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coolest game: take into account the dual function of learning and MAX770CSA datasheet and fun electronic toys most children welcome
todays technology, the same as yesterdays rock and MAX770CSA price and roll: Most parents, even if they claim to cool, it can not keep up this trend.
Now the children are all playing a master high-tech products. Faster than adults, they can understand and MAX770CSA suppliers and master a new device. For example, SMS is the youth market, following the most popular item after the acne cream.
In the United States, children are generally middle-class families have computers, game consoles, TV, DVD, and more and more children have cell phones. Early age children are familiar with a variety of high-tech products, which will affect their future lives. For example: the more they are accustomed to online, the less it will grow up to read printed books. They will spend more time downloading music and movies, not to video stores and movie theaters.
Parents are not sure, in the end should be at a very early age children to provide a full set of high-tech products, or is it possible to keep them from this strange world of electronic.
But one thing is certain, people spend too much time on the computer, over time, side effects arise. For example, the inside of the wrist joint syndrome, muscular dystrophy and vitamin D deficiency. These symptoms are increasingly reflected on the children. It is hoped that the computer will get the kids to master the technological skills, and encourage them not only to play computer games all day idle or in chat rooms, but to do more meaningful things.
Now, new technology products that people have found a balance between technology and entertainment. Many high-tech products is particularly welcomed by children and young people as they adapt to their lifestyle, needs, and teach them how to integrate with the growing electronic world.
U.S. "Forbes" magazine recently elected 10 coolest electronic toys children, one of the most compelling entertainment, or take into account the dual needs to learn the products, two products in Hong Kong, China The competitions among the best.
AI robot dance will be in Hong Kong martial arts

Second largest toy company in Hong Kong R & D production of AI WowWee robots. This toy Toy Fair in New York also won Best Creative Toys Award. It is characterized by flexible joints, smooth motion, you can set the remote control 67 functions: not only can dance, can shake hands, hug, will perform martial arts, can be like throwing something, like acrobats. WowWee robot also has energy saving features, you can use ordinary batteries to 16 hours.
Priced at 800 yuan or so.
HIP-E computer learning entertainment correct

DigitalLifestyless HIP-E computer ranked eighth coolest electronic toys. It has desktop and notebook computers feature the PentiumM with 1.6GHZ processor and 120GB hard drive, 17-inch LCD display, MP3 and TV tuning device. It is learning powerful entertainment features are a computer, very popular with children all ages. Priced at around 14,400 yuan.
Furby doll can answer questions in English

One of the largest U.S. toy company Hasbro Furby doll will be released in the fall, it is the fifth row of the coolest electronic toys. The new Furby dolls memory is the last product of 6 times. It will tell jokes, dance, blink, play games, but also identify the masters voice, and can use English to answer questions. Cost about 300 yuan. Learning machine
domestic parents worry their children watch TV
Hong Kong listed company VTechs V. Smile TV Learning production machine by "Forbes" ranked the coolest electronic toys first. It is New York as early as February of this year, "the International Toy Fair 2005" on the best toys Award received two awards. It can be directly connected to TV, the learning content, cute cartoon characters and video games together, for 3 to 7 years children. V. Smile video game box to help children learn through language, math, vocabulary and problem-solving method and curriculum of basic skills daily so that parents can rest assured that their children watch TV. It is the game box to Winnie the Pooh and the cute cartoon characters, leading
children through fun games and training activities, to develop good muscle motor skills. Children can use the joystick to control every game, with large adjustable button color, right hand control is very convenient.
Cost about 480 yuan.
Care game controller installed fan palm

Manufacturer Nyko has recently launched in North America built the fan "AirFlo" series wireless controller fifth row of the coolest electronic toys. Biggest selling point which is of course built-in controller, enhanced fan, just connect the power will be able to control the built-in fan, the wind blowing the palm can solve the palm of the hand and easy to play the game a long time sweating trouble. Price of 300 yuan.
Virtual pet for children to learn more interesting
FisherPrice produced PixterColor coolest electronic toys, electronic toys ranked ninth. It has a touch screen, you can draw anywhere, anytime. It also provides a variety of software, you can learn the language, mathematics, geography, etc, adding software can also turn it into electronic pets. Cost about 600 yuan. Children
VEX robot assembly
RadioShack their VEX robot system produced the coolest electronic toys and the sixth row. It has more than 500 components, the configuration of radio receivers and six channel receiver. Children can self-assembling robot, an understanding of their physical and mechanical knowledge.
Cost about 2,400 yuan.
Computer microscope can shoot video

DigitalBlueQX5 the seventh row of the coolest electronic toys. It is through the USB interface with a computer connected directly powered by USB, no additional power support. QX5 microscope with the traditional ways of working the same, but the difference is the image objects will be converted to a digital receiver to digital data and transmitted via the USB interface to the computer. QX5 can capture 640 × 480 photos, captured video can be. And can edit pictures and videos on the computer. Cost about 600 yuan.
Sidekick2 phone user information network storage
T-MobileSidekick2 phone tenth row of the coolest electronic toys. It is by a company called Danger developed, and the place is different from other phones, cell phone user information is not stored in the memory card or SIM card, but is stored in the network. It requires a user name and password authentication, the user use the phone, the need for any information on the Internet as long as you can recall. The world famous Hilton Hotel heiress Hilton is also used to send Alice the phone, she at the Oscars the results of the use of the phone was black, but this new phone while filling Large popular celebrities. Priced at around 2,000 yuan. Samsung Pocket DVD drive light

cute miniature upcoming Samsung DVD drive the fourth row of the coolest electronic toys. It has only 2.5 inches TFT color display, the DVD only 3 British kept thick. Compared to regular DVD than the small size and easy manipulation. There is also the film (such as "Harry Potter") and cartoons ("Batman," "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" and "X Superman"), which are particularly attractive to young eyes. In addition, different from ordinary DVD, its battery can last 2.5 hours - enough to read a complete movie. Price of RMB 1000 or so.

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