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Who eats LED "hot fruit"

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Look hot this summer to people, look at this summers flooding floods. Not energy-saving environmental protection, incited by it!

So after the many natural disasters, people are deeply reflective, energy saving so was duty-bound, government support, many enterprises also have answered the call. People are looking forward to a drastic energy-saving revolution.

LED lighting is indeed the king of new energy-saving, just a few years time, will be a household name, but also to a hot market upsets. The market is hot, so hot unfortunately helpless and MBR2045CTG datasheet and pale. About LED lighting, how many good news once again filled with a major site headlines, the impact on peoples eardrums, but now and MBR2045CTG price and then people will be so persistent "crying wolf" to get the Da Bu Qi Jing Shen . LED

we try to find out the energy conservation principle:

First, the maximum energy into light energy; Second, manufacturing the most suitable for human visual perception of light. LED lights when we

and MBR2045CTG suppliers and the relative ratio of the traditional energy-saving lamps, we can judge very clear, LED lights are energy efficient. Here, you will agree that energy is not able to connect it?

Look at the current market, LED lighting, the presence of the main problems: heat dissipation, life issues, weight problems, efficiency, light problem, price. The six issues, is derived from the principle of energy saving LED lighting links.

One, since the existence of cooling problems, LED lighting and did not note the maximum light energy into light energy, even worse than ordinary fluorescent lamps;

Second, since the LEDs heat production high enough to affect the cooling point of view, the temperature can be seen in general. On the LED light source, what kind of material can withstand heat up to tens of thousands of hours of baking? Of course the existence of such high quality material, but the price would be prohibitive;

Third, on the life issues, is actually very simple, LED chip the heat will affect the life of LED light source itself, leading to bad light; In addition, LED lighting will also affect the life of PCB driver board;

Fourth, precisely because the LED lights produce heat, so the need for cooling. Lighter than plastic, metal, thermal conductivity is much better, but also much more cumbersome;

Five, light perception, in fact, LED lighting is not a fatal flaw. Low power LED lighting products in the case, the reason a lot of heat in the issue could become brighter after it is issued because the LED light is easier to stimulate peoples visual senses, but that light is too strong, but to spend Comparing quality lampshade, or baffle, or in large part to address this glaring problem;

Six, on prices, read the first five, the natural self-evident.

LED lighting, energy saving is not that a report on the matter, the key is to make consumers feel that affordable and reliable Caixing.

"Hot" word how people in the field of LED lighting, sensitive, a "hot" word, and get exhausted in the number of enterprises, to many consumers confused neurotic. In the field of LED lighting, LED products on the Chinese market, the brand could get almost no shot. The reason is very simple, can not solve the "hot" issue.

Professional LED lighting company in China appears to many, in fact, in addition to rectangular lighting, really bright, upper right on the ground dozens of names of companies, most of the little-known name of small business are walking a fine line. In fact, look at the whole Chinese market, LED lighting products, production capacity is not large enough to hold up spending over one billion people in China, so the LED "fire". How long can the fire? The way to how to go to the fire? This is a large LED lighting business and will get involved in LED lighting industry must face. LED lighting products from the above six questions, we can easily see that, placed in the LED lighting industry is the biggest problem most urgent is the "hot", not "heat"!

We use foreign machinery and equipment manufacturing chips, or chips from abroad by foreign packaging machine, and then processed into finished products abroad, the machine lights, but still "hot" level has not diminished. So we then relatively superior products sold abroad, foreigners allowed to pick and choose. Why Chinas high-tech is always dependent on abroad? Some companies even more "imported" as a brand backed by quality.

Year the Japanese manufacturer with peanut shells on the floor in exchange for peanuts, peanut shell made of the floor and then in turn sold to China. Only to the boat, do not spend a penny, take care of the boat full of peanuts to go, and even take away his pocket money to the Chinese people, Chinese people are still smiley face, just because the floor has been excellent, The floor may also only appear in the upper-class home in the community. Japanese is the principle of technology-winning all-powerful in the world and invincible.

Fact, LED lighting products in Europe and America may not have much advanced, not necessarily their energy saving LED lighting to do a wind and water. However, there are mountains of technical people, you do not want to develop advanced technology and the source and want to play, that people on the "play" you.

LED lighting is the root of the problem chips. Chinese enterprises are still thought of LED thermal problems for the troubled, really feel sad. The chip is not a fundamental solution to heat problems, the package can not be resolved naturally, no matter how considered finished cooling, only after another to solve a "standard", but can not solve the "specimen"!

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