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Zai Yu interests of mobile TV dispute GB: mule, horse or donkey wood

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Not to champion not participate in expedition

Any case, this is a step forward. Looked at the hands of only a hundred words of this letter a copy of Software Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing New Vice President Zhang shoreline or pleased - the national will in the standards development and DS36954V datasheet and selection has finally been reflected.

10 29, the National Standardization Management Committee to provide technical solutions to all units issued "Please draw on the mobile TV / mobile multimedia technology program the device under test and DS36954V price and the corresponding letter of the program", called on the parties in November 2007 10 days before the submission of the device under test version of the same materials technology program. Zhang

in it, this is a very fair, just, open and DS36954V suppliers and rigorous testing: the mobile TV / mobile multimedia (hereinafter referred to as mobile TV) the importance and complexity of the standard, beginning November 15 The evaluation and testing hosted by the National Standards Commission, the National Standards Commission, Ministry of Information Industry and SARFT, the test group composed of experts and the supervision group, to be submitted to the standards of the 33 tests.

Current public appearance of Chinese mobile phone TV standard Total 5 program, in addition to the new shoreline of the T-MMB, there are Institute of State Administration of Radio Broadcasting, Century Technology Co., Ltd. Thailand and the United States under the CMMB standard, Tsinghua Universitys DMB- TH standards, Huawei CAB standards and the China Association for Standardization Technical Committee on Multimedia Communication Broadcasting Standardization pushing CDMB standards. If nothing else, this is basically a mobile TV standard selection of new coastline and wide T-MMBs CMMB ASTRI Thailand and the United States dispute.

But companies are now most worried about the new shoreline is not the competitor to take part in the exams. CMMB programs in five has a special status: Last October, the State Administration of Radio and Television issued the CMMB standard for the industry. August 21, Zhang Haitao, deputy director of SARFT in attending the "International Radio Film and TV Expo Science and Technology Development Forum", said mobile multimedia broadcasting is the new media business, the Central Radio and TV have been explicitly requested by the lead, and included in media management.

While mobile TV is their declared sites, and coordination of various departments have been meeting in protest last year, other departments, "blending", but the industry standard for more than a year after the enactment of the time, the "blending" come in CMMB ministries have been strongly demanded, and also to join the other four national standard evaluation criteria.

End of last year, the National Standards Commission sent a letter to the national assembly for mobile TV standards in order to cover a State Administration of Radio badge letter said that unless the Committee to support its own national standard CMMB industry standard promoted to national standards, or refused to participate. SARFT implication is "not a scholar not to participate in scientific exploration."

June 30 this year, the National Standards Commission set up a "mobile TV / mobile multimedia expert review group of national standard", 8 October, the National Standards Commission sent a letter again to the radio and television headquarters, requiring CMMB take the test, the assessment group in October Meeting held on 12th of this country to point out that the College Entrance Examination, failure to participate should be considered an abstention, which sent participants broadcasting experts did not express objection. But 5 days later SARFT response to this ultimatum still insists the position before.

Thailand and the United States in the last century, the company remained silent. Several phone calls a reporter asked for an interview was rejected, said a staff member at the recently held an internal meeting decided that the "project" will not be accepted before the completion of any of the media.

In digital TV terrestrial transmission standard DMB-T out of the Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University standard ADTB-T standard hybrid fusion of the "double yellow egg", the launch of two next-generation DVD standard disc player altogether, the mobile TV standard again test of the government sector governance.

Yanei privileges

National standards of mobile TV is really ready to go ahead this time, it could also delay the matter. To provide mobile TV application is one of the commitments of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, but from the perspective of industrial development, Chinas national standard assessment of mobile TV industry is the most crucial step.

This huge market has attracted global attention in recent years. News Corp. President Peter last year predicted that the next few years, the U.S. mobile TV industry will grow into a 50 billion market. And Zhang believes that the Chinese market within 5 years will far exceed this figure.

Feel aggrieved companies to the new shoreline and unfair that the new shoreline companies, the national standard measurement has been late for a year. As early as the end of August last year, T-MMB has completed the field test, the subject prepared to do all reporting countries. "And our T-MMB standard, it is in SARFTs care and leadership out under the research and development." New shoreline Company "Business Weekly" said.

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