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Who is the solar industrys most powerful brand?

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Strength actor may face in general, acting is extraordinary, such as this years Lunar New Year film "You Are the One" in Ge, while the audience looks self-proclaimed Sorry, but its humorous language, acting has been superb tens of thousands of audience recognition. Strength is of course only idol is the best, if you choose one of the two, I think many people will want to be the power to send an actor, an increase of effort on their own in the acting, because only then did the most long-term career, fans will always love you.

For businesses, no doubt, the enterprise charged with the task of survival and IR2130 datasheet and development, but also seek benefits for their employees, while enterprises as part of society, but also shoulder the obligations of the feedback back to society. Business can be described as Haier CEO Zhang said: cautious, walking on thin ice. Enterprises can not tolerate any of the style and IR2130 price and no substance, shall have a solid effort, superior of the "acting." The solar industry has more than 5,000 registered brands of solar energy has more than twenty thousand according to incomplete statistics, sped to the financial turmoil and IR2130 suppliers and the surging tide of market competition, leaving the solar industry bosses feel the pressures of the crisis. The enemy of the current, the strength may be the most effective speech of capital, then, in the solar industry which, I believe that many employers have wanted their own business enterprises into the strength of the faction, but this strength come from? Perhaps the first-line brand Emperor Ming, Sun Yu, Sang biggest names in music and other businesses to bring us some enlightenment.

All-around champion Wong Ming

Himin Group, as early pioneers of solar energy industry, and enlightening the early start had put forward the "technology-driven civilization" slogan, is not strong in the case of funds, hired scientists, keen to cultivate a local research personnel, and huge amounts of money for research funding. Huang Ming, as a former chairman of the board of scientific research is preferred for R & D have good, early start to do own research topics, such as early age products are derived from his creative thinking and guidance. It is deeply understand the importance of technology on business, he has to move forward scientific and technological innovation as the strong backing, driving enterprises to continue running forward. In 2003, Emperor Ming traveled thousands of miles, come known as "coated king," said the Australian Chinese chapter of its first Ph.D., developed at that time was later to lead the industry who have to follow the "three-high vacuum tube." In recent years, Emperor Ming is to strengthen the companys research and development efforts, built the worlds first automatic vacuum tube production lines, and to strengthen the solar energy output from the purchase of raw materials to the prosecution of a full set of testing equipment, involved in the field of optoelectronics and energy-saving glass, from the solar water heaters, photovoltaic energy-saving products, energy-saving glass screen temperature, solar heating, solar seawater desalination research and development, Emperor Ming of the breakthroughs and innovations have become the industry deserved, "all-round champion." Huang Ming, chairman of the industry was affectionately known as "green energy champion", has been the development of Chinas solar energy industry calls back and forth, in 2008 his personal charm and influence to board the international platform of new energy sources, and is elected International Solar Energy Society, Vice President, and as China was elected the first International Solar authority positions who participated in the annual Council of the International Solar Energy Society and the 2008 European Solar Energy Conference. Emperor Ming of Strength and idol called the organic combination. Lok Sang

marketing experts

Secondly, when pushed, Shandong Jinan, Lok Sang solar energy company with annual sales of over hundreds of millions of people is hard to imagine the Sang Le, and its lack of thousands of employees, per capita GDP more than 1.7 million, ranking first in solar energy industry. Sang Le in the market to create the digital age of solar energy, then the account holder benefits. Sang Le is very low profile, the surface has been no significant mountain dew, the dark is actually a rough bottom, a series of style all their own. In the rural areas surrounding the cities under the guidance of the marketing strategy in 2008, Lok Sang in Haining, Zhejiang, Hunan Yueyang, Huaiyin and other places were established R & D base, which Lok Sang took the lead in the formation of the solar energy industry in China, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan and Jiangsu Great layout of the market strategy. Le Sang dealers at the annual meeting in 2008, high-level general manager, said Jing, covering a radius of three bases in three provinces over a hundred towns, can achieve 24-hour service, regardless of wind and rain, solar energy can be delivered on time to the township This is the business of business logistics and tactics. Currently, Sang Le is an ambitious strategy to implement billion, by building solar energy industry chain, for 5 to 6 years to achieve 100 billion of output value.

Lok Sang marketing strategy if the company benefited from the vision, and Sang Les "three loyalty culture", it has been deep into the bone marrow of enterprises, the staff of the blood flowing, less false propaganda of the components of other companies. Le Sang from the accompanying growth of 22-year veteran, to the joys and Sang Le thick and thin for 14 years with the dealer, and the 2008 annual meeting of Le Sang, Le Sang out of 11 million in cash rewards to dealers, have shown that Sang Le unique cultural charm. Jing-ping, general manager of the high background of scientific research is done, giving the feeling of unusual calm, our memories of the exchange of business cards and found the business card that only his name and duties, without any contact. Its annual meeting to see the masters touch, quick thinking, intelligent, pragmatic and friendly conversation, moving. Le Sang strength can be referred to as the solar industry representatives.

Community Ambassador Sun Rain

Sun Rain a poetic brand to avalanche rapidly in recent years among the forefront of the industry, who would have thought 10 years ago, the rain the sun fellow also had to ask someone next to the road of business, 10 years later those living on the sun, the rain was frequently force, and sales of nearly one billion yuan, terminal sales network of radiation throughout the country and exported to international markets, ranking first-line brands. The rapid rise of the rain the sun has been puzzled by peers, was seen as the most competitive brands. From the third line to second-tier brands across the brand seems to be easier, but by the second-tier brands across the line but they are quite difficult. I believe that the reason why there is a huge rain the sun advances, the success lies in its excellent innovation and learning abilities and broad minded and tolerant, good at borrowing outside the brain, boldly Waipin professional manager, and given enough trust and a broad cast platform. This is still very rare in the industry, and professional personnel to accelerate the modernization of enterprises. Thus, only the hot sun protection rain wall marketing strategy, thus beginning the era of the solar industry from a heat-absorbing heat into the era of security, open up a blue ocean of their own. Another Aspect of rain while the sun is his public work, public service left hand, right hand to promote the market. Since the start, the sun the rain, nearly 100 nursing homes to install solar hot water systems free of charge, at Peking University, Huaihai Institute of Technology, Guanyun high school scholarships and other poverty alleviation funds, through a variety of ways and means to support poor students. During the earthquake, the sun rain donations million orphans, donated more than solar seismic Spring Buds first primary school bathroom. During the Paralympic Games, Paralympic Games, the sun the rain as the exclusive partner to cheer the whole group, as ambassador to employ Jin Jing, Sun Rain has become synonymous with public welfare. Xu made the new chairman of technical background, each time to see him suit is trim, backs straight, like a soldier, accustomed to the picture on the skirts of his regular seat in the Paralympic Games site in the Wenchuan earthquake scene, and basketball court also revealed his Hero Tomorrow.

Like solar power to send many enterprises, such as Connaught, Shandong, Beijing, Temple, Samp, Tsinghua Yuan Jiangsu Sunshine and promotion companies, their R & D, production and management has its own unique offerings Tips are to promote the development of Chinas solar energy industry to contribute their own strength.

Power to send them through the business analysis and overview, we find that, in fact, these enterprises and entrepreneurs who have younger players are learning.

First of all I think these companies should learn the spirit of innovation. Innovation everywhere, not better to die without innovative enterprises, innovation is easier said than done. This requires business leaders all times for staff to create an innovative environment, and to develop innovative thinking. Innovation so that Emperor Ming from a small workshop to become a household brand, its reputation at home and abroad of China Sun Valley. Innovation in marketing the Lok Sang always keep a step ahead than others with the ability. Innovation makes the sun the rain less than a billion from 2005 to 2008 grew nearly a billion in annual sales. With the momentum of innovation so that the source of enterprise, innovation and enable enterprises to remain invincible, innovation is always the young dynamic companies.

Second, the learning ability of their inclusion. Inclusion is a broad-minded and tolerant is a grace, so-called tolerance may be the new and old employees to accept and absorb each other, may be fusion of different ideas collide. Inclusive means that enterprise the Sea, the ability to accommodate all things, just because of the inclusion, there will be selfless.

Dispersed only a daughter, to share the wealth of the mind the sun, only bigger and stronger common good wishes of solar energy industry, have long-term stability of the enterprise.

Again, study their fighting spirit. Business without a fighting spirit, can not be fast-growing. Le Sang Jing Ping, general manager of the high-more than 200 days a year to walk in the solar end markets, the market have an accurate understanding of strategic positioning. Emperor Ming Huang Ming, chairman of solar energy is the cause for the white hair, shouting himself hoarse. Sun Yu Xu is with the new chairman of the board alongside staff, Emergency first. Their team is led by the heroic division, at the end of the market invincible, invincible, invincible. Chinas Sun Valley, billions of strategy, doubling the annual sales growth is not a myth, is the teams hard work has made of their glory today.

As a new generation of solar business, our industry has been called the cutting-edge firms that "the sun circles" are published in the journal, which is in charge of a group of 70 after the rookie business. They are Tongji sun steven special, God, too, than the gorgeous, Haier, Macao and China, Tin Fung, Rongshida, Best, Oster, Bedford Wright, San-yuan, up a number of rapidly growing companies, These business owners are born in the 70s, young, intelligent, rich, they dare to challenge the unknown, more willing to explore innovative. If the Emperor Ming, Sang Le, solar energy and other enterprises for the power to send, then these companies are growing up, being sent by the idol to the strength of the transition, they face not only bright, but with a deep internal strength. Under the 2009 financial crisis, the solar industry is facing a more severe test, how to get out their core competencies an unusual way, this is all the solar energy problem facing the brand.

In the territory of future development, who is the future of Chinas solar industry, the most powerful brands, five or ten years the market may be able to give us new answers.

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