoid any incidents of security technology: such as the combination of different sensors such as radar and camera advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Although these systems is still very expensive, but has been deployed in the high-end vehicles. Our goal is to afford the future every car they are installed. Our hope is that through innovation and the economy of semiconductor solutions can pay zero casualties.

A vehicle one of the leading semiconductor technology, Freescale Semiconductor offers micro-controllers, sensors and analog solutions for applications and hybrid powertrain, chassis and safety applications, body comfort, and driver information applications and infotainment applications.

Micro-electrical mechanical sensors (MEMS) and analog system basis chip (SBC) is gradually improving security solutions for Freescale. Freescale is the iSuppli survey the field of airbag accelerometer leader, we have recently announced several new products to meet the stringent airbag solutions needs. These products include MEMS-based accelerometer MMA5xxxW satellite collision, the industrys first to QFN package (in order to reduce the floor space) for the satellite PSI5 X or Z-axis inertial sensors for airbag ECU MMA68xxQ biaxial MEMS-based collision airbag sensors and MC33789 System Basis Chip (SBC).

Specific to security applications, we are for the airbags, power steering and ABS / ESP application provides a complete set of Power Architecture microcontrollers. Freescale Power Architecture MPC564xL is a new controller family, optimized electronic power steering, vehicle stability control and driver assistance and other security applications. It features industry-leading security architecture of the new level of performance and flexibility combined. Dual-Core MPC564xL Power Architecture MCU family includes two "channel", where each channel consists of a core, bus, interrupt controller, memory controller and other kernel-related modules. Dual-core MCU for safety-critical applications, replacing the current method of using the dual MCU to a more cost-effective price point vehicle safety.

Freescale Semiconductor continues to innovate in order to provide the most cutting-edge technology. We are currently developing for the Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) applications, MCU, and for blind spot monitoring (BSP) or the adaptive cruise control RF radio solution. The new MEMS sensors will also be our strong acceleration sensors added.

With the emissions and safety regulatory requirements and other aspects of growing globalization, domestic auto manufacturers of advanced technology more and more pressing demand, the market is growing. But Chinas automotive electronics industry is still very weak accumulation of technology, the key module in the basic dependent on Europe, America, Japan and other countries. How can the same in the communications industry to achieve industrial breakthrough, there are more autonomous self-development capability and automotive electronics products have become the focus of national industrial policy, the industry is exploring the problem. Freescale in automotive electronics, has 30 years of experience, we have been, and BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, GM and other major automakers in Europe and America have very close cooperation, to provide them with a number of innovative semiconductor technology and products, while and these are also a leader in the automotive world to foster the cooperation of a group of system experts. Freescale hope to our advanced technology and global experience team of experts to China to help the domestic auto manufacturers, especially domestic producers to achieve a breakthrough level of application platforms, in order to establish a truly competitive automotive electronics industry. Understood the importance of the Chinese market, Chinese market is Freescales automotive electronics business of the future of the fastest growing regional market. We will further strengthen cooperation with Chinas domestic car manufacturers cooperation.

Shenzhen Hope Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Person in charge Ruanqing Yu: With the growth in car sales, especially in passenger car sales, the future of the automotive electronics market, especially China, will show steady growth situation. In order to meet consumer needs and optimize performance and quality, aftermarket manufacturers have tended to pre-installed market. Automotive safety technology is the development direction of automotive electronics is one eternal, with passenger cars, consumers attention of automotive safety technology is growing. Therefore, prices of major car make more intelligent and automated security technologies in terms of semiconductor manufacturers is full of challenges and opportunities. SoC design is one of the mainstream, to simplify the integration of design, to avoid the problem of multiple modules with the coordination and provide a more reliable single-chip systems, are semiconductor manufacturers need to think about.

I think that in many emerging security technology, the most promising anti-collision automotive safety technologies, ESP, and TPMS. The direction of these applications Douyou great practical value, including the reasons for anti-collision because of technical difficulty, the domestic still in the research stage; Its Comparison mature in the latter two, belonging to mass production stage.

Maple in the direction of automotive electronics products with their own advantages, more likely to develop wireless-related automotive electronic products, automotive safety directions as well. Maple is currently invested mainly in the automobile radio automotive related industries, such as RKE, PKE, TPMS other direction. Maple advantage in RF applications, such as the recently launched RF60 is a single SoC chip for the RKE market, to monolithic integration of the current code chip and RF circuits.

From the contacts with clients, we believe that engineers are the main problems is that new products replace old products need to know the process, old products are very mature, but in the backward way of Ting Liu; and new products will provide new facilities and performance But questioned. Maple is fully committed to promoting and help engineers better understand the direction of new technology and experience the convenience brought about by design. Of course, new technology always brings some changes, software changes are normal things, but Maple will be for different applications to minimize these changes, reduce development complexity. Maple upcoming

more integrated RF and MCU SoC chips that can better the direction of radio frequency electronic automotive applications. In the current market, there is still a lot of use of sound surface, high frequency pipe and encoding a single launch system chip design. These small systems are faced with discrete batch production quality stability, circuit area can not adapt to a more compact structure, beautiful, single function and can not be flexible and not repeat the use of different frequency applications. RF60 is the solution for these defects, can be applied to any frequency 27MHz ~ 960MHz, small single-chip system can reduce costs and simplify production. At the same time, calculated with AES128 bit encryption, can well meet the needs of automotive security industry.

TI Automotive Electronics China Senior Manager Gu Lei: audio and video entertainment systems, advanced security system, engine efficiency and emissions control, sensor control, and electric vehicles / hybrid electric vehicle (EV / HEV) and other advanced technologies, Sunny is currently the fastest growing automotive electronics field, especially in China. Technology and features consumers have become increasingly demanding, which requires more advanced integration techniques to reduce weight, reduce the (materials) costs. In China, independent research and development has been on the national development strategy plays a vital role, many companies need to develop more advanced systems to provide reliable support for the relevant application.

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