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Who can save the LED lighting industry in China

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"LED lighting faster future development of new industries by 2015 as long as 20% of the general lighting using LED, will reach 500 billion yuan of market size, and EPM3256AQC208-7 datasheet and drive millions of people employed," I do not know how many people and EPM3256AQC208-7 price and entrepreneurs to see to this news, my heart wondering: 5,000 billion, as long as there is one per cent market share of 5.0 billion, ha ha, great. Do not even one percent, one-thousandth as long as there is 5 million, 20% of the profits earned a million a year no problem. Thousandth of the market share is no problem, that is shared by the average, there are a thousand enterprises, but also one-thousandth of the market ah! The prospect was tantalizing! Do not think about, and EPM3256AQC208-7 suppliers and quickly dried LED lighting it! As a result, the market, understand LEDs, LEDs do not know, shoes, and clothes, and do the building, do paint, do hardware plastic … ... all of a sudden, all walks of life are beginning to enter the high-profile LED lighting in this industry, and have played what "the largest LED manufacturers in China", "China LED lighting leader", "LED lighting experts" ... ... the title. As long as the dry on the LEDs, is "of adequacy" of high-tech experts to become wrapped around the waist of billions of assets of the rich, multi-billion annual enterprise that is big business.

However, the current status of the domestic LED industry really be? Take the LED lamp industry, the majority of business losses, but few companies are generally not the loss of traditional business support. But despite the losses, the company CEOs are still "painful but still happy." Pain because, although dry on the high-tech LED, but did not get a few decent order. Is to get a few orders, lights fitted to the road, but the production of LED lamps because of their failure a serious light, light the darker the more points, the hearts of more and more afraid, I do not know which day, the light does not shine into serious decline, and How to explain to the Government and the people? At present, with their companys technology also can not solve bad light on the LED lamps, heat, light distribution and other problems. Although these can not speak to outsiders, but they still boast the righteous "× × brand, illuminate the world", so heart pain with contradictions. Despite the pain, but think of a thousand billion, China has huge market pie to eat, and, if an enterprise package Hu You well, then investors can also be a money market fishing. Consider the Chinese Government on the future prospects of LED lighting has never hesitated, but will also support the introduction of a series of preferential policies for the development of LED lighting industry and support measures, the thought of this, my heart to these entrepreneurs and flattered. Anyway, the Chinese governments money well Hu You , simply on the hat and no cattle, keep suppressing, gambling, go on! This is the LED lighting industry in Chinas current situation - suffering endured, happy fantasy. But did not seriously think about: the pain come from? How to eliminate and reduce this pain?

No doubt that the Chinese government demonstration in support of LED lighting, it can be said to be the worlds largest government support. "Ten City, ten thousand" demonstration project has been thrown into the tens of billion yuan went. However, the actual effect? Many LED lights to run a few months due to severe light failure and had to be removed, although some light is still lit, but has been fading, in order to face, but still insisted on death! It is said that a well-known domestic enterprises street, come in the ranks of hundreds of people throughout the country, "fire" maintenance. People will ask: All of these losses is due to what? Thin a thought, hateful hateful is: China has become the so-called advanced countries a testing ground for LED lighting! The large number of LED lights manufacturing enterprises have become a victim, but also kept in the dark. They promote a surprising complacency: "We have won nearly 2,000 km of LED street lamp demonstration project it!" These companies have become some of the big foreign companies to make the Chinese government, but also a tool for making money for taxpayers. As a business promotion: "We are importing × × × countrys famous brand of LED light source, the price per watt to as high as nearly three yuan. This calculation, we have a hundred-watt LED lamps six-seven thousand yuan and the price is not high ah! "Our government is only the light six thousand yuan per payment, a few years, 2,000 km of street lights, they need to pay more than ten million, while foreign companies will easily × to take 50%. a little bit of knowledge knows that the semiconductor, LED epitaxial wafer manufacturing cost is extremely low, if the foreign advanced technology and manufacturing, the cost more affordable. Originally, only 10 yuan a tile things, how to suddenly sold 30 per tile? These enterprises also willing to promote and flaunt their use of the imported brands, these foreign companies to help the Chinese people wantonly earn money! What can these companies get it? Very funny to say, not the other half received the RMB, because it is obtained abroad by the LED light source to produce a failure of LED lighting products and can not get money for government projects and smashed their own brand of ending. This time, foreign companies will control these you? What they are advertised propaganda "× × core, the Chinese situation", the original is their "black heart", the Chinese people wantonly earn money! So we have to ask ourselves: Why foreign famous brand products, in the end the outcome of it? This is our government officials, experts, especially LED lighting manufacturers to seriously consider the important question! We only get to know this question really got it figured out before we can save our LED street lighting industry, to be able to make our LED lighting product companies to avoid going astray. 5,000 billion of our country to the healthy development of new lighting industry together.

Here, we ask, the key where is it? We might ask: What countrys LED is the best? Coincidentally, we may all believe that the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea. Please think about the developed capitalist countries, since the technology they are so good, why not spend billions of their own countries, to engage in a few hundred million LED "city of ten thousand ten," the model works? But has chosen to sell you the Chinese people demonstration project to do it? This is the question. Because they know: is the test model, the risk is to pay the price. Chinese people are not very smart? The worlds advanced technology to learn. To this point, but why in the LED lighting on the Chinese people have tasted the bitter pill. Wai Guoren not only sell our high-tech LED products, but also sold us a packaged LED light source model to guide our company in China in accordance with the packaged LED light source model to create lighting. As mentioned earlier, the use of LED light source model that foreigners make up the idea of LED lamps, the end can be imagined. Foreigners want to ah: anyway, the Chinese government is now you have money, spend money wasted does not matter that Chinese companies are not reluctant to spend money to develop it? Take the lessons you buy it! And other Chinese people finally come to understand, when a large number of foreign exchange has been earned away. And our government officials and some experts and scholars, and even more entrepreneurs, also lengthy claims: Our LED lamps are imported light ah! Can be said that the whole industry by foreigners Huyou! Because foreigners started to sell a package of Chinese good LED light source, this point alone, the industry must make detours. Because no matter what you plant, and no matter how high your technology, as long as you do with this LED light source lamp, you must be based on the characteristics of the light source to design LED lighting. As a result, China was born with dozens or even hundreds of stars stars with the same structure composed of LED light source LED lighting. The structure of these lamps is basically the same, that is, crystal LED light from the LED is encapsulated in a heat sink, the light-emitting surface of the lens package protected by the resin and make the light point of view, dozens, hundreds of stars that light be installed to an aluminum plate printed circuit , the aluminum plate has been installed to light a whole radiator shell. In order to do a good job with light, the LED light source also added a PC or PMMA material with the lens, commonly known as "peanuts lens." Then, to waterproof and dustproof, and not with a glass chimney is no longer good seal. Or instead of "peanuts lens" with light, with a coating on the reflector, one in the cast open into cavity LED light source for reflecting light distribution. Then fitted with drive power, after power wiring, LED lights, and everyone was happy. "High tech" LED lamps to this development a success! But the lamp lit for some time after the discovery problem. Internal junction temperature is too high, too much bad light, bad light point within a few months to several percent. Various manufacturers and in the brains So, do everything possible to think of ways how to reduce the LED light source to the LED heat sink, to the installation of the printing aluminum plate, the thermal resistance between the heat sink. Thus, no alternative, only the thermal conductivity with low thermal resistance plastic fill. However, the low thermal resistance of thermal plastic where? Only foreigners. Therefore, all the manufacturers on the costs at all costs to buy, even dozens of dollars to buy one gram of high prices also ah! Mended that this was again made a handful of foreigners harsh! Hua Liao Yuan Wang Qian later, although the reduction in thermal resistance of the lamp, but the light decay is still a serious ah! At this time added foreigners, and you do the Chinese lens PC, PMMA materials, the material too bad, easy to aging light failure, and only with our foreign materials Caixing. Thus, all the manufacturers and a large number of imported foreign PC, PMMA material, thinking that it can reduce the lumen. As everyone knows, whether imports of plastic, or the imported PC material, do not fundamentally solve the LED problem of heat and light failure, but the money has been foreigners Hu You Bale. So far, Chinese companies can be designed with this foreign source model LED lamps do, no one really solve the high-power LED lamps heat and light failure problems. This is the LED lighting industry in China is currently the sad. This cycle of drilling

why it? A senior NASA scientist gave away the secret: the current mode is the LED light source package and the LED indicator lights to indicate early when the package model, even W-class model is only an improved package only, does not meet the percentage Watt-level power source lighting package model requires a low thermal resistance and higher light low light decline the request! No wonder most Chinese companies are doing LED lighting heat and light can not break bad problem. Because of this lighting source mode is selected for display and light patterns to do! Think is ridiculous! So many intelligent Chinese people for many years even been fooled! So far, however, be able to wake up enterprises in China have a few LED lights? Even some small number of experts are still shouting unrealistic: the production of discrete LED lamp heat source is the most decentralized structure model is the best heat dissipation. Think really Alas! These experts, professors are the nations elite, which should take the forefront in science and technology, but they are also foreigners Hu You . They do not think, research with Chinese characteristics and practical LED lighting technology, but followed their own people in China helping the foreigners to Hu You ! Of course, this is only a few, have no fear! When is the academic debate on it! Let them go fight. The good news is, LED lighting industry today, many of our government officials, experts, professors, researchers have discovered the problem and stopped in some areas indicate that the LED light source and display mode of production with the lights out demonstration project. Start a real lighting industry product development direction and pattern of thinking: LED lighting is not wrong, LED development prospects are not wrong, it would be wrong in the product structure patterns. Because the foreign source model LED lighting product structure model so that scattered light can not afford to heat, light effect able to come up, the light fades very serious. In fact, the method is not difficult to correct: that is to change the current mode and the lamp LED light source package structure model. Using our own innovation and invention, with its own intellectual property rights, in line with needs of low-power lighting low thermal resistance LED lumen LED lamp light source and structural model on it.

The good news is, a truly LED light source for illumination and lighting requirements of model products in the Chinese market has emerged, and the enterprise has its own intellectual property. Some good R & D team constantly Lighting Research Institute and Shanghai Fudan University and Zhejiang University School of photovoltaic experts, professors, has begun the development of high power LED light source of low resistance integrated modules, integrated with optical modules, rare earth cooling and heat sink module and power drive control module. They exclude profit-oriented, impulsive interference, painstaking research and work hard to overcome one problem, the optimal combination through a variety of modules to achieve a real sense of power lighting LED lamps. At present, the company represented by domestic enterprises to adopt LED epitaxial wafer package 10-100w integrated LED light source modules, broke the light source efficiency 120lm / w, with the 120w of LED light fixtures produced by the National Electric Light Source of Quality Supervision, Testing Center (Shanghai) detection, the whole lighting effect to the 90.9lm / w, its integrated high-power single-chip high flux LED lighting technology is a world leader. The LED junction temperature (ambient temperature 25 ℃) has been tested to 50 ℃. Suzhou Industrial Park, the company installed a demonstration lamps, by six months of monitoring, was not detected bad light. LED lights installed in Kunshan 24 hours light, has more than 25,000 hours of continuous running, and achieved less than 10% of its lumen measured results. Company has made such a good product measurement and inspection data, its use of raw materials except protective silicone and gold imported materials, other materials such as LED epitaxial wafers, crystalline solid with a liquid metal thermal conductivity, phosphor, ceramic package substrate, the rare earth aluminum heat materials, glass materials with optical lenses, are using domestic materials and developed the companys proprietary material.

Believe that LED lighting industry, through bitter experience, the people will wake up, consensus: only stick to the road of independent innovation, increase the growth of epitaxial wafers to LED from the LED light source LED lighting package structure and the structural model of the R & D, beginning of the study from the basic raw materials to increase investment, innovation and buried, can we all are suffering out of the current embarrassing situation. Current efficiency high pressure sodium lights in the entire 60-70lm / w level, while the ratio of sodium to make real energy-saving LED lamps more than 60%, LED lamps light effect on the whole must be greater than 100lm / w, in order to have the possibility of saving more than 60% , which can achieve our energy reduction target a low carbon economy! If some companies also take the optical efficiency 60-70lm / w, and LED lamps light the serious decline to replace the original light efficiency 60lm / w high-pressure sodium lamp, and shouted what energy 60-80%, which is the performance of self-deception. Such enterprises can not save Chinas LED lighting industry. If you really let this business go to "lead the LED lighting industry in China," Just think, Chinas LED lighting industry in its "leader" will run to where next? Run only the more darker. Therefore, only through independent innovation, abandon the wrong LED lighting product design and structure of the model, innovation truly meet the needs of LED lighting features and meet the high quality and efficient LED lighting products, LED lighting industry can save China!

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