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Zarlink introduced for IP video distribution and network security ClassSwitch network platform

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The integrated group management features to be secure IP network equipment business provides a cost-effective design
(electronic markets Reuters) Zarlink Semiconductor has launched its new single-chip full-service Layer 2 Ethernet switch ClassSwitch platform and PC97338VJG datasheet and introduced two new devices of the platform. The new platform is based, such as to support the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and PC97338VJG price and other packet applications, network access equipment and PC97338VJG suppliers and design. Zarlinks ClassSwitch platform supports line cards or compact, low-cost system design, these line cards or compact systems deployed in central offices, cable head end or customer premises equipment, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet through multiple real-time applications concentration, inspection and modification. These devices support IP multicast (multicast) packet forwarding business, this is the first mile connection to send a key feature of IP video.
the platform include the use of 24 FE (Fast Ethernet +2 GE (Gigabit Ethernet) port configurations ZL ? 33042, and the use of 16 FE +2 GE port configurations of the ZL33046 Ethernet switch chip. future the device will contain the lower and higher data throughput and optional port port count configurations.
"the face of IP video applications over packet networks and the ever increasing demand for security threats, operators must ensure that the strategy and content protection download at the same time, ensure the normal processing of IP multicast communication, "Packet Switching, Zarlink Semiconductor product line director, Mauricio Peres said." Our carrier-grade ClassSwitch platform integrates advanced packet identification and user flow control (policing), measurement and filtering, to support effective IP policy settings, allowing network operators to effectively deliver advanced applications. "
real-time packet services on the growing demand, including broadband television, requires network access equipment to more efficient analysis and management of network traffic. Pacific Crest estimates, IPTV market will grow from 300 million subscribers today to grow to 25 million users in 2008, and 2010 will grow to 75 million users.
At the same time, carriers are improving their networks to better support voice, video and data triple play services. According to In-Stat Market Research forecasts that by 2009, IP / Ethernet DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexer) port DSLAM ports accounted for 75% of the world. According to Infonetics Research predicts that by 2008, PON (passive optical network) equipment will grow by 310% and equipment sales will reach 2.2 billion U.S. dollars.

identify the end-user groups With the IP flow
Web-based service applications and the leading network communications, access equipment must be able to effectively identify and handle an increasing number of IP-based "user packet flow" types. For example, IPTV, VoIP, video demand and control and signaling information management must be a unique packet stream.
Zarlinks ClassSwitch platform provides a high concentration of intelligent devices, through the integration of multiple functions on a single chip reduces the cost of the equipment design. into the equipment grouping according to user-defined rules, using the frame source and destination addresses and other information into the packet or use the L2 (Layer 2) to L7 (Layer 7) fields of application for classification. Each device can create up to 1024 different streams. The architecture supports per-flow two rate, three-color metering and policing. by SP (strict priority) and WFQ (weighted fair queuing), and other scheduling algorithms manage packets and the priority queue. < br> traffic flow classification features allow operators to better manage service level agreements and access control. Using multiple classification fields, network operators can precisely monitor network traffic to ensure packets are forwarded to specific ports, specify transmission and discarding (dropping) the priority for our customers to maintain a secure connection.

hardware-based security features Zarlinks Ethernet switches integrate a hardware-based DoS (Denial of Service) attack-flow engine to protect against viruses and malicious attacks. This attack prevention engine ensures uninterrupted services while preventing network collapse due to loss of information or revenue resulting from the loss.
ClassSwitch series of built-in "packet identifier" micro-engine in advance of the L2 to L7 Packet filter fields can be used to match suspicious traffic types. If you recognize the user-programmable mode, the device will readily suspicious packet forwarding to the depth of content analysis processor for further analysis. Zarlink chip programmable flow classification for the exchange of classified information received in accordance or denial of service.

advanced switch design Zarlinks Ethernet switches include up to 24 10/100 Mbps MAC and two 10/100/1000 Mbps GMAC. all the MAC and GMAC are supported by copper (twisted-pair line) or fiber physical interfaces. At its core, the device family provides multi-field L2 and L7 traffic classification fields, IP Multicast and Unicast bandwidth distribution, and a service queue engine.
of communication remain fair management, which is through advanced WFQ scheduling algorithm, flexible packet buffer and queue management, and WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection) algorithm to achieve. To simplify equipment design, the platform provides a parametric programmability, can be realized development of efficient and flexible system, without requiring additional network processor programming.
prioritization programmable filtering and forwarding capabilities allow hardware-based per-flow accounting, so that processor resources dedicated to more important tasks. ToS (Type of Service), priority or DSCP (differentiated service code points) bits can be re-labeled under the communications category, level of implementation to support wire-speed DiffServ Differentiated Services. based on Ethernet type, VLAN ID, 802.1p priority service types (ToS , DSCP), L2/L3 and subnet addresses, L4 port numbers and other agreements of the new service level agreement can be achieved immediately online speed.

support and availability Zarlinks ClassSwitch series has been field-proven software platform. These switches incorporate device driver software that provides easy to use API interface, support for advanced access control, also incorporates a variety of protocol modules, including IGMPv3 for IP video applications such as.
ZL33042 and the ZL33046 Ethernet switch chip is available now in quantities of 5,000 films, priced at $ 68.00 and $ 60.00. 100/1000 Ethernet transceivers with a variety of plug-in modules, and based on PowerPC, ARM and MIPS of CPU The evaluation board will be available soon.

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