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U.S. blog that Apple should be listed four reasons for the acquisition of Infineon

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Beijing July 31, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. technology blog Techcrunch published an article today, Apple should be listed chip maker Infineon acquisition of the four causes, including vertical integration business, the business of Apple added, economically viable, as well as Apples future consideration. Three years ago into the mobile phone market, Apple has become the most profitable mobile phone maker, which also makes Apple a key mobile phone parts buyers. Market research firm iSuppli predicts Apple will next year become the worlds second largest semiconductor products buyers will exceed the 2012 HP to become the worlds largest semiconductor products buyers.

While Apple provides a massive bargain purchase of capital, but whether Apple should have their own R & D of wireless chip business has been a hot topic in the industry. Recently there are rumors that Intel wants to acquire Infineons wireless chip business. Apples exclusive mobile phone Infineon baseband chipset providers, so whether Apple should be put on the acquisition of Infineon issue again. Perhaps, Apple CEO Steve Jobs (STeve Jobs) are analyzing the impact of the acquisition of Infineon. Techcrunch

following Apple should be listed four reasons for the acquisition of Infineons:

One reason: the business of vertical integration into the mainstream

During this period, large companies started the business again, vertical integration, rather than the level of development, Cisco and LT1161ISW datasheet and Oracle are all true. In the mobile phone industry, Nokia and LT1161ISW price and Ericsson have owned their own chip team, until 2007 to break out. While Apples A4 chip

quite successful, but in chip research and LT1161ISW suppliers and development, Apple lags behind almost all the major hardware companies, including Cisco, Sony and IBM.

Two reasons: Apple Infineons business can complement

Infineon is not only the iPhones exclusive provider of baseband chips, but has only four companies licensed ARM chip architecture (in addition to foreign as well as high-pass Infineon, Marvell and Microsoft.) Therefore, prior to the acquisition of Infineon with Apples PA Semi acquisition and the formation of ARM chip architecture Intrinsity supplement.

From the deeper point of view, Apple sells only one model of each phone, so Apple can fully match the mobile phone chip design features. Nokia then one of the reasons to give up the chip business is not for the hundreds of different phones each year to provide targeted chip products. Qualcomm chip design must also take into account the broader market.

Finally, Infineon is only the fourth largest provider of 3G baseband chip, so Apple needs to lift after the acquisition of Infineons customer relationships is relatively small. Infineon and because smaller, so the operability of the transaction is relatively large.

In addition, Apple also can learn from Infineon advantage of the radio signals to make up for recent iPhONe 4 exposed antenna design problems.

Three reasons: the most cost-effective from an economic and most feasible

Currently, Apples stock price higher, and Apple has more than 400 billion dollars in cash, full strength in the mobile phone chip R & D to make a strategic investment. Infineons wireless business last year, sales of 1.2 billion, a premium of 1.5 times based on similar transactions practice, Apples acquisition of Infineons price of 20 billion U.S. dollars.

4 months have rumors that Apple wants to acquire ARM, but ARM acquisition of a 50 billion U.S. dollars. Obviously, with 20 billion acquisition of Infineon is more cost-effective. And once by Intel, or Samsung, Infineon acquired, then Apple can no longer buy a similar wireless technology to a company with similar companies. Other to provide mobile phone baseband chip manufacturers (including Qualcomm, Ericsson, STMicroelectronics, MediaTek, Broadcom) too big and too diversified business.

Four reasons: lack of wireless chip business that Apples future worrisome

Future of mobile phone manufacturers will purchase packaged solutions, that is, to a provider with the purchase of application processors (computing power available for mobile phones), integrated connectivity chip set (for GPS, Wi-Fi, FM and Bluetooth connectivity function), and multi-functional broadcasting. Qualcomm has been close to achieving this goal, and Intel also hopes to achieve this goal through the acquisition of Infineon.

This is a threat to Apple because the package sale of Qualcomm and Intel will make Apples A4 solution application chip project marginalized, and the acquisition of Infineon enables Apple to control their own mobile device as a companys future.

If Apple miss this opportunity, it will no longer have access to such opportunities through the acquisition of the wireless chip technology, because the rapid consolidation in the industry, the rest of the vendors will become a "monster."

So Apple has enough reason to buy Infineon, the only question is whether Apple and Intel have the courage to bid.

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